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Five Everyday Habits That Can Cause Anxiety


5 Everyday habits that are adding anxiety to your life

1: Drinking too much coffee

CoffeeDo you grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Another when you get to work? Maybe a third when you hit the 3pm slump?
Truth is, you could be consuming too much caffeine.
Caffeine is a stimulant. It actually stimulates your internal flight or fight response system. It creates similar feelings within your body, making you feel alert, focused but also increasing your heart rate and causing sweaty palms.
This mimics the reaction your body would have in a potentially frightening situation where your anxiety levels would be heightened.
However, when sat in a warm room, getting on with work, anxiety levels rising can be counter productive, causing you to worry about other issues.

2: Watching the news first thing in the morning.

Watching the news is a way we can keep up with current affairs, stories from around the world and local headlines. However, have you ever noticed how much negativity there is within news headlines?
Of course, i’m not saying, don’t ever watch the news again. However, maybe re think about putting it on the moment you wake up.
Instead, sit down later on in the day to keep up to date with current affairs.
Swap your news programme in the morning for a bit of gentle exercise, read a chapter of your book whilst eating your breakfast. Or take the time to be grateful for the day ahead and what you want to achieve that day. You’ll feel much more relaxed and in a positive state of mind to start your day.

3: Scrolling through social media.

Social MediaOur world now is connected through the internet on a hub of multiple social media platforms. This is how we now all communicate, gather information and socialise. However, there are studies now to suggest that social media scrolling can become an addiction.
Have you heard of the term ‘keeping up with the joneses?’
It used to be about who had the fanciest car or earn the most money, however, today, its more about who can get the most likes on a picture, who can check in at the best places and who can write the wittiest status. It’s the same concept but we are all playing the game differently now.
This window into other peoples lives can often leave us feel bitter and ungrateful about our own life.
We then may start to feel anxious that we haven’t achieved our goals, visited enough countries, or aren’t content with out lives.
This is a risky way of thinking and we must therefore detach ourselves from the source.
Remember online interactions do not make up for social interaction.
Turn off your social media accounts for one week and make some plans with friends or relatives. Live and experience the moment and do not het tempted to look online.
Let me know how you get on with the experiment.

4: Not getting enough exercise

According to a study on human behaviour, we spend an average of 14 hours a day sitting down.
The same study found that an adult will spend less that 50 minutes a week doing exercise. Far less than the government recommended 30 minutes a day.
There is a link between doing physical exercise and enjoying positive mental well being, therefore the importance of being active should not be underestimated.
Try and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Try some yoga first thing in the morning. If the weather is good perhaps walk to work. Or use your lunch break to get outside and walk or jog.
If you enjoy dancing, why not join a dance class once a week, take a running with a running club, try speeding up the housework so you break a sweat!

5: Over analysing everything

Stop WorryingOverthinking and anxiety can be horrible partners in crime. The can lock each other in a vicious circle of stress inducing thoughts. The more you overthink situations, the more anxious you become. The more anxious you become, the more you overthink everything.
Breaking the cycle can be hard, but it can be done!
Start by putting every thought you have into a wider perspective. Will your current way of thinking still be affecting your life in five years time? Maybe even 5 days time? Let go of the thoughts that haunt you unnecessarily.
Realise that you can not control everything in your life. You must relax and let go of the negative thought process attached to trying to be in control 24/7.
Mary Schmich famously said, “Worrying is as affective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.”


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