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How To Manage Your IBS On Holiday

It’s that time of year again, Summer Holidays are almost upon us.

For many of us this means, packing our bags, travelling to a new destination and having time to relax and get away from everyday routine.
However, for some the thought of travelling can really cause more feelings of stress than it can relaxation.

A Summer vacation can be relaxing and revitalising, but if you suffer with IBS or digestive issues, the experience can seem disconcerting.
The stress and worry beforehand organising, making sure you’ve packed everything and worrying you may have forgotten something important can add to your stress bucket.
Then there is the actual travelling, whether by bus, car, train, plane or boat, travelling to any destination can upset your rhythm. And finally once you’re at your holiday destination, being in unfamiliar surroundings can also knock you off track.

However, there are some ways you can help to control your IBS whilst away.

1: Organisation

plan route Sometimes one of the biggest triggers for an IBS flare up can be because of unfamiliar surroundings and then total panic.
You start to worry about where the nearest bathroom is and when you can’t find one immediately then you enter a state of panic, thus causing anxiety and in turn increasing your chance of an IBS flare up. It can be a vicious circle.

To try and avoid this situation, sit down before you travel with a note pad and pen and mark out your entire journey, from when you leave the door to when you arrive at your final destination.
Mark down all the possible toilet stops there will be along the way, the service stations, the times when you will be stationary etc. Knowing all this ahead of time will allow your mind to be at ease when travelling as you’ll know exactly what to expect.

2: Pack Snacks

If you suffer from digestive issues, the thought of being away from the food you know you can eat can really cause anxious feelings. Ahead of time start planning to take some of the foods you know you can eat. With your own snacks packed, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without going hungry or having to eat something that may cause an attack when you can’t find anything for your needs on the menu.

Not only will the snacks be helpful when you need them. On top of this the sheer knowledge of knowing they are there is going to help reduce your anxiety and allow your thoughts and any potential IBS symptoms to be calm.

3: Exercise

yogabeachYou may be on holiday, but don’t view exercise as work. Exercise is an important addition to your daily life that can really help with relaxation and a 30 minute walk during the day can easily be added into your routine whilst away.
Why not try Yoga whilst your are ‘holiday-ing’? The practise of Yoga is well known for it’s benefits in relaxation. Combining this with stretches and controlled breathing helps to reduce your stress levels, lower your blood pressure and also your heart rate.

There are so many positives that exercise can have on your body and your IBS. One other benefit is the production of serotonin and endorphins. These are feel good neurotransmitter that are released in the brain. By exercising, you’ll release an abundance of these leading to more feelings of wellbeing, happiness and of course… reduced stress!

4: Hypnosis

A current NHS statistic tells us that 1 in 5 people have or will experience IBS in their lives. Thats a huge number of us. Stress and anxiety can greatly worsen IBS, and unfortunately, medications for the disease fail to address these problems. Using hypnosis for IBS can help your relax and unwind, altering the way your mind works, to change your perceptions of discomfort and address the mental factors that contribute to IBS.
product relief ibsMy download, “Relief From IBS” has helped thousands control their symptoms.

And you can download my app to access your audio anywhere, once you’ve downloaded your purchases to the app then you won’e even need Wi-Fi to listen!

Also, whilst you are away why not incorporate my 6 morning habits for a happier you. Not only will these habits help you to feel happier, but a happier you is a more relaxed you. And we know that a happier and more relaxed you reduces your symptoms of IBS.

Have a great holiday!

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