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How To Improve Your Thinking

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Let’s improve the way you think about situations

Your mind is the most valuable asset that you possess. The thoughts and images that flow through your mind influences your behavior. Positive thoughts produce positive actions. Negative thoughts produce negative actions. This is all boils down to the law of attraction.
The thoughts that dominate your brain tend to come into fruition because your mind is obsessed with them.

This is why stress is an issue that must be handled as soon as possible if it plays a major role in your life. The stress that you deal with can literally be causing you to be depressed and miserable. This is not the type of existence that anyone would want to live within.

What you need to be doing is allowing for more happiness to enter your life. The way that you do this is by acknowledging the positive things that are in your life. You may not have all that you want in life but you still have a reason to find the good in your current situation.

Increase your brain power

Being able to see another day means that you have the opportunity to change what you currently find unsatisfactory in your life. Do not have to get discouraged about the negative situations that are surrounding you. You just need to find a way to turn your current circumstances around. You having the ability to do this will depend on how well you can think.

The ability to think is not only needed for your survival, it also plays a critical role in how far you advance in life.
Therefore, if your mind is contaminated with toxic thoughts you will severely limit your ability to gain more in your life. Luckily, your thinking can be reprogrammed by doing simple activities that help increase your brain power.
When you increase your brain power you increase the control that you have over your mind. A weak mind is easily influenced. A strong mind only allows in it what gives it positive reinforcement. The following mental exercises will help you increase the strength of your brain — improving your life as a result.

1. Exercise Your Mind Regularly

mark bowden hypnosis downloadsPhysical exercise builds up the muscles in your body. You become stronger and your physical performance improves significantly compared to when your body was not being strengthened by physical activity. Mind exercises have the same affect on your brain.
The more that you put your brain through activities such as critical thinking the better it becomes at analysing situations thoroughly rather than just accepting things as is. This helps you find your way out of negative situations instead of being consumed by depressing thoughts. You become a fighter instead of allowing yourself to be a victim.

Neurologists have done the studies that prove regular exercise for the brain enhances brain functioning and improves neurogenesis. This does not mean that physical exercise is not necessary, though. Physical exercise has been linked to the formation of new brain cells, which means physical and mental exercise combine together to make your brain super powerful.

2. Improve Your Memory

A brain that is not being used regularly will soon start to lose its performing power. The saying “if you don’t use it you lose it,” definitely holds as true when it comes to your mind. One way to keep your brain active is by forcing it to memorize different information. Your brain actually becomes weak when you heavily rely on written information because you do not have good memory. This is why you must force yourself to memorize phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, book facts, and any other important information that increases the capacity of your mind.

When your memory starts to improve you begin to feel better about your mind’s ability to do anything. These small victories lead to you wanting to achieve bigger goals. This positive reinforcement helps you realize that you are only limited by the suppression that you place on your mind. You will then start to find more ways to challenge the power of your brain.

3. Become Curious and Possess Positive Thoughts

Everything is not always as it seems when presented. Instead of accepting perceived facts as true, challenge what has been presented by asking investigative questions. When you ask “what if” you allow a series of thoughts to run through your mind that activates the curiosity of your brain Being curious trains your brain to be innovative and develop deep ideas about how current facts could be reversed. Curiosity has led to the greatest accomplishments witnessed by man, therefore your curious mind can lead you being added to this distinguished list.

Neuroscientists have linked anxiety and stress to killing the of brain neurons. Stress also restricts new neurons from being created, therefore weakening your brain as a result. Psychologist have determined that positive thinking increases the production of new cells and works to significantly control stress and reduce anxiety. This is why you must stop allowing stress to run your life. It is nothing but negative energy that you are allowing to grow.

4. Strengthen Your Brain with a Healthy Diet

healthy food drinkThe food you eat is plays a major role in contributing to proper brain functioning. Your brain is responsible for consuming over 20% of all the oxygen and nutrients that flows through your body. To keep your brain healthy you will need to give it good fuel like fresh fruit, vegetables, and plenty of Omega 3 oils.
Junk food is made up of processed parts and chemicals that do serious damage to both your body and mind. These toxic substances being put into your body can actually lead to having toxic thoughts as a result. This is because your body is unhealthy, producing unhealthy chemical reactions that flow to your brain!

5. Read More Books

It is said that successful people read for entertainment, while the average person watches television to be entertained. This is the reason why success is so scarce among people. Reading helps you elevate your thinking and behavior, while television tends to dumb you down and make you lazy. You are then left feeling stressed because you do not understand how your life got so out of control or became so unfulfilling.
Reading helps to relieve the tension and stress that weighs heavily on your brain-cells.

Reading also provides you with a new perspective on things that you might have overlooked in your everyday life. Books help tremendously to grow your brain and expand your depth of thinking. Reading helps to build your imagination, which helps you become creative and resourceful when dealing with pressure from stressful situations. Reading can remove you from the world around you, allowing you to realize the bigger opportunities that are available to you.

6. Get More Sleep

It can be tempting to resist sleep when you are focused on accomplishing your goals, but this can lead to negative consequences. You become more irritable as a result and snap at any little thing because your mind is so tired. This is why you must learn how to maximize your available time so that you can afford yourself the time to get some much needed rest.

Sleep is needed for your brain to reset so that it can perform at its highest level. Sleep allows your body to regenerate brain cells — doing the much needed maintenance work on both your body and your brain. It is recommended to get 4-6 hours of sleep every night in order to improve your thinking, leading to you producing new ideas that could be innovative breakthroughs.

Use these brain exercises given to improve your brain’s thinking.
Doing so will help reduce your stress and welcome more positive thoughts into your mind. With positive thinking comes an improved life that has minimal negative activity disrupting your happiness. Of course, negative things will occur in your life but your mind will be strong enough to resist giving them the attention and energy to grow. You will have complete control over your mind, thereby giving you control over your life.

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