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Triple Impact Hypnosis Downloads

triple impact hypnosis downloads

Bringing Hypnosis into the present day

Mark Bowden’s Triple Impact Hypnosis Download Collection introduces a unique approach to hypnotherapy which harnesses the very latest advancements in neuroscience and our understanding of how the brain works.

By utilising our understanding of the latest developments in neuroscience Mark Bowden’s new range can:

  1. target the brain in exactly the right way at the right timepowerful hypnotherapy
  2. help speed up the process of making the changes that you want
  3. make these changes more powerfully and effectively

The triple Impact Collection has three recordings that have been designed with input of psychologists and neuroscientists to bring about the most effective hypnosis downloads to ever become available.

Each recording is there to make the most impact depending on your current state of mind

1. Calming Session – (Focused on the Sympathetic Nervous System)

For when you are feeling a little more stressed or worried than usual. This recording is the first that you’ll use, but you can (and should ) return to this anytime that life takes over and you feel your anxiety levels are up.

As you’ll read in ‘The Science’ at the bottom of this page, when you are feeling stressed and anxious your body is NOT primed for making beneficial and positive changes. This recording will still focus on the issue that you are looking to address, but will have a greater focus on bringing your body and mind into a more relaxed state

  • Focuses more on relaxation to prime you for making positive and beneficial changes;
  • Powerful messages to target specific issue to achieve your desired results.


2. Intensive Session – (for when the parasympathetic nervous system is in operation)

For when you feel in a good place and are already feeling nicely relaxed. You will only listen to recording 1 OR recording 2 in the any one day. However this recording is for when your body and brain are already in the perfect state for learning and making positive changes.

In this recording, although there will be a hypnotic induction as always, less emphasis will be focused on the relaxation part and more on the positive changes.

  • Focuses less on relaxation as you will already be in a great state of mind for making positive and beneficial changes
  • More focus on the powerful messages to target specific issue to achieve your desired results.


3. Affirmation Session – (Your supplement for improvement)

For when you have more time to yourself and want to enhance your process of improvement. Think of this like your vitamin supplement recording.

Affirmations add more positive influence and create those beneficial neuro-pathways that will see you accelerate towards your desired outcome. They are a a convenient addition that allow you to make positive changes such as during your daily commute on the train, to and from work or when you are out for a walk.

The affirmations recording will help you to strengthen the positive effects already taking place from the previous hypnosis session that you have listened to.

  • Convenient to listen to
  • Tops up and compliments the benefits of your hypnosis sessions

triple impact hypnosis downloads

The Science

Hypnosis downloads and self hypnosis can be very effective at making some wonderful changes. However, as you would expect from Mark Bowden, he is always looking to go above and beyond to ensure that his products help people in the most powerful and impactive ways.

This is why he has produced the Triple Impact Collection. Far from a ‘nice to have’, this collection is sure to bring hypnosis downloads and self hypnosis right up-to-date with the very latest developments and insights into what we know about the brain… and here is the science to back this up!

neuro pathways hypnosis

The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system

Humans have two main operating systems; the sympathetic nervous system (our anxiety response) and the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest function of the body and mind).

Amongst other things hypnosis is a learning process which assists to strengthen positive neuro-pathways and weaken negative ones. Trying to learn anything new whilst we have the sympathetic nervous system engaged is near impossible. This is because, whilst your body and brain is engaged in the fight or flight response, the part of your brain you need for learning new brain processes is running a far reduced rate.

When stressed or anxious, the sympathetic nervous system closes down any brain functions which aren’t immediately required in favour of the stress response. This harks back to the Neolithic era when the human brain developed a ‘flight or fight’ response to help our ancestors defend themselves against predators. When stressed or anxious, more long-range brain functions such as learning, cell regeneration and other non-urgent systems are paused to make way for the immediate functions required when your body and brain is engaging the sympathetic nervous system (to optimise your ability to escape from danger).

Priming our brain and body to make positive changes

When we engage the parasympathetic nervous system, we are priming our body and brains for the long term. We are relaxed and in control. We aren’t worried about surviving the next 20 seconds, we are looking to improve ourselves and to get better, and our brains are now in the perfect state for learning.


Developed in close co-ordination with clinical psychologists and neuroscientists, Mark Bowden’s Triple Impact Hypnosis Download Collection embraces our scientific understanding of brain behaviour and combines it with cutting edge hypnotherapy techniques, resulting in a three-pronged approach for achieving the greatest impact.

The Triple Impact Approach This ground-breaking succinct approach takes hypnotherapy to the next level by harnessing the most recent studies of the human brain to achieve and maximise incredible results.

This new Triple Impact Collection enlists an approach never seen before in the world of hypnotherapy downloads. This style of hypnotherapy considers and reacts to your current state of mind, making them the most effective approach compared to anything out there.

Deep meditative states, daydreaming and carrying out automatic tasks create Theta brainwaves (4-8Hz), which is the perfect state for being able to learn new brain processes and re-train the brain to perform as you want it to. The Triple Impact Hypnosis Download collection gives us the power to prepare the brain and make it ready to learn, which helps us to make real changes to our lives.
Mark will be releasing the first tile of this ground breaking new series in early 2017. Please feel free to contact him via the ‘contact us’ page to enquire about any titles/subjects that you would like to see added to this new collection.


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  1. cant wait to get started with this

  2. I like the sound of this. I suffer from stress or mild anxiety at times although I am reasonably ok at the moment. I also have problems with uncontrollable overeating to the point of feeling sick. Anything I try seems to work for a while but then it’s as though I am fighting everything which helps me and I return to overeating as if to punish myself. Your hypnosis sessions have helped me a lot. Judy

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