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The Benefits of Being Alone

Most people like spending time with friends but are there advantages to a bit of solitude and being alone? Find out next…

There probably isn’t any one of us who likes to think of going through life’s journey all alone. For some, the mere idea of being alone can cause fear and stress.

However, being alone and enjoying time spent by ourselves does not have to be lonely or frightening. There are actually some really positive benefits that can come from the experience of simply spending some time by yourself. I am a huge advocate of interaction and believe that we need to have positive interactions with people often to create mentally healthy behaviour. But what are some of the positives to time alone?

When we spend time alone there are some great ways to re-frame the time and turn it into a more peaceful, enjoyable experience.  I’m going to share three ways you can build a strong foundation to controlling your inner life and knocking the fear out of being alone.

Positivity in Being Alone

1. Order and Control

One of the biggest hurdles to conquer is that of regaining control. Sometimes we are in the middle of circumstances which force isolation oBeing Aloner solitude. This situation can make us feel extremely lonely and out of control.

So to feel better and more comfortable instead of feeling lonely, it is important to feel more in control
of the situation. If you establish some kind of order to your life, you will automatically take back some control.

Establishing order is as simple as re-visiting hobbies or activities that you make part of a daily routine. For example, you may love to read, but haven’t made the time to read for the last few years. Make it a point to start dedicating some time each day for reading – or whatever your hobby or favourite activity might be.

By doing this everyday, you’ll be establishing it as a habit. Positive habits allow growth and confidence
in many other areas of your life.

2. Create a Passion or Purpose

Being Alone

Discover enthusiasm or a passion for something. It’s easy to enjoy time alone if you’re doing something you love. But this may also be the perfect opportunity to discover a new hobby or a new passion.

Learning to do something new can automatically create a drive and enthusiasm for mastering the new skill.

It’s also helpful to set measurable goals and then come up with an action plan to hit your goals. Focusing on these helps you to spend less time focusing on isolation or feelings of loneliness.

3. Defining the Meaning of Isolation

If being alone is making you feel isolated or has a negative meaning for you, it’s time to assign a new meaning to this time of being alone.

In other words, think about the positive reasons that you’re spending this period of time alone. How could you re-frame the meaning of this alone time? Maybe you could focus on the fact that this alone time will allow you to heal from an emotional injury, such as the loss of a loved one or the break-up of a relationship. Or you might decide that Being Aloneyou’re using this personal time to re-connect with yourself and spend quiet time away from all the noise to calm and centre yourself.

When you get to define the meaning of your solitude, it helps you gain further control over the situation, which will in turn help you feel better about things.

It is possible to have peace and joy in your life once you change your inner life. By changing yourself from the inside out, you can be happy and content despite even the most challenging of times that life may bring your way.

Remember, you need to have interaction in your life, but when it isn’t possible or you naturally are spending more time alone, incorporate these tips to enjoy your experience more.

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