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Visualisation: Building Your Future


Visualisation to build a better future

Maybe it’s Rio 2016 and tomorrow you’re going for gold in your discipline; perhaps you’re waiting to be called in for the big interview or maybe you’re just nervous about that first date. How can you improve the odds?

Visualisation is the art and science of isolating your mind from the world around you. You cut out the distractions; the realities. It’s a trance-like state of mind where you submerge yourself in a place, time and scenario completely devised by your brain. You spend some time there, walking through the event that’s about to take place and experiencing all that’s around you.visualise for success

Say you’re waiting for that interview. You consider the colour of your suit; the texture of your shoes on the carpets, the tension in every handshake. You simulate how you’ll speak, your posture and when to employ that easy smile. Run through the whole interview until you’ve walked out the door and back to the car. Dress rehearsal over.

This type of visualisation has been found to trigger neural firings in the muscles and create “mental blueprints” which can truly help enable success. It’s even been shown that intense, concentrated visualisation on exercise has brought modest improvements to physical fitness. On the competition side, imagery is used to practise technique, to ensure every movement is understood; primed; ready.

Visualising is the key to a better performance

Don’t be disheartened if you’ve tried this before and not seen instant results. It takes a little practise. There are a few steps you can take to make the imagery come more easily:

  • Sit somewhere comfortable
  • Start by thinking about your breathing – long and slow breaths
  • Build your environment in as much detail as you’re able
  • Begin to acknowledge each of your senses; sight, smell, touch, taste and sound
  • Stay there as long as you like before slowly withdrawing

visualisation for performance.If something is distracting you then acknowledge it, deal with it, then return to your image.

Maximising performance is just one use of visualisation; an equally practical use is for controlling anxiety. If you’re struggling with anxiety then transferring yourself to a place built on foundations of calm, confidence and increased happiness will help you. One method for ridding yourself of anxious or bothersome thoughts is to build your safe place – as above – and slowly let those anxieties through the door.

Once inside, you can use a little magic to transform that anxiety: maybe in to a bird, which flies out the window and off to the horizon. Watch it leave, drifting on thermals until it’s a distant blip. If it comes back, less powerful, less overwhelming than before, then transform it again. Try to believe that it’s real, that your anxieties can be controlled and abandoned. They can be abandoned, it just takes belief and effort to make it so.

The human brain is indescribably complex, but with a little training, we can become masters of our own minds. We can give ourselves that competitive edge, boost our own morale and keep those anxious demons at bay. All it takes is a quiet room, a deep breath and your imagination. 

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