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Jenny’s Story: How I succeeded with Mark’s Give Up Alcohol Hypnosis Session

give up alcohol hypnosis

Give Up Alcohol Hypnosis Download – Jenny’s Story

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jenny for sharing her story. Read how she went from self-destruction, (drinking a bottle of Brandy per day!) to where she is now by using self hypnosis for her alcohol addictiongive up alcohol hypnosis. She is a wonderful example of what can be achieved and should be an inspiration to those that are experiencing dark times due to alcohol or any other issues. If you are considering alcohol withdrawal make sure you read the final paragraph (Mark’s Advice) as this is very important

Jenny Realises She Has A Problem With Alcohol

I wish to thank Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy…. I was alcohol dependent, I had to admit it to myself….. At 60 years of age with a failed relationship, a failed business, depression and anxiety I took comfort in alcohol. It started slowly but in the end I was drinking a bottle of Brandy a day! When the shops shut on a Saturday at twelve I used to panic so I made sure I had enough Brandy to tide me over….. I had put on three stones in weight over three years, my skin was in a disgraceful state, I knew I was on a slippery slope to self destruction.

Jenny Tries Self Hypnosis to Withdraw From Alcohol

Some time ago I ordered two CD’s from Amazon. The first was narrated by a lady and I gave up after a couple of listens, I don’t know why……. The second was by a guy, Mark Bowden… By this time I was suffering from insomnia, over eating, terrible skin and increasing depression and anxiety. I couldn’t go on any longer. However one night, after sorting through some boxes I came across Mark’s “Give Up Alcohol” CD and decided to give it a go…… I listened to it before going to sleep, when I woke up in the night I listened to it again and then again in the morning… That day I didn’t think about alcohol once!! I had a small amount of Brandy left but I didn’t touch it! Since that first day I’ve listened avidly twice if not three times per day. I feel so empowered and Mark’s words are full of wisdom, information and care. I cannot thank him enough. Only an alcoholic can know the gravity of running out of drink in the house….. you have freed me of this Mark and not only that as an extra bonus my money isn’t disappearing as fast! I was on the road of self destruction now I am on the road to recovery!!

Mark’s advice (important if you are considering alcohol withdrawal)

Jenny story is wonderful and one that should show everyone that there is hope, and whether you choose my CDs’s / Hypnosis downloads, or another method, there is always help out there. Whether you are alcohol dependent or suffering with another issue that is negatively impacting on your life better times can be closer than you think when you seek help. What is very important, is that if you are alcohol dependant you should always seek advice from your doctor before withdrawing from alcohol. It can be dangerous if you stop all of a sudden and go into complete alcohol withdrawal if your body is used to regularly ingesting alcohol.

If you have any success stories like Jenny’s, I would love to hear from you and feature you in my next blog post (Just use the ‘Contact’ page on this website).

Mark’s Hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction is available with a full money back guarantee.


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Don’t let alcohol addiction ruin your life.

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  1. I am just like Jenny. I’ll give it a go.

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