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The Dangers of Stress

the dangers of stress

Stress. Is it really that bad?

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Stress. It’s something that’s nearly impossible to avoid in everyday life. Unfortunately, it’s also something that’s very detrimental to the body. Chronic stress has been shown to pose a number of risks to physical and emotional health. Here are some of the dangers of stress:

1. Heart Problems.

Stress causes your heart to beat at a faster pace and raises your blood pressure. Over time, this can lead to irregularities in heart rate known as arrhythmia. Chronic stress has also been linked to heart disease and been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks.

image of heart problems

2. Breathing Problems.

Just as stress accelerates your heart, it also causes your breathing rate to increase. In the short-term, this can lead to hyperventilation, an inability to breathe due to taking short, shallow breaths at too fast of a pace. Over the long-term, stress has been found to worsen symptoms of asthma and to cause unnecessary strain on the lungs that can lead to frequent infections and even raise the risk for lung disease.

3. Autoimmune Diseases.

Scientists are still studying exactly how stress plays a role in autoimmune diseases, conditions in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues in the body; however, research has shown that higher levels of stress can worsen symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. There are even studies to suggest that stress can raise the risk of a person developing these diseases. 

4. More Frequent Infections.

Stress has been shown to interfere with the body’s ability to fight germs. Researchers estimate that 75 to 90 per cent of doctor’s visits are related to stress, showing just how prevalent stress-related illness is around the world.

common cold stress

5. Stomach Problems.

When you’re stressed, your digestive system can’t function properly. This can lead to numerous unpleasant symptoms, including indigestion, acid reflux, diarrhoea and nausea. Stomach complaints are another unwelcome effect that stress can cause.

6. Skin Problems.

Stress can throw off your hormonal balance, leading to excessive oil production that makes acne breakouts far more likely. Studies have also found that rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions appear to be either linked to or caused by stress.

7. Weight Problems.

The disruption that stress causes on your body’s natural hormone balance can cause levels of a hormone called cortisol to rise in your body. Cortisol encourages the body to hold onto body fat, which can lead to significant weight gain even if you don’t make changes to your diet.

Dealing with the Dangers of Stress Effectively

While the dangers of stress are alarming, there is some good news–stress effective relief is easier than you might think. There are healthy ways of dealing with stress. Hypnotherapy for stress has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of problems associated with stress by helping the body and mind relax. You can benefit from stress hypnosis at home with the hypnosis downloads from Mark Bowden. The stress hypnotherapy CDs include sessions for day or night and can make a big difference in your stress levels when used daily. Learn more about it here. Stress Relief Hypnosis Download.

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