Self Confidence – Triple Impact Edition


Find out what makes the Triple Impact Series the most effective hypnosis downloads available!

Part of the Triple Impact Hypnosis Downloads Series. Coming soon and changing everything!

  1. Video Introduction
  2. PDF Instruction Guide
  3. Self Confidence- Calming focus (Daytime Session)
  4. Self Confidence – Calming Focus (Bedtime Session)
  5. Self Confidence – Intense Focus (Daytime Session)
  6. Self Confidence – Intense Focus (Bedtime Session)
  7. Self Confidence – Affirmations Supplement

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Self Confidence – Condition Yourself into a confident new you!

Mark Bowden’s Triple Impact Series changes everything and takes hypnosis downloads to a whole new level.


This is Mark’s premium Hypnotherapy download for improving self confidence and conditioning you to be the best you can be. To be the most confident version of yourself that you dream of becoming.

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