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Positive Thinking Hypnosis

Positive Thinking Hypnosis Downloads

Overcoming Negativity with Positive Thinking Hypnosis

positive thinkingWould you say that you’re primarily a positive person or a negative person? Most people have a tendency to either look at the bright side of things or to see the negative more strongly than the positive. These personality traits are somewhat genetic, as positivity and negativity can be observed in even very young children; however, many people grow more negative as they age and go through experiences that leave them hurt, jaded and suspicious about the world.

Studies now show that positive thinking has a number of important benefits, but for most people, it’s not easy to simply start thinking positively. That’s why an increasing number of people are using positive thinking hypnosis¬†downloads in order to improve their lives.

Why Positive Thinking Matters

So why should you care about whether or not you’re a positive person in the first place? Well, scientific research has found that there are a shocking number of benefits to being a positive thinker. Research indicates that positive people:

– Have a longer life span than negative people
– Are less likely to suffer from depression than negative people
– Develop fewer colds than negative people
– Show evidence of overall better levels of physical and mental health than negative people
– Are at a lower risk of dying from heart disease than negative people
– Exhibit better coping skills, allowing them to perform better at work and have healthier relationships than negative people
– Are less likely to become addicted to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

Where Negative Thinking Comes From

As a negative thinker, you’re probably already coming up with the reasons why it’s not possible for you to think positively. Automatically, you begin to tell yourself negative thinkingthat you are the way you are and begin to point out all of the reasons why you’ll fail if you try to become more positive. Even with this article pointing out the fact that you’re doing it, your negative messages are likely continuing in your mind.

You see, negative thinking stems from the subconscious, so even when we’re aware that we are having negative thoughts, it’s very difficult to just stop them. That part of our minds lies beyond our conscious control, meaning we can’t simply turn off the thoughts. The negativity is part of our survival mechanism and is largely outdated in modern day life. Thousands of years ago when your ancestors were hunting and foraging, positive thinking was likely to have meant the end of their survival. Imagine seeing a bear and thinking ‘I’m sure he’s already eaten, I’ll be fine!’.

Back then it was far better to dwell on the worst possible outcome. Unfortunately, this built in mechanism is still very much part of us and can mean that we still look for the negatives even when in 99% of circumstances it is no longer beneficial for us.

Positive Thinking Hypnosis

Experts state that one way to become more positive thinkers is to repeat positive phrases to yourself during times of stress. This can help, but it can take a lot of practice to get results from this technique.

Positive thinking hypnosis works on a similar principle but is usually able to help people put a stop to negative thinking more quickly. Hypnotherapy puts your mind in a state where your subconscious is open to suggestion, making it possible for a hypnotherapist to fill it with positive, affirming messages that can actually change the way you perceive and think about situations. Benefits become more obvious with repeated use, so many people choose to use positive thinking hypnosis CDs or MP3s that can be listened to daily at home.

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