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Michelle’s Story: How I succeeded with Mark’s Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Michelle's Success Story

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Download- Michelle’s Story

I would like to say a huge thank you to Michelle for sharing her story with us. Have a read below of Michelle’s journey from being addicted to cigarettes and her doctor telling her she had a life expectancy of five years, to where she is now by using self hypnosis. Michelle’s story is an inspiration and is a great example of how self hypnosis can be used for an addiction. View the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Download.

‘… I’d be dead in 5 years’

My name is Michelle, and I am an addict, and my drug of choice was nicotine. Being a smoker for 32 years I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to quit smoking. I had tried numerous times to quit, with numerous aids to help me all to no avail. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with COPD and I had a cardiac event, did my doctor say “if I didn’t quit, I’d be dead in 5 years”. I’m only 51. 

‘I was amazed it was relaxation based.’

It was then that my doctor had recommended hypnosis. I was absolutely certain that I could never be hypnotised. I am a scientist by trade, and I didn’t think that I could allow myself to be hypnotised, but I was desperate at this point to try anything. I bought Mark’s CD, once I got it, I listened to it for the first time wide awake (I wasn’t sure what the message would be) and I was amazed that it was relaxation based. Oh, to be able to relax during the most stressful time of my life was an additional bonus! Quitting smoking brings on a whole new level of anxiety. I already have a depression and anxiety disorder. I used smoking as a crutch to continue smoking because I didn’t want to feel that added anxiety. So I was really surprised that hypnosis involved relaxation techniques. So I opened myself up to the experience, listened with my headphones, and listened….really listened. Sometimes I woke up and the CD was over and I didn’t know what I had listened to. Did I fall asleep? Was I really hypnotised? What was going on in my head? I loved the feeling of deep relaxation, and I listened to that CD every night before bed time.stopsmoking review

‘I just didn’t want to smoke…it was working!’

Within one week, I had cut down my cigarette smoking from 2 packs a day to one pack a day without even really trying. I just didn’t want to smoke. Excited at the possibility that I really could do it, I set a quit date 6 weeks later, joined a smoking cessation group that my doctor had recommended at the University of Michigan, and prepared myself to quit. Now you’d think that listening to the same CD every night for 6 weeks would become boring, but it didn’t. Each time I would hear something different. Sometimes I would fade out right away, sometimes I would hear another message, and sometimes I would hear the message all the way through totally awake. It was a different experience each time, and it was working! I took my results to my therapist at the clinic, used her face to face support and nicotine replacement therapy, and was ready for my quit date of March 27, 2016.

‘I was experiencing a lifestyle change’

That day came, and I put the cigarettes down. I used the stopping smoking CD every night for months afterward. Each day became easier and easier. I could breathe again! I could taste food and smell again. I found that my depression was lifting because I wasn’t filling my brain with poisons from the cigarettes. I was experiencing a lifestyle change because I really wanted it this time. I wrote to Mark several times during this process and he was so helpful with support and explanation of the hypnosis process. I was actually doing it this time! 

”I hope that anyone reading this will give it a try’

It’s been 8 months now, and my picture and story was put on display at the University of Michigan hospitals as part of their Great American Smoke-Out display at the hospital.  I subsequently bought Mark’s Anxiety and depression CD to help with the anxiety of quitting and those CD’s helped with dealing with my depression, and anxiety relief. I eventually didn’t have to listen to the smoking cessation one anymore. I was moving on from smoking. I wrote to Mark telling him that I felt that he was part of my healthcare team now….. Mark’s voice was so soothing and calming. It made the difference, and I thank God my doctor told me to do it. I hope that anyone reading this will give it a try. It really does work. I thank Mark for making the CD’s available and affordable. You can’t go wrong… can only benefit from the experience. 8 months smoke free and loving it!               

Michelle's Success Story

Try the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Download for yourself.


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