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Hypnosis vs Sleeping Pills for Insomnia

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As you know, I am always promoting the healthy benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The very reason I became a Hypnotherapist in the first place was because of the enormous and beneficial impact that I found hypnosis to have. For sleep issues, it is another area where hypnosis and hypnotherapy really excels. However, I wanted to write a few words, not just to promote hypnosis for sleep, but also because I wanted to talk about sleeping pills and the problems that people may incur with them

The problem with sleeping pills

Have you ever tried sleeping pills? If you are considering them, please do not self medicate and certainly ensure that you speak with your doctor before even considering them. People often worry about becoming addicted to sleeping pills. This is of course a potential problem. Take a sleeping pill and you’ll likely be in the land of not in moments. Who couldn’t become addicted to these amazing sleep inducers?

It turns out, however, that whilst sleeping pills may help you go to sleep, they certainly aren’t going to help you to sleep better.

When you fall into a “blissful” and “deep” sleep after taking sleeping pills, it turns out that your sleep might not actually be as deep and blissful as you were hoping for!

Let’s think about what it feels like when you haven’t been able to sleep. How do you feel? Of course you feel awful, but what else do you feel? I’m guessing that you feel irritable and unable to concentrate? One of the downsides of sleeping pills is that they severely reduce the amount of REM sleep in our sleeping cycle. REM sleep is a highly important part of your sleep and very crudely, it is when our brains are sorting out memories etc, so your brain is ready to start the following day effectively. Research has shown that sleeping pills have the unwanted side effects of making you feel irritable and unable to concentrate… the same problems as not having any sleep at all! The likely issue for this irritability and reduced cognitive function is this lack of REM.

The case for hypnosis for better sleep

There are many reasons why hypnosis is a great way to help you sleep better.sleep hypnosis

1. It’s natural

You aren’t introducing any chemicals or anything that might have potential side effects. You are simply assisting your body to sleep better naturally.

2. It’s relaxing

By it’s very nature, hypnosis is a very relaxing experience. As insomnia and a lack of sleep are often linked to stress and anxiety, this makes another great case for hypnosis. When we are often in a heightened state of anxiety and stress it can cause the amygdala in your brain to get over sensitive. This part of your brain is responsible for the fight or flight response in your brain that then results in the same response in your body. As it gets more and more sensitive, we are more liekly to get stressed and anxious about more minor things. The simple act of relaxing more will reduce stress and anxiety and help bring your amygdala back to normal.

3. It conditions your thoughts

The hypnotherapist or the recording that you are listening to will use suggestions and metaphors that will help you to start seeing bed time as a positive thing once again. It will help to reframe your thoughts so that sleep is something that becomes natural and normal again.

4. It promotes REM sleep

As we were talking about sleeping pills we mentioned that they actually take away our ability to go into REM sleep. The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that it actually promotes REM sleep!

5. You can start right this moment!

Of course if you have any worries about depression, anxiety or your sleep you should always consult your doctor. My hypnosis download for overcoming insomnia and promoting a better night’s sleep has helped thousand’s of people across the glove and it’s available right now so that you can be using it to assist in a better night’s sleep tonight.

Click here to take a look at Mark Bowden’s hypnosis download for better sleep.


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