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Pain Relief Hypnosis

Pain Relief Hypnosis

Hypnosis Downloads For Pain Relief

My range of Pain Relief and Pain Management Hypnosis Downloads have received some great feedback from people who suffer with a variety of chronic pain issues.. It is an honour to be able to assist people who experience ongoing chronic pain and be able to offer image of pain relief hypnosis downloadsthem some relief for something that can be such a block on living a happy and fulfilling life..

I personally know the debilitating effects that ongoing, chronic pain can have. I suffered myself for many years with a footballing injury to my lower back. Rather than getting better and better, it actually got worse and worse! I experienced spasms that had me audibly cry out with the pain and I had days where no matter what position I got into I could never get away from the excruciating pain.

Thankfully, using a combination of stretching and hypnosis I have not had any issues with my back for many years. However, I still remember the suffering and from the list of issues below that chronic pain can cause I can relate to many of them!

  • Sleeplessness
  • Fatigue
  • Weekend immune system
  • Changes in mood including: fear, anxiety, stress, depression, irritability

Some of the feedback that people have left for my pain relief hypnosis CD

I can honestly say I have been using it for just over a week every day and it is a godsend! I only wish
I’d tried it before because it would have saved me a fortune on creams and gels as well as tens
machines etc. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who suffers with chronic pain, I don’t
understand quite how it works only that it does for me

I’ve been experiencing back pain for the last few months. This CD is a blessing, it relieves the pain completely when I’m listening and I’ve noticed that the pain is getting less when I’m not listening

a very relaxing cd, to help my fibromyalgia pain.
It is the first time I have ever tried hypnosis, but was willing to give it a shot ~ it hasn’t cured me. but has really helped me manage my pain in a way that I can not describe!

Before using my hypnosis download for pain relief (or indeed any other alternative therapy) it is very important to check with your doctor that there is not a reason for your pain that needs to be treated. Pain is often there for the reason of warning us that we must protect the area or get the area treated. Chronic pain and the type of pain that this hypnosis session is effective for is the type of pain that has exceeded it’s benefit for. It is no longer a useful pain and has outstayed it’s welcome.

Once you are happy that your pain has no reason to be there have a look at my hypnosis for pain relief and get the benefits in your life. Click the following to go to the my best selling general hypnosis download for pain issues. This is my Chronic Pain Relief Hypnosis audio.

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