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The Power of Thought

The power of thought

Watch the video below to make you think about the power of your thoughts. Listen to hear how what you are thinking about could be making you into the person that you want to be… or taking you in an entirely different direction!


Using the Power of Thought

Positive Mental Attitude is one of my latest hypnosis downloads and will assist you in developing thoughts and thinking that are more in line with a healthier, more efficient and effective brain. Klick the following link to try it for yourself or click the image below. Positive Mental Attitude Hypnosis Download



I’m going to tell you how your thinking decides the person that you become… if we were to discover that there was a drug that did the same thing as the power of thought, it’s discovery would be on the front page of every newspaper… it would be made into a pill and be sold for huge profits by the biggest pharmaceutical companies…  And… and there would be a waiting list of eager people who would want to get their hands on this extraordinary pill.

As human beings our experiences, thoughts, actions and emotions change the actual structure of our brains. we can strengthen and weaken our brains through thought alone… thought creates new neuro connections in the brain and weakens others… depending on what you are thinking about. So, imagine the scenario, you encounter a problem, a conundrum… an issue. You have an almost infinite number of ways of thinking about this and this thinking will start shaping and changing your brain.image of power of thought hypnosis

Now… how would the following thoughts be shaping YOUR brain, if you were to encounter this problem and think ‘this is too hard, I will never be able to do this’ – what sort of connection would this add to your brain? ‘I’m rubbish at this sort of thing’ – do you think this could start you on a path of losing self belief and confidence in yourself?

Solution Focused Thinking

What about if you thought to yourself ‘I’ve overcome issues like this, I can find a solution’ or ‘if I’m not able to find a solution I seek advice from someone else so it can be resolved’. or ‘if I’m not able to find a solution, I’ll ensure it has as little negative impact as possible’ all of these ways of thinking are far more likely to add and strengthen beneficial neuro networks.

I’m sure you can also think of beneficial approaches that are part of your values and the person that you would like like to be… So… think today of the person that you would like to become in the future, and match your thoughts to these values. this will start changing the structure of your brain towards what you want it to be. so the person that you would like to be is the person that you will be on the path to becoming… naturally AND effectively

All of Mark Bowden’s Hypnotherapy Downloads are based upon Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and are an effective way to have you focusing your thoughts in the best possible way for living a happy, successful and more fulfilling life.

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