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The 20 Day Stress Relief Challenge

Your 20 day stress relief challenge:

There are 20 stress relieving activities listed below, one for each day over the next 20 days.

Set yourself the challenge to complete one of these each day and notice how much more positive you’ll be feeling!


1: Try Yoga– Maybe head to a class or watch an online video. Try to concentrate on the moves and your breathing whilst practising the yoga.

2: Listen to your favourite song– Put on some music, it doesn’t matter what genre, just pop on something you enjoy listening too…. and relax. Or dance around!

3: Go for a walk outside– If it’s raining grab an umbrella, if it’s sunny take your sunglasses. Get outside and enjoy the noises you hear from all around you.

4: Have a hot bath– Take some time for yourself, run the hot bath and allow yourself the time to relax.

5: Dance– Find a really upbeat song and start dancing. It might be around your kitchen, in your garden or maybe at a dance class. Get your muscles moving and your heart pumping.

6: Mediate– Take 20 minutes to sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to empty your mind of thoughts. Just relax.

7: Meet a friend– Schedule a catch up with a friend or family member. Even if just for 20 minutes over a cup of tea. Listen to their news, tell them yours and enjoy the company.

8: Recite positive affirmations– Reminding yourself of positive thoughts and feelings is great to focus the mind on what you want to achieve. Check here for some affirmation examples to use.

9: Try a colouring book– Adult colouring books aren’t just a novelty, they have been scientifically proven to calm and reduce stress.

10: Use hypnosis– Using self hypnosis daily will equip your brain with the most positive tools to face stressful situations with more ease, calmness and confidence.11: Breathe- Breathe in for three counts, hold for two and breathe out for 4 counts. Sometimes we forget to focus on our breath when feeling stressed. This can really help to relax you and lower your blood pressure. Take a look through the Hypnotherapy MP3‘s I offer. A question that people often ask around hypnosis / self hypnosis and all things hypnotherapy, is whether it works for everyone. Mark Bowden has written an article about this, which can be found by clicking the following, does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

12: Read a book– Put that phone/ i-Pad/ laptop away for the evening. Make yourself a hot drink and immerse yourself into a good book that you’ve been wanting to read for a while.

13: Go for a jog-During exercise our bodies produce mood boosting chemicals called Endorphins. These work in your brain to trigger positive feelings. They place your body in a state of euphoria.

14: Write down three good things that have happened today– Think about your day and note down three good things that have happened to you today. Remind yourself of the good that is all around you.

15: Complete a crossword– Channel your brain power to focus on a task at hand.

16: Laugh– Improve your mood and literally laugh your worries away. Watch something funny and you’ll distract your mind.

17: Eat mindfully– Think about your food choices today. Try to be mindful and make healthy food choice that will benefit your body and provide it with the nutrients it needs.

18: Call a loved one– Pick up your phone and take the time to catch up with a friend or relative. You may also be making their day better in doing so.

19: Hug yourself– A hug is such a powerful action. Hug yourself. Stretch your arms around your backĀ and drop your shoulders. This will stretch the muscles in the tops of your shoulders. A common place for people to carry stress in their bodies.

20: Try something new– Well done, 20 days of this challenge! Time to set yourself a new one! Try a new activity or hobby. Or continue with one of these suggestions for the longer term.

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