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The Benefits of Setting Intentions

The Benefits of Setting Intentions

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Have you considered setting intentions for the day? I’m not talking about goal setting, but what’s coming up next can have a very positive affect on your life, so stay tuned.

In about one minute at the beginning of every day, setting an intention can, very quickly, change your life. Not to be confused with setting goals, setting intentions daily can keep you in the present moment and propel you to achieve amazing things.

Goal setting is important, of course, but sometimes directs your focus to the future and the fact that you haven’t achieved your goal as of today. But allowing just 60 seconds to state a solid intention for the day helps align your beliefs, values and possibilities into the here and now.

Setting Intentions for the Day

IntentionSetting intentions can raise your emotional energy which in turn raises physical energy, or action. It empowers you to achieve success and raise your ultimate levels of happiness.

Consider daily intentions to be a road map of sorts to help guide you through each day of life’s journey with purpose, motivation and increased personal power.

So right now, I’m going to share some of the benefits and examples of how intentions can work for you.

1. No Limits to Intentions

The beauty of daily intentions is that they can change every day. You can set an intention regarding a challenge you are having that day, or make it very general such as, “I intend to open my mind to receive information, wisdom and clarity in reaching my goals.”

2. Intentions Can be Bigger than Goals

Intentions can be bigger and better than goals in terms of positively impacting you and those around you. Intentions are about who you want to be, what you want to be, how you want to contribute and how you can touch the lives of everyone around you. This is very powerful.

3. Intentions Increase Your EffectivenessIntentions lead to success

Setting intentions can rev up a positive mindset, which can result in
increased levels of productivity and positive outcomes. When you set an intention that can not only change your attitude, but also of those you come in contact with, it can have a rippling positive impact on everyone and everything.

4. Intentions Clear your Mind

If you are going through a tough time, setting intentions can re-direct your focus on something other than your worries and troubles. You can deliberately choose how you feel each day. Choose an intention to be happy or forget a nagging problem just for the day.

If you intend to focus on only positive thoughts for the day, this literally puts the power of change in your control. How much better would your day be if you only allowed positive thoughts to enter your mind?

5. Intentions Increase Awareness

how to achieve successAt times, most of us are guilty of getting too wrapped up in our day-to-day problems or busy schedules. Set an intention to stop and smell the roses. Intend to notice the simple beauty all around you like a sunset or a stunning landscape. An intention like this can really keep you grounded and remind you to appreciate the goodness around you all the time.

The benefits of setting intentions really can be very powerful, so give it a shot today and let me know how you get on.

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