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Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks: How It Compares to Other Remedies

hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Generalised anxiety disorder and panic attacks are mental health problems that occur when people experience feelings of anxiety and even extreme terror when there is no discernible reason for the symptoms.

anxiety hypnosisWhile doctors don’t yet understand why some people develop generalised anxiety disorder and panic attacks while others don’t, most experts believe that the problems stem from the subconscious mind. Traumatic experiences seem to leave behind marks on the mind, even after people believe they have emotionally recovered from the incidents. These marks or scars on the subconscious fill the mind with negative messages that are responsible for causing chronic feelings of anxiety or sudden bouts of panic.

Hypnotherapy is now being used as a primary and complementary intervention for anxiety and panic attacks in many parts of the world. Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks is a method of putting the mind into a state of suggestibility, making the subconscious receptive to messages that can take the place of the negative ones that trigger symptoms. Studies have shown that regular hypnotherapy sessions can greatly diminish symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder and reduce the frequency of panic attacks.

Let’s take a look at how hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks compares to other treatments and interventions.


Hypnosis Versus Medications

Medications for anxiety and panic attacks use chemicals to alter the chemical composition of the brain to promote feelings of calm. Prescription drugs can be effective for some people, but they don’t do anything to uncover the root causes of the symptoms. Because these deep-seeded emotional scars typically can’t be resolved on their own, many people have to take medications for life. Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks can help people move past the pain and trauma that is responsible for their symptoms and can even be safely combined with medications. Hypnotherapy is also side effect free, unlike prescription medications. A note here that must be remembered is that you should always consult your doctor if you have any thoughts of self harm or thoughts that are concerning to you.

Also, you should inform your doctor before commencing any complimentary therapy when you are already receiving treatment.


Hypnosis Versus Herbs

Herbs like valerian root are sometimes used as alternative therapies for anxiety and panic attacks, and these medicinal plants work in much the same way as medications. As a result they have the same limitations–they only alter brain chemical makeup; they can’t help you work through the causes of your symptoms. Also unlike hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks, herbs for anxiety can cause side effects and interact with medications.

anxiety hypnosis

Hypnosis Versus Talk Therapy

There are many types of talk therapy that can be beneficial for panic attacks and anxiety. By working with a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or councillor, it’s often possible to determine what events contributed to the onset of anxiety and panic attacks and work through them. Still, it usually takes months or years of treatment to reach that point. Hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks can typically produce results faster. You can think of hypnotherapy as a shortcut to the subconscious where other types of therapy have to take the long way around to get you to the point where you can move on from your pain. Often a combination of Talk Therapy and Hypnosis can be a wonderfully effective combination.

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