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Stop Being Late: Why being Fashionably Late is never in Fashion

stop being late


Tips to Stop Being Late

Watch the video above for some great ideas to help you stop being late. The stress and worry of being late can increase your anxiety levels. If this is an issue and you find that your anxiety levels are constantly higher than they should, consider using my hypnotherapy download for overcoming anxiety and panics and click the image below

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Do you find yourself constantly running late? Have you arrived to disapproving looks well after the start of a party or meeting?

If you’ve tried setting the clock ahead or setting a goal of leaving 20 minutes earlier, why does it seem impossible for some people to overcome the habit of chronic tardiness?

According to the blog post, “How to Overcome Chronic Lateness”¬†on the website, you can really overcome being tardy by understanding some of the timely tips we’re going to share with you here.


Discover your blind spot(s)

Many times, you just can’t understand what the problem is, even with a sincere desire to change and eliminate the chaos that comes from being late all the time. This is where the “blind spot” comes in.

By looking only at the big things required to get somewhere at a certain time, many times the small details are overlooked. These small details cause delays that when added up, can make you late even if you leave early.

You might be completely overlooking how long it will take to walk to your destination or find a specific location inside a larger building. A series of these small oversights can spell disaster for efforts to be early or right on time.

stop being late

Using the word “Trying”

A lot of the time, chronically late people will say they’ll “try” to leave early or to be on time. However, trying leaves room for not actually doing what it takes to be on time.

You can honestly “try” to be on time, but you always have an out if you fail. You tried and failed. You aren’t lying, because in your mind, you really did try. You’re just not completely ready to stop “trying” and actually start taking real action (or “doing”.)

do it there is no try

Emphasis on the verb “Doing”

Once you are ready to move from trying to actually doing what it takes to be on time, it’s kind of scary. Because you’re making a commitment to actually begin doing whatever is necessary to arrive on time, it doesn’t leave room for the excuses that trying does.

Borrowing a famous line from one of the original Star Wars movies, as the wise Jedi Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

In other words, push past the fear of actually putting in the work to change. Even if you fail every single day, you will still be moving closer to understanding that you can eventually conquer this thing.


A realistic idea of how long things take

Most chronically late people don’t build realistic time cushions into how long things actually can take. People who are always on time don’t underestimate time for errands, travel or other delays that may result in arriving late.

Chronic lateness often results from just not allowing for the extra time that things can – and usually do – actually take to accomplish.

time management

The awkwardness of being early

Someone who is always late may struggle with the concept of arriving anywhere early. Latecomers can look at arriving early as a waste of time or feel awkward with the extra time on hand.

Why not finish up a couple of quick last-minute projects around the house instead of arriving early? Why waste time standing around waiting on others? Why not sleep in a little longer instead of getting up sooner than absolutely necessary?

For a chronically late person, the idea of arriving early can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. Learning to find ways to fill in that extra time with things that are productive and enjoyable is the way to turn the thought of arriving early into a positive experience.

There are certainly other ways to lose your reputation as a chronic latecomer once and for all.


too early time management


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