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Overcome your fear of public speaking

Public Speaking : Why do we hate it?

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“Tomorrow I want you to give a ten minute presentation to a room full of adults.”
How does this sentence make you feel? Did it make you anxious? Well, mention public speaking to the majority of people and they will have a similar reaction. Feelings of anxiety will wash over them.

There is something about public speaking that makes so many of us want to run for the hills, but why? We know speaking in front of large groups wont hurt us. We understand that talking out loud won’t have any bad consequences on our life, and yet we panic.

Getting up and talking in front of a group of people is ranked as one of the top things people fear the most.

If we take a look back to early man in the Neolithic Era we can gage where our fear of public speaking may have come from.
As there were so many predators around, man lived in large groups. Living together was safe, provided protection and ensured survival. If you were singled out from the group or left to fend for yourself then survival could seem bleak.

When standing in front of a large group your primitive instinct tells you that exactly this has happened. You are no longer part of the group and so the feelings of fear and anxiety are the bodies ways of preparing for survival.

This need not be the case. With a few preparation techniques, breathing exercises and focusing on the way you think, you can overcome the fear that comes with public speaking and move forward confidently.

1: Be Prepared

Where possible, prepare as much as you can. Write out your presentation so you can see it in front of you.
Read over this as much as possible. This will allow you to memorise part, if not all, of the speech.
Try standing in a room by yourself and reciting your speech. Once you have practised a few times you will feel more confident that you know your speech well. This will allow you to pick up quickly and confidently should you slip up or forget your place during the ‘performance.’

2: Change the way you think

Common thoughts when nervous before a presentation can be: “What if I mess up?” “What if I forget my words?”
These phrases have negative connotations. Instead, reframe. Start asking ourself “What if I do an incredible job.”
Thinking positively will help in keeping you motivated on your goals and visualise the desired outcome.

3: Use Hypnosis

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking is a powerful hypnosis recording that will reduce feelings of anxiety brought on by public speaking. Allowing you to speak with confidence in front of crowds of any size.
The hypnosis works by eliminating the negative subconscious messages causing your irrational fears. It also changes the way your body reacts when you get up in front of a crowd, so you feel more relaxed and at ease.
This is turn will boost your confidence with positive, self-affirming messages that allow you to believe you are a capable, effective public speaker. Take a look at all of Mark Bowden’s Hypnotherapy downloads.

4: Take deep breaths

When you’re nervous your breathing can get very quick and shallow. This will not be helpful when trying to vocalise important statements from your speech and will tell your audience you are nervous. Instead focus on taking long deep breaths. You are talking and you audience are listening so remember to pause. Take a breath in and continue.
Breathing exercises before the presentation can also work wonders for your nerves. Concentrate on breathing in for three counts, holding for two and breathing out for four counts. This will slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. You’ll feel instantly more relaxed and confident.

5: Exercise beforehand

If possible, the morning of the speech, take part in some form of light activity.
Try going for a brisk walk. Practise a yoga routine. Dance to some of your favourite songs.
During exercise our bodies produce mood boosting chemicals called Endorphins. These work in your brain to trigger positive feelings. They place your body in a state of euphoria.
A fantastic state to be in just before a confidence boosting presentation or talk.
Using these techniques will help you feel confident, relaxed and prepared for the next speech you have to give. Believe in yourself.

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