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How to turn negative stress into positive motivation

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Having stressful moments is a common experience that we all deal with in our lives. The reason for your stress can be caused by your family, job, finances; or all of these factors being combined together. When your stress starts to become too hard to handle, you begin to look for ways to cope with the pressure that you are under. Most people tend to find coping mechanisms that only cause more harm, rather than doing good. The common coping mechanisms are drugs, alcohol, and explosions of anger.

Dealing with stress in this manner only makes your current situation more difficult. You are actually prolonging your problems by not dealing with them in a productive manner. This causes you to remain in a state of depression and anger, which makes it impossible for you to live a positive life.

You desperately want to live a life that is full of positivity and opportunity but often times you are your own worst enemy. Although your stress may very well be caused be real problems, you tend to make small issues bigger than they should be. Something as small as you being late on a bill leads to you having an anxiety attack due to you believing your world is going to end. Unless you were born into the 1% , everybody has dealt with minor financial setbacks. That is just how life goes.

You know what you need to do, but it isn’t that simple

When things do not go your way, you need to take the time to relax and get your thoughts together. You react with emotions, rather than logic, you cause yourself to think of the worst. When logical thinking is used instead, you think of solutions that lead to a positive outcome for your situation. But, this cannot occur when you allow stress to corrupt your thoughts, which influence your actions.

Stop for a moment to think about what you are currently stressed about in your life. Is the stress that you are dealing with actually worth the energy you give to it? When you take the time to actually understand why you are stressed, you will discover that you are making your life more difficult than it needs to be.motivation from stress

Yes, we live in a tough world and life is not fair. But, once you actually accept the meaning of this saying, you start to realise that your life is what you make of it. If you allow yourself to get beaten down in life, you will become a victim to the world. If you understand that your current setbacks are only temporary, you will gain more control over your life.

You have to understand that your life is a constant flow of moments. Some moments have long-lasting effects on your life and others are rarely thought of again. The moments that are long-lasting are that way because you placed significance on that event. The same goes for the stress that is within your life. It is only considered stress because you give it the significance to be considered worthy of your thoughts.

The brainĀ is a very powerful tool that we are all blessed with. Your brainĀ has the ability to imagine dreams that can become reality when actions are placed behind your thoughts. Now imagine if you gave your mind the freedom to see you living a life of peace and happiness. Those thoughts could become a reality if you allowed positive thinking to dominate your thoughts. Instead, you allow negative thoughts to dominate the thoughts in your head.

The great thing is that you can actually turn your negative stress into positive motivation. You may be thinking that this is impossible. The only reason you believe this is because your stress currently controls you, rather than you controlling your stress. It is time to reverse your current reality so that you can start to live a more positive life.

Think about your long-term vision

Every person that lives in the world should have a long-term vision that guides the direction of their life. A long-term vision is not simply a dream. It is a strategy that you work on executing every single day. These are the short-term and long-term goals you set that must be accomplished so that your live a life you enjoy.

When you have a long-term vision, you understand that you face an uphill battle to make your desired life come into fruition. This is because nothing worth having comes easy. You will deal with frustrations and setbacks that make your journey towards success difficult. But, this is only motivation for you to accomplish your goals. The journey you endure makes the success worthwhile.

Where would these guy’s be if they gave in?

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company only to come back to transform it into one of the most dominant companies in the world. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and now is recognised as the greatest basketball player to have ever played. There are countless other stories of now highly successful people who dealt with significant setbacks in their past. They just did not allow themselves to be defined by the difficulties they were faced with. They knew they had to weather the storm and improve themselves to get to their desired destination.

You have to have the same mindset when it comes to your life. Just because things are not going your way now does not mean that you allow stress to rule your life. If that occurs, you will never produce the lifestyle that you want for yourself. Look at your setbacks as motivation to improve your circumstances. You have the power to change your life if you believe in yourself enough to accomplish what you have set out to do.

Take a moment for reflection

Stressful moments are the perfect time to reflect upon what matters most in your life. Often times you are giving negative situations in your life more power than they should have. You then start to think in a negative manner, which produces negative outcomes in your life.

As previously stated, the mind is a powerful thing. Whatever you allow to dominate your mind becomes your reality. It is called the law of attraction. Your mind attracts things to your life that reflect your dominating thoughts.

You will find that successful people always say that their mindset was a very important factor in them gaining their success. This is because if they welcomed defeating thoughts into their mind, they would have never earned their success.

Start conditioning the empowering thoughts

When you start to feel stress creeping up into your head, you need to stop the urge to stress and think about the outcome you want for your life. Other people’s issues are not your own. You having a lack of money is only momentary if you continue to work hard to improve your finances. Every issue that you are currently dealing with can become the past if you are focused on a better future. But, your current problems will follow you into the future if you continue to give them the energy to remain in existence.

If you want a positive change in your life, you will focus your thoughts only on you living in a positive reality. Life is a journey that never ends until your final breath is taken. When you completely come to terms with this fact, you will stop allowing stress to hold back the progression of your life.

Make success your reality

Are you familiar with the saying “fake it till you make it”. It means that you should represent yourself as if you are living your desired lifestyle even if it is not your current reality. This is positive reinforcement to create the life that you desire for your future.

When success is your mindset it influences the actions that you take in your life. The actions that you take in your life produce the outcomes that you experience on a consistent basis. If stress becomes your reality, then stress is all that you will find within your life. Of course, you will have moments where you are under intense pressure that challenge your positive mindset. This is when you have to believe in yourself the most to not allow negativity to stress you out.

Gaining success requires you to turn stressful moments into motivation so that you do not lose sight of what you want to produce within your life. You do not want your stress to become a reflection of your reality. Therefore, you need to make sure that you reduce your stress in favor of living a life that is positive, which leads you to a prosperous future.

How do you think that the innovations that shape our lives today were produced? It was done by people taking doubt out of their minds and only keeping their end-goal in mind. They lived and breathed their desires until they came into fruition. It did not matter about the difficulties that they faced in the moment. All they were concerned about was succeeding, in spite of how difficult their journey to success sometimes became.

Your stress is fuel for your success

People all over the world deal with difficult moments every day. This is not to diminish the problems that you are going through. Rather, it is to remind you that you are not the only one who deals with stress within your life. If people can rise above poverty, hunger, drug use, and still become successful; you have no reason to allow the stresses in your life to hold you back.

How you react to the stress in your life is what determines your future. You can either control your problems or allow them to control you. If you choose to gain control, you will discover that your life becomes much more enjoyable because you control the thoughts that are allowed to roam throughout your mind.

Are you ready to take control of your thoughts so that you can manage the stress in your life better? I would love to help you create a life where you eliminate your stress and instead focus on creating happiness and success within your life.

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