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How well does hypnosis work?

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In my experience hypnosis works better than anything else at positively changing thinking, behaviour and even physiology. It’s the reason why I became a hypnotherapist in the first place. Seeing first hand the difference that hypnosis has made, not only in my own life, but also the many 1000’s of people who I have seen personally as well as have used my hypnosis downloads.

The most important thing for me as a hypnotherapist is evidence. Seeing things work is great, but I need to know why things work. When you know why things work you can start making the positive impact on people’s lives more consistently.¬†You can adapt your methods so that you know you are having a better and better impact on peoples lives (which is why I have developed the Triple Impact Series).

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How hypnosis persuaded Mark to become a hypnotherapist

When people ask me about how well does hypnosis work? Often I will tell them about my own experiences and why I became a hypnotherapist in the first well does hypnosis work

I worked for many years as a Senior investigator/Intelligence officer. I carried out this role in some of the most most elite crime fighting agencies here in the UK. The Serious Organised Crime Agency and the National Crime Agency were just two of these. As you can imagine myself and the teams that I worked with were often deployed in some very high pressure/stressful environments. Conducting covert surveillance, dealing with threats to life and going through doors when anything could be on the other side.

The stressful environments weren’t just because of the dangers to safety. It was also because one wrong move could end months and months of investigation if our cover was blown.

Living and working in a stressful environment like this made me look for ways of improving my performance and dealing with stress better. I started to read self development books as well as articles about NLP. Lots of this helped and made me motivated to read more.

As I progressed into a more management role, my teams looked to me for leadership. I was able to use some of this to not just help myself, but to help my teams also. During this time I began to read about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There was a lot of contradictory stuff out there and the stuff around street hypnosis and hypnosis for entertainment purposes didn’t interest me in the slightest.

I realised that hypnosis had a lot to do with communication. Persuading people in a way that would help them do things better and feel better. Then once the person was on board and could see the benefits it was about conditioning. By conditioning these thoughts it would start to become a habit in the way they thought and behaved. A natural part of the person that they were.

Using conversational hypnosis with my team

Although I now know that hypnosis is so much more effective in a relaxed setting with eyes closed there are other applications when it can be used. Think of hypnosis as being suggestions that are fully accepted by the person that you are speaking with. One of the things that was very important to me when leading a team is to have an environment that is supportive and encouraging.

I used a lot of phrases that would be considered hypnotic suggestions when I worked with my team. For example, imagine if someone said to you “you looked tired.” The chances are that you would start feeling tired. This is obviously not the best hypnotic suggestion to use to a team member who has just carried out 22 hours on an operation and now has to do something else that is highly important.

My techniques would be to praise but also with suggestions (which could be considered as conversational hypnosis). By saying to someone in my team “that work you did yesterday was excellent, you always do things to a high standard“. This had a two fold purpose. Firstly it praised the work that they did. It also suggested to them that they did work of a high standard AND they associated this as a positive thing. By praising good work and adding in suggestions like this it reinforces and empowers the person. This is very similar to the work that I now do in person with my clients and with my hypnosis downloads.hypnosis to achieve

We need to identify what is the positive and the preferred way of thinking, behaving and doing. We then need to empower you to see that it is not only possible but you are perfectly capable of achieving it. Then we condition you to make it happen! The wonderful outcome of hypnosis!

Taking my hypnosis to the next level

During my time in law enforcement I began to see just how effective hypnosis could be and explored it even further. I also did some formal training that was more theory based than practical. Great for finding out why it worked and how it worked but not so good for putting it into practice. I then enrolled on a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with the Clifton Practice. This course is up there with the most recognised hypnotherapy schools in the UK . Qualifying with this school allowed membership to the most credible and distinguished hypnotherapy bodies in the UK. This was a more stringent accreditation with a mixture of theory and practical. It was designed far more to the hypnotherapist ready for the real world.

As I was doing this course I knew that this was what I wanted to do full time. I was taking on more clients and seeing the huge transformations that my hypnotherapy was having on my clients. As I started to produce my range of hypnosis downloads I was regularly receiving emails and letters from people who had used them to turn their lives around. I’ve even had people thanking me for changing their lives when they were close to committing suicide and ending it all!

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have such a positive impact on so many peoples lives. I absolutely love what I do and if you ask me the question; how well does hypnosis work? Well, this has been the long answer. The short answer is that it works better than anything and everything else that I have come across.





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