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What You Should Know About Antidepressants

antidepressants and depression

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The Research on Antidepressants and Depression

The above video discusses antidepressants and depression. I made this short video as I found it interesting and surprising. I hope that you also agree that it’s something that we should all be aware about so that we can make informed decisions. Particularly when it comes down to our health.

For your information, the journal article that I am referring to within this video is Turner,, E. H., Matthews, A. M., Linardatos, B. S., Tell, R. A., & Rosenthal, R. (2008). Selective publication of antidepressant trials and it’s influence on apparent efficacy. New England Journal of Medicine, 358, 3, 252-260 


Empower Yourself to Overcome Depression

Whether or not you currently take antidepressants or you are considering taking them, there are lots of things that you can do in addition to help you overcome depressions. There are my hypnosis downloads and in particular my hypnosis download for overcoming depression. If you look through my blog you will also see various tips and techniques that will help to empower you, so that you can help yourself to overcome depression. You may wish to start here and follow this article that has various tips and techniques for overcoming depression.

All of us should be aware that we can take back control of our lives. Many people believe that once we are suffering from anxiety, depression and any other related issues we are stuck in this suffering. I want people to realise, that although it will take effort and work, if you start with the basis of being a bit more active and eating a little bit more healthy, you start assisting not just your body, but your brain also.

Often, people will shy away from explaining that we can do things to help ourselves. We want to take the option of saying that it isn’t the person’s fault that they are suffering with depression. Of course it is not a person’s fault, however, by providing people with the knowledge of how anxiety and depression start in the brain, we can then give someone a reason and the motivation for incorporating new ways of living.

If someone is suffering with depression and they start to be consistently active and lower sugar and saturated fat we can then move on to the most important part of their thinking. Once we are not being hindered by a lack of movement and too many simple sugars we can start to make the progress that we need in the way that the depressed person thinks and behaves.

If you are depressed and you’ve started to do light exercise and eat better, it is time to start looking at how you talk to yourself, what you focus upon and how you move your body.


Serotonin to Overcome Depression

One of the main neurotransmitters that is released in the brain when we are feeling good, happy and fulfilled is serotonin. When you are dwelling on the worst case scenario, putting yourself down consistently and dwelling upon how awful your life is, you are inhibiting the production of serotonin.

We need to change this unhelpful and depression inducing way of thinking. Start today and write a diary containing what you are grateful for each day. Keep everything in this journal positive and try to think of three things you are grateful for when you wake up in the morning. Then do the same before you go to bed at night.

These things do not have to big things. You might write that you are grateful for clean and running water. You might be grateful for a roof over your head. You might be grateful for a friend that you have. You might be grateful for a conversation that you had that day.

Once we start conditioning ourselves to look for the positives we start making this thought process a habit. A natural part of who you are. The great thing about this is that it produces an abundance of serotonin in the brain and will assist to lift your mood.

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