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The Power of Hypnosis

the power of hypnosis

Hypnosis and it’s Wonderful Power!

Hypnosis is a wonderful state for making wonderful changes and positively effecting your life. We go in and out of hypnosis many times a day, when we are reading a book, driving a car, out for a run etc… it, is when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind come together and are focused on the same thing. When this happens, we are in a highly suggestible state where changes can be made… and if when we are in this state, we feed the brain with positive suggestions, metaphors and stories we can get some wonderful results on specific issues that you wish to improve.brain hypnosis power

We do not need to be in a deep, zombie like state to benefit theoretically from hypnosis. We can be in a very light form of hypnosis to still get amazing benefits. I’ll give you an example of the lightest form of trance… or hypnosis. Right now I want you to think about the last movie that you watched, or the last walk that you went on. When you think about this… you’re most likely looking off into space… but you’re not actually looking at what you are looking at! What you are doing is bringing together your conscious mind and your subconscious mind… coming into a trance or hypnotic state.

Now I’m sure that was quite interesting, but it probably didn’t help you with anything. But right now we are going to do that again… but this time I want you to think about the last time you felt good… now if you are conscious about where you are looking now, you can close your eyes… but you don’t have to.

Now, as I said think about the last time that you felt good, or great or amazing, or wonderfully confident. Just think of something excellent… we don’t need to be too prescriptive for this.

Now as you think about this, I want you to Really think about it… focus on it in as much detail as you possibly can. My words are not just words, my words create thoughts and your thoughts create feelings. Notice not just your thoughts as you take yourself back to this time, but also notice your FEELINGS… how good… how great does it feel. Now, as you do this, you aren’t simply recalling something, you are to many extents reliving it, making it more prominent in your brain, strengthening neuro-pathways). Now there is so much more that we can do with this do increase your happiness, confidence, reduce anxiety etc.

But just your thinking, when you really allow yourself to be immersed into it can not just change your thoughts, but it can also change your emotions even your physiology… and I’m going to demonstraight this right now

brain power hypnosisThink about this for a moment… and in fact… make sure your eyes are closed for this… so you can really immerse yourself. You are in the kitchen and you have in front of you a ripe, bright yellow lemon. It’s healthy, vibrant and swollen.

Now reach out and imagine that you pick up the lemon, feel the weight of it, slide your fingers over the waxy skin, feel the dimples, textures and contours. Now, lift the lemon towards you and smell the lemony aroma…

and now I’d like you tho put the lemon down on a chopping board, you pick up a knife sharp enough to cut the lemon but very safe for you. And I would like you to cut the juicy lemon into quarters… and as you do so, notice the juices from the lemon oozing out on to the knife and onto the surface. Now put the knife down and pick up one of the pieces of lemon, notice that it’s wet against your fingers and could quite possibly be one of the juiciest lemons that you have ever come across.

Now lift the piece of lemon towards your mouth so the juiciest part is aimed towards your lips. and when you are ready, take a bite into the juicy, bitter lemon and feel the juices running over your tongue as your mouth fills with the taste of lemon.

Now, I love this example, as it perfectly illustrates just how powerful thought is. I mean, how many of you were able to completely immerse yourself in thinking about the lemon? How many of you could almost feel the lemon in your hands… and how many of you actually salivated and could feel a physical reaction to the sharp, bitter taste of the lemon, like you were really biting into it.

Our thoughts are so powerful, and when we are in this trance state we can make so many positive changes to our lives. If you haven’t already done so, isn’t it time that you gave it a try!

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