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How to be Happy; Should you Fake It ’til you Make It?

We’ve all heard the ‘fake it until you make it’ mantra, but should we do this? Does it really help in building confidence and teach us how to be happy? Find out next…

For most of us, all we are looking for is simply to be happy. We know that material things can make us happy in the short term, but we’re looking for long-term happiness here. You may be familiar with the expression “fake it until you make it.” What that means is to pretend or act “as if” we feel a certain way until we really do feel it. This could apply to self-confidence or feeling wealthy, but our goal is long-term happiness in the end.

how to be happy || Mark bowden

Life certainly brings us challenges and issues and can take us on an emotional journey at certain times. How can you feel happy when everything seems to be going wrong? Is there any benefit to pretending or “faking” to feel a certain way when your heart is just not into it?

Sometimes it’s helpful to do whatever we can to feel just a little better. It’s not reasonable to think you can flip a switch and go from depression to peace and joy just like that, but the goal is to just try to feel even a little better.

When we feel better, the outlook of even the worst situations look a little better. Suddenly, there is a little bit of hope where there was none before. How can we feel even a little happy when from all sides, there isn’t anything to be happy about at all?

I’m going to share with you a few things about “faking” a smile and how that can help you in your quest of how to be happy.

Let me share the benefits of “faking” a little happiness with you in the hope that it will help increasing happiness…

Force Yourself to Smile

Did you know that it is impossible to hold two opposite emotions in mind at the same time?

how to be happyIf you’re stuck in a negative state, everything appears to be no more than sheer doom and gloom. However, if you are smiling, just the physical act of forcing a smile is completely opposite of your negative state. How can you be negative if you’re smiling? Can you find any little thing, joke or memory to smile about? You can immediately feel the negative state softening and lightening up.

Test it out for yourself.

Very interestingly, research has shown that, even a forced smile sets about releasing more feel good neurotransmitters in our brain.

Break the Negative Thought Chain

When you even fake a smile, it interrupts those negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe you still have the same problems ahead, but in smiling you’ve changed your mindset to a more positive one. When you are in even a little more of a positive state, you can face your problems from a far more clear and calm approach, which helps in building confidence. Suddenly you start finding solutions or at least the problem doesn’t feel as bad.

Energy Shifter

When you’re feeling dohow to be happywn, it can be a real energy drainer. At this point, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious and just downright tired from worry about your problems or situation. However, when you fake a smile, your energy actually shifts. This will give you more positive energy to think through possible solutions to your issues at hand. And with a more clear, positive mindset, solutions are more easily able to come to mind.

Because staying stuck in a negative state only makes things worse, smile often, and move towards feeling happier in an instant… and also, smiling really is contagious 🙂

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