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Using Your Mind to Get Relief from IBS

hypnosis relief from ibs

IBS: Is it all in your mind?

Around 11 per cent of people around the world suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. This chronic condition has no known cure and causes a number of very unpleasant symptoms, including constipation, diarrheal, indigestion, nausea, flatulence and frequent trips to the bathroom. For IBS sufferers the condition can make it difficult to enjoy life and can greatly interfere with even simple daily activities.

relief from ibsMedical science is working to develop medications to treat irritable bowel syndrome, but many people struggle to get relief with prescription drugs. Some medications for IBS cause side effects, leaving sufferers with the choice between experiencing problems caused by the drugs or their original symptoms. People who do not experience severe side effects may find that medications for IBS do not fully alleviate their symptoms.

Because science has yet to develop an ideal treatment for IBS, many people who suffer from the condition today are looking for alternative remedies for addressing irritable bowel syndrome. Because of this there has been a lot of interest in the power of the mind for over coming IBS and it’s symptoms… or to put it a little less ‘New Age’, the possibility that IBS could come about (or at lease be made worse) because of anxiety, stress and/or the way that we think. A clinical review submitted to the French Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health suggests that hypnotherapy may be an effective solution for these individuals.

Get Relief from IBS

The clinical review in question was conducted by four scientists who spent the time compiling data from 52 clinical studies that incorporated various types of alternative remedies for treating medical conditions. Hypnotherapy was among the treatments evaluated in these reviews. The scientists examined how well the various alternative remedies worked for each condition studied and then wrote a detailed analysis of their findings.

Based on the studies that the team examined, the report submitted to the French Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health concluded that undergoing hypnotherapy on a regular basis could help to control gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.ibs relief meditation

While more research is needed to determine exactly how hypnotherapy helps to ease symptoms of IBS, experts believe that there are two main ways that hypnosis can aid people with irritable bowel syndrome. One benefit of hypnosis is stress relief; hypnotherapy allows people to deeply relax and eases tension. Stress has been shown to worsen IBS symptoms, so hypnotherapy’s ability to relax the body could help to counteract the effects of everyday stressors.

Hypnosis may also help to alleviate IBS symptoms by changing the way the brain perceives pain and discomfort. Hypnotherapy has been proven to modify ways of thinking and could potentially alter the way the body senses the signals that cause symptoms like nausea and indigestion.

The findings of the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health report indicate that in order for hypnosis to be effective at providing IBS relief, it must be used repeatedly on a regular basis. Hypnotherapist Mark Bowden has developed an audio CD that allows people with IBS to do just that. Called Relief From IBS, this audio programme includes day and evening sessions and is intended for use once daily for the relief of the IBS.Discover how you can use your mind to get relief from IBS with Mark Bowden as well as all of Mark’s Hypnosis Downloads.

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