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Are our brains equipped to cope with modern day life?

image of amazing brain

Your Amazing Brain

Amazing , isn’t it? That unimpressive blob of flesh between between your ears is perhaps the most highly sophisticated and powerful piece of equipment in the known universe. It has a trillion support cells and 80 – 100 billion neutrons that are signalling to each other in about half a trillion connections. As powerful as it might be though it as changed little in many thousands of years.Image of neurons

One of the things that differentiates this amazing piece of equipment from, say your brand new Iphone or your top of the range super computer is that to get the best from these new devices you simply consult the user manual. Up until very recently we never had the luxury of this. But thanks to modern day neuroscience we are gaining more and more of an understanding of the brain and not just how it works but how we can get the very best out of it. By doing this we can live lives that are more fulfilling, more enjoyable and more successful than we ever thought possible.

However, to answer the question ‘Are our brains equipped to cope with modern day life?’ the likely (and simplistic answer) is… ‘no’.

The Rollercoaster of life

If you simply let yourself be taken on the journey that is life, without an awareness of this brain of ours, you will live life as too much of a gamble with the odds well and truly stacked against you. The reason why the odds are stacked against you is that our brains were created in times where they needed to be super vigilant to help you from being eaten by wild animals or killed by rival tribesman. Therefore, these brains of ours are more focused on negativity. Negativity that is there to protect you. Imagine seeing a polar bear and thinking positively instead? ‘I’m sure he’s already eaten’ is going to make you top dish on the menu!

You can see why our brains think this way, but in all these years they have barely changed. We still focus predominantly on the negativity that the survival part of our brain wants us to. This isn’t great when you have a presentation to give or there’s that report you have to finish off and all that is going on in your mind is ‘I’ll never get it finished’, ‘It’s really bad quality’, ‘I’m terrible at presentations’.

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image of neuroplasticity

We Need a Helping Hand

In our modern day lives we need a helping hand and perhaps the most amazing discovery to-date within neuroscience is the concept of neuroplasticity. This is that our brains are changing all of the time and it’s all down to our experiences and the way that we think about things. We all have the power to change our brains. Not just the way that we think, but physically change our brains. In fact, your brain will change whether you like it or not. If you let the pressures of home or work shape this automatically the effects of this aren’t going to be favourable.

The great news is that you can change your brain any way that you want to. How? Well, what makes us different from many other animals is the neo-cortex, the ‘thinking’ part of the brain. You can choose to be positive and solution focused with your life and this will change EVERYTHING! Once you start consciously changing the way you think you start developing new neuropathways in the brain that will transform your life for the better.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can also provide you with this by conditioning your brain for the better. So whether you take this route, you consciously think more solution orientated or you do a combination of both start today and get on the path to a better way of life and living.

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