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Hypnotherapy For Pain Relief

hypnotherapy for pain relief

Relieve your pain naturally

chronic pain relief


Living with pain can truly destroy your life. Not only can chronic discomfort make it hard for you to complete day-to-day activities, to work and to enjoy time with friends and family, but long-term pain has also been associated with a number of other problems, including severe depression, obesity, relationship problems, poor concentration, anger and irritability. People who live with chronic pain are even at an increased risk for self-harm and suicide. The good news is that there is a safe, natural way to address many types of pain–hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life.

What Types of Pain Can Hypnotherapy Address?

Hypnotherapy for pain relief can be used to address almost any kind of pain, including:

– Back pain

– Arthritis pain

– Fibromyalgia pain

– Multiple sclerosis pain

– Migraines and tension headaches

– Cancer pain

– Pain due to surgery and medical procedures

– Pain due to injuries like broken bones, sprains and torn muscles

– Dental pain

– Irritable bowel syndrome pain

– Pain during labor and delivery


Who Can Benefit from Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief?

Nearly everyone can be hypnotized, provided that they are receiving hypnotherapy for pain relief of their own free will. Very young children who find it difficult to concentrate and people with dementia, Alzheimer’s or brain impairments that leave them unable to focus and concentrate are not good candidates for pain relief brain pain hypnosishypnosis. Because hypnosis is natural, it can be used with any other type of pain management therapies without causing dangerous drug interactions or health complications. Still, most experts recommend letting your primary care doctor know that you’re planning to undergo hypnotherapy for pain relief.


How Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief Works

Hypnotherapy for pain relief places your body into a deep state of relaxation during which your subconscious mind is very active and open. The hypnotherapist is able to fill your mind with powerful suggestions that provide pain relief benefits in different ways. Hypnosis can actually change the way your body perceives the nerve signals that cause feelings of pain, so that even though your condition may not have improved, you sense its symptoms less intensely. In addition, hypnotherapy can also help you to relax and manage stress, and many studies show that people who suffer from chronic pain and practice stress relief techniques are better able to manage their symptoms than those who do not.

Studies have found that the most successful programmes are those that are repeated regularly on an ongoing basis. This can easily be done with a hypnosis audio recording or download.


Advantages of Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

Hypnosis for pain relief has a number of advantages:

– Hypnotherapy is side effect free

– Hypnotherapy is non-habit forming unlike pain pills

– Hypnosis can be combined with medications and other therapies

– Hypnosis can be performed comfortably at home

– Hypnotherapy can also address other problems related to pain, such as insomnia, depression, mood swings and anger

If you would like to address your pain or use hypnosis to take your life forward in an area Mark Bowden offers a range of Hypnosis Downloads to benefit life.

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