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The perfect sleeping environment


When you have trouble getting to sleep there a number of natural options open to you. How about creating the perfect sleeping environment?

Here are some tips to create an environment that helps you to sleep better.

The best environment to sleep

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The following article is based upon the video above. The content is very similar and is for when you are unable to watch or listen but still want to improve your sleeping environment.

Your bedroom should be a place to sleep

Your bedroom should be a sacred place. It should be used (predominantly) for sleeping. Anything in your bedroom that does not assist in helping you to go to sleep should be in a different room. The main thing that I am referring to here is your television.

We want your sleeping environment to be set up so that you associate it with sleeping. Televisions are for recreation and should be in rooms where you wouldn’t usually be sleeping. In the lounge and if you have to have another one, put it in the kitchen… but never in the bedroom!

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Darkness is important for sleep

The other point to make for the perfect sleeping environment is darkness. Although I will not go into how the brain produces melatonin and why this is required for sleeping. I talk about this in another video/article. Trust me, when I say that melatonin is an absolutely vital ingredient for ensuring a great nights sleep.

When darkness falls, there are various neurotransmitters and hormones that are secreted in the brain that assist you in going to sleep. If the environment that you are in is too light, then that process doesn’t take place. If it does, it doesn’t take place with anywhere near the effectiveness required for a great nights sleep.

Therefore we need your bedroom or your sleeping environment to be a dark one. The best way to ensure this is to have blackout curtains in your bedroom. The big problem with blackout curtains is that it can be expensive to simply go out and buy new curtains. However, a great alternative to this, and a far cheaper option is a sleeping mask. If you wear a sleeping mask that is comfortable and fits right, you’ll practically get exactly the same effect and benefits as blackout curtains.

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A cool room is a good sleeping room

The final tip to your perfect sleeping environment is to regulate the temperature. This is a bit more difficult, if you don’t have temperature control in your bedroom. Let’s face it… most of us don’t!

When you go to sleep your body naturally reduces its temperature in preparation to sleep. Therefore if you are in an environment that is too hot, this becomes detrimental to the sleeping process. If there is a way that you can reduce the temperature, such as leaving the windows open an hour before bedtime. This will also depend on the environment outside. Also, if it’s the middle of the winter you might not want to leave the windows open for that long if at all!

If it the middle of the summer, you might also want to close the curtains a while before bedtime if the sun is coming in through the windows and heating the room up.

So take a look at your bedroom environment today and see what changes and improvements you can make to assist you in having a better nights sleep, by producing the perfect sleeping environment!

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