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Why Hate is Bad for Your Brain

Why Hate Is Bad For Your Brain

Hate is bad for your and hear is why

When you’ve watched the video or read the article check out the reason why our words are extremely powerful.

All police officers in the USA are racist

All muslims are either terrorists or sympathise with terrorism

All those that voted for the UK to leave the European Union are racist

All Polish people in the UK are taking the jobs of British people and should leave the country now

Now, I don’t even like saying those things even to illustrate a point, but they are

four separate statements… all focusing on one thing, dislike, hatred call it what you want.

When we single out a group of people and make general sweeping about the things that we perceive as bad about them, the things we dislike about them… the things that we HATE about them. We solidify belief and values in our brains. The more that we think in this way the stronger the neuro connections become in our brains that identify a group of people in this negative way.

Now, Broadly speaking our brains have 2 parts, our human brain… which we can refer to the intellectual brain. This part is responsible fort our learning, our complex thinking. It’s the part that makes us uniquely human and it’s the part that differentiates us from animal. It’s the reason why you don’t see dogs on mobile phones or horses driving cars… they simply don’t have the brain capacity that the ineffectual part of the brain gives us.

Now the other part is the primitive part. This part we do share with animals. It’s often referred to as the survival part of the brain. It’s main defences for survival are anger and anxiety and these 2 are very much linked.

Now when we talk about hatred, our dislike for a group of people, which part of our brain do you think is in control? Is it our complex, clever… intellectual brain… or is it our primitive… animal like anxious, angry brain. Of course, it’s our primitive part.

So when anyone has feelings of hatred for someone or a group of people it creates anger, but it naturally also creates fear and anxiety. Think of the term homo-phobia. A lot of people think the term is inaccurate… it’s actually bang on the money. Now if you have experiences stress and anxiety in your own life, you know that it isn’t good for you. Harbouring thoughts of hatred are building this anxiety and stress within you… and the more that you think like this the more that your neuropathways strengthen and grow in this area… and the more your hatred increases the more your anxiety increases.hate and hatred

And on top of this. Look out the window. Is that a fair reflection on what is there. Maybe. But try this I want you to focus on all of the things that are green… spend a few moment… take in all of the green stuff, make a mental note of it… now close your eyes….

Now with your eyes still closed think of all the things that you saw that were blue… without cheating… think of them now.

Now open your eyes and take a look. Was there anything there that is blue that you missed? Maybe you got some of the things, but not others.

And the reason for this is that you were not looking for what was blue. These things were always there, unless its something like a car that has just parked up. But you didn’t notice it. Your eyes take in millions of pieces of information every second. It is your brain that makes sense of it and provides it to you depending on your thoughts, your values and your previous experiences.

It is why you may see 50 wealthy looking people today, some holding the door for you, others letting you out at junctions, others smiling at you, and 1 that bumps into you, is obnoxious and doesn’t even apologise. And this reinforces your thoughts that all wealthy people are rude and obnoxious.

We make generalisations every day, it’s part of our human nature, but it isn’t necessary for these generalisations to be ones of hatred or dislike.

You can decide today from a selfish point of view to have less hatred as it will start to have a profound impact on bringing down your anxiety, your stress and your anger.

You can also decide today from a less selfish point of view that you will be more tolerant with your thoughts and views that will inevitably come out in your body language and your actions towards other prople, doing your bit for a more cohesive, welcoming and happy society.

Now… I’ll leave you with a story that CNN covered about 6 months ago that shows what I believe is the best of humanity and goes against EVERYTHING that the primitive, survival part of our brain would see as the right way… and shows what just what kind of love us as human beings are capable of… and if these guys can lay everything on the line… what small step could you take to make other peoples worlds… and yours… a better place.

If you want to develop more positivity and a better outlook on life, checkout my Positive Mental Attitude Hypnosis Download, it has a 100% money back guarantee. So have a listen and see the hugely beneficial impact that developing more positivity has on your life.

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