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How do I stop waking up during the night?

I did another vide recently on what to do if you do wake up during the night. You will see the link to that video on the right hand side. If you’re on a mobile device you will find the link to it at the bottom of the screen. However, what if you don’t want to wake up during the night in the first place?

Well if that’s the case then this video is for you!

How do I ensure that I don’t keep waking during the night?

If you find the video helpful please could you share it. Many thanks 🙂

The following article is based on the video above ‘how do I stop waking up during the night’. It is for when you can’t watch or listen, or simply if you would rather read it. Although it isn’t written verbatim, it is the tips and advice for sleeping better as I give in the video above.

Make sure you also check out my video and article on why alcohol is bad for your sleep. Also these tips on creating the perfect sleeping environment.

Sounds that are bad for your sleep

What I wish to discuss here is intermittent sounds, why they are not good for effective sleeping and what you can do about them.

Have you ever been in a blissful state of the most relaxing kind. When all of a sudden you’re rudely awaken by a car horn or a bang outside? It doesn’t have to be a loud noise either. Sometimes it can be something subtly, like the creaking of the floor boards or a soft gust of wind on the branches outside. However, that is all it takes to have you alert to the noise and awake. Your blissful sleep is now in the past! Sometimes, the noises are so subtle that you don’t even realise what has woken you up.

The reason why these quiet intermittent sounds can cause us to be startled and awaken easily is because of our brains natural wiring for survival. This of our brains of our ancestors in prehistoric times. They needed to be helping us to stay alive every moment of every day. It was when we were asleep that we were likely to be at our most vulnerable. Anything could creep up on it us. Rival tribesman that wanted to kill us, wild animals that wanted to eat us. Both of which our brains would need to signal to us to wake up and prepare ourselves to fight or run away.

How to stop from being woken up

Nowadays, the likelihood that the changing noise in your environment is a danger that is going to harm you is unlikely. However, this survival response is still hardwired into our brains. So what do we do about it to ensure that we get a good night’s sleep?

The obvious ways to overcome this are things such as wearing ear plus and using white noise. A great idea is to have a fan in the room. Someone chanting your name as you go to sleep (I’m kidding!) A cooling fan! That rhythmic whirring noise can assist you in going to sleep in the first place, but it can also drown out those subtle noises that would have woken you up.

One think that a lot of people do to help them stay asleep is to leave the television on. This is a very bad idea. When you are going to sleep at nigh, it might drown out other noises but the content of television at night is often violent or at least not happy and upbeat. If the news comes on it’s often talking about things such as terrorism, murder and the plight of people around the world. This gets absorbed by your brain and your thinking and is not healthy.

If you do currently use a television to help you drift off to sleep, I would definitely recommend switching to a fan!

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