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Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips for Anxiety Management

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Manage your Anxiety

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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. According to, approximately 1/5 of adults suffer from anxiety or depression. And that’s just in the UK.

Feeling overwhelmed is the result of having too much to do and/or not knowing where to even begin to make some progress. Not surprisingly, the anxiety caused by consistently feeling overwhelmed is not good for your physical or mental health.

I’m going to give you some tips as featured on the website that can help you keep the feelings of overwhelm in check.


Distract your Mind

When feeling stressed or anxious because you are feeling overwhelmed, an immediate fix is to find a distraction.

Finding something else to concentrate on gives your mind time to focus on something other than feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. By giving your mind a chance to direct attention to something more positive, the overwhelming feelings soften a bit and help you calm down.

Once you are calmed down, take the opportunity to ask yourself some questions. Why am I feeling overwhelmed? What one thing can I do to make even a tiny bit of progress?

Once you start focusing on a solution or something that will make you feel better, you can move to a more productive and less stressful state.

happy distracted

Walk it Off

Giving yourself even a few minutes to get up and walk really does wonders to calm and clear the mind. This is exactly what you need in the midst of feeling overwhelmed.

Walk away from whatever it is. Take a break and get the blood circulating. Take yourself away from the situation to put some distance between the energy draining feeling of overwhelm.

If you get the chance to go outdoors, walking allows the opportunity to put yourself into more pleasant surroundings with lush greenery or singing birds.

walking to stop anxiety

Just Breathe

Feeling overwhelmed can put your mind and body into stress mode very quickly.

When that happens, you may notice your breathing changes, too. Your breathing can become shallow and you may start to hyperventilate, which feels like you’re not able to get enough air. Then you start to panic, and the cycle goes from bad to worse.

Other physical symptoms may follow such as nausea, chest pains or feeling lightheaded or faint.

When you’ve reached this point, it’s time focus completely on breathing. Take very slow, deep, controlled breaths to bring yourself back into a calm state. Practice focused controlled breathing exercises whenever you feel overwhelmed.

reduce anxiety with breathing


If you are feeling overwhelmed, it can feel like your mind is completely shutting down. You become unable to focus on or accomplish anything, while your mind is racing in different directions.

Your mind is not wired to operate efficiently by multi-tasking or having information overload. The mind prefers order…focusing on and completing one task at a time.

To get all the many thoughts out of your mind, put them down on paper by journaling. Journaling allows you to get those thoughts written down so you don’t have to try to remember or deal with everything. It’s a great stress reliever.

Journaling can help clear your mind so more organized, positive thoughts can come in.

writing to reduce anxiety

Get Moving

In addition to getting up and walking away from an overwhelming situation, get your body moving with other forms of exercise. Jogging, yoga or riding a bike are all good options.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. By getting the blood pumping and working out your muscles, the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety are reduced.

Exercise also sends more oxygen to your brain, which helps trade the overwhelming thoughts for more peaceful ones.

Don’t let feelings of overwhelm take over mentally and/or physically. Use these helpful tips from to reduce your anxiety and stress.

Remember that once your mind is calmed down, you are in a better position to take the necessary steps to tackle the source of overwhelm.

exercise for anxiety

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