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Understanding the Brain: The Power of Words

Power of Words


The Power of words on our powerful brains

Understanding The Brain: Words

Itsy bitsy spider. Marmalade. Bingo!

power of wordsTry saying those aloud. Now, at first glance, that’s a string of pretty irrelevant nouns and adjectives, strung together in no particular order, lacking both fluency and meaning. Actually, that’s still true at a second or third glance. Think about that though: the average human being can typically make hundreds of different vocal sounds, plus variations in pitch and tone. What we did is take about twelve of those sounds, put them in no particular order and simply sent them in to the air as little packets of energy.

Far from lacking meaning, these are in fact remarkably powerful stimuli.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: six syllables of noise which immediately transport you back through time to your childhood. How many of you sang the words in your head, or have already carried on passed the spout in the rhyme? There wasn’t any context at all. When your ear picks up these specific sounds in that particular order, the Wernicke’s area of your brain processes that information, figures out what it means and suddenly you’re back at primary school, avoiding water spouts.

Marmalade: hungry yet? If it’s been a little while since you’re last meal, maybe this is enough to tip you over the edge. But why? It’s a short string of letters which makes my mind paint a picture of a warm toast on Sunday mornings. It makes me hungry. I can smell and taste it yet there isn’t even any here.powerful brain words

Bingo: did everyone shout that aloud in their head, like they’d just won the Wednesday night lotto? Maybe you revisited the B-I-N-G-O song of your youth – whatever the case, when you read that word, your brain not only figured out what the letters all meant, but pulled memories, emotions and compulsions together to provide an experience.

It’s fascinating. If a single word – out of context, maybe one you haven’t heard in years – can trigger your brain to start singing a half-forgotten song, or playing footage from your memories in the middle of the day, imagine what hypnotherapy can stimulate.

Hypnotherapy works best when we engage the subconscious mind. We’ve just seen a sliver of its power when the conscious mind is in full flow; when we focus and isolate our subconscious, this power increases rapidly. The key to success here is maintaining a desire to make a change – any change – and truly opening our minds to hypnotherapy. I understand that many people hesitate, unsure that they can find that trance-like state of mind.

I’ve just described a minute fraction of our brain’s power and ability; a drop in the ocean. If you can remember a childhood song from a single word prompt, then you know that my hypnotherapy could unlock your subconscious in ways you may never have imagined.

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