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Six ways to schedule ‘you’ time into your day


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We are all living busy lives. Lives that require us to be on the time all the time and constantly connected to the world through our smart devices.
Being busy can feel great, however, without adequate relaxation, you are headed for a burnout.
Our bodies and our brains need time to relax in order to carry on working the way you want them to.
Don’t forget the importance of scheduling that very much needed ‘you’ time.

To give you some inspiration for your next 20 minute break, check out the list below.

1: Hypnosis

By it’s very nature, hypnosis is a relaxing experience. The suggestions of my hypnosis downloads are designed to relax your body and mind and then get to work on making positive suggestions.
When in hypnosis it is common to fall asleep, an indicator on how relaxing the process is!
Most of my downloads are around 30 minutes long, giving you the real escape from reality your body and brain needs.
Have a look at the collection of downloads offered, or try Guided Relaxation to escape into pure relaxation, and if you wan to try my free 10 minute relaxation taster click here.

2: Read a book

We spend a lot of our free time watching TV, heads in our smart phones, or on our tablets. So much so, it is now possible that a large percentage of us are suffering from addictions.
Try to turn off the TV and put your phone away. Pick up a paperback book and get yourself lost in the story.
You want to switch off completely from reality and forget anything that is troubling you.

3: Get Creative

paintingLife is full of many different responsibilities, work, home, family commitments. Things that are very important to us and can take up most of our time.
Running around after our responsibilities can sometimes leave the creative part of our brain un stimulated.
Have you seen those adult colouring books? They’re great for focusing your mind on the task at hand whilst being creative at the same time. Or why not draw, paint, make something with your hands, bake. Allow yourself to get lost in the creative moment!

4: Get outside

Try to make sometime each day to be outside. I know this can be hard when the weather is pouring down with rain, but being exposed to the elements will really help to re focus your brain, engage the senses and be grateful of the world around us.
Gratitude is a fantastic way of improving our day to day positivity. Next time you find yourself thinking negatively about something, flip it around to focus on the positive element. It may take some time first to get used to doing this but you’ll soon be feeling the benefits of reframing your thoughts.

5: Exercise

We know how good exercise is for our bodies, but it also so good for our brains and learning how to switch off.
If the thought of going to the gym is daunting, why not join a walking or running club and make new friends along the way? Perhaps try a new class like Zumba to ‘shake off’ your worries from the day?
How about trying Yoga? The practise of Yoga is well known for it’s benefits in relaxation and stretching. The combined stretches and breathing practises help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

6: Play some music

Music really has a way of speaking to us. Music has been used throughout the ages as a way to express emotion and feelings. If you want to relax, put together a playlist of some of your favourite feel good songs. They can be upbeat songs that will get you dancing around your kitchen or relaxing tunes that will have you melting into your sofa and day dreaming away. There are no rules on which is best, so long as you feel relaxed and happy after your song session!

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