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Self-Acceptance and How to Find True Happiness

Today we are talking about self-acceptance, which is the first step to laying the foundations for true happiness.


If you are constantly struggling in your life, take the time to step back and look at how you feel about yourself.  When life seems to be an uphill battle in every area from finances to relationships, the real problem may just be found within yourself.

You see, if you are looking for things outside of yourself to find happiness and success, it is going to be an uphill battle. The real answer and work comes from the inside.

You have to first learn to accept and love yourself.  I’m going to share some quick tips so you can learn how to end the struggles.

Steps to Self-Acceptance

1. Talk Nicely to Yourself

Start out each day by saying something nice to yourself.  Say something positive.  Find something to appreciate about yourself.  Say it out loud.

Instead of dragging yourself out of bed and beginning with negative thoughts epositive thinkingither about yourself or what you have
to accomplish, do something radically different.  Before jumping up and getting the day started, take just a few moments to think at least one positive statement about yourself.

And to keep yourself on track during the day try this… wear a wristband or bracelet on your right wrist.  When you catch yourself engaged in negative thoughts or self-talk, move the wristband to your left wrist.  The goal is to keep the wristband on your right wrist!

This will give you a visual reminder of how much time you’re spending being negative or beating yourself up.

2. Become Aware of Emotions

If you suppress emotions, there are all kinds of mindless behaviours that can result.  For example, if you refuse to come to terms with anxiety, stress or depression, you may find yourself over-eating, gambling, drinking or some other undesirable behaviour.

alcohol addictionIf you stop and let yourself feel emotions, especially if they are negative or troubling, you’ll find you can work through them without indulging in unhealthy or dangerous habits.

It can be hard to deal with negative emotions because it doesn’t feel good in the moment.  However, if you let yourself feel the negativity and work through the emotions, you’ll get to the positive side of things that much faster.

It really is OK to be mindful of all the many emotions you may experience, such as loneliness or sadness.  Let them come up and acknowledge what you’re feeling.  It’s only when you suppress or refuse to look at those feelings that life’s struggles seem worse.

3. Accepting and Forgiveness

You know, there isn’t one person on the face of this earth who doesn’t have regrets or has made mistakes.

The key that will set you free from beating yourself up or living in the past is to simply accept the situation.  Making mistakes is what makes us human, and since none of us are perfect, we’ve all made our fair share of mistakes.

Letting go and ForgivingAdmitting and accepting past mistakes helps us to learn and grow from the experience.

The next step is sometimes the most difficult…and that is to forgive ourselves.  When you can sincerely forgive yourself for past mistakes, you’re giving yourself permission to move forward.

Accept what happened, ask yourself what you have learned from the experience and forgive yourself.  It’s only by accepting and forgiving yourself that can you make better decisions in the future.  This allows you to move forward on a more confident, positive note.

Accepting yourself can be difficult at first.  However, by constantly focusing on appreciating yourself first, you will discover a peace and flow in every area of your life.

Now, we’ve only touched the surface of all the ways you can practice self-acceptance but try and incorporate these things today and make a difference to your happiness starting from now

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