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Easing Anxiety Symptoms Without Drugs

easing anxiety symptoms

Anxiety: A Very Common Problem

Anxiety is a very common problem in our modern world. Worldwide, an estimated 1 out of every 13 people suffers from anxiety. In its mildest form, anxiety can make it hard for you to relax in Anxiety isolationsocial situations or function at your best at work. At worst, anxiety can be debilitating, robbing people of their quality of life.

Today, a number of medications are available for easing anxiety symptoms without drugs. Unfortunately, many of these drugs are problematic. Some have a sedative effect that makes it hard for users to work and complete their daily activities, and others cause unwanted side effects that can interfere with life and be every bit as disruptive as anxiety itself.

Because of the problems associated with anti-anxiety drugs, many people today are searching for alternative methods of dealing with anxiety. Hypnosis is increasingly being recommended by doctors to patients faced with anxiety symptoms. Because hypnosis acts on the subconscious mind, it is often able to alleviate the fears and worries that reside too deep in the mind to be reachable through conventional therapies.

The positive effects of hypnosis for anxiety sufferers have been validated by a number of studies. One of particular interest was performed back in 1999 and involved 20 people who were suffering from both physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety. Half of these patients were taught to use relaxation techniques to ease their anxiety symptoms, while the other half were given hypnotherapy treatment. After 28 days, the study participants who had undergone hypnosis had fewer mental and physical anxiety symptoms and were found to feel more positive and optimistic about the success of treatment.

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy for Easing Anxiety?

Well, simply put–hypnosis is a way that you can address the symptoms of anxiety at home. Self hypnosis is a self help method that allows you to reap the benefits of hypnotherapy without having to meet with a professional hypnotherapist in an office or online. With self hypnosis, you can easily fit hypnotherapy into your daily life.

Hypnotherapist Mark Bowden is an expert in hypnosis for anxiety. He has developed a number of self help hypnosis programmes for people dealing with specific types of anxiety problems. All of Mark’s hypnosis downloads include day and night audio recordings that take only 30 minutes to listen to. Users choose just one session to listen to per day. With the self hypnosis programmes, anxiety symptoms can diminish over time. Mark offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on his programmes, allowing people with anxiety to try them risk free.

With the hypnosis downloads and audio CDs available from Mark Bowden, you can choose a programme that best matches your specific needs. His catalog includes hypnosis for dealing with anxiety at work, alleviating social anxiety and overcoming general anxiety and panic attacks. For more information or answers to your questions, contact Mark Bowden today.

If Anxiety is Causing You Harming or Suicidal Thoughts

Whilst Mark’s hypnosis downloads can be wonderful for helping to change anxious thoughts and behaviour, anxiety can be a very gripping problem that in more extreme conditions can cause more destructive thinking such as suicidal thoughts. If you have any thoughts that could cause harm to your self or others it is extremely important that you seek help/advice from your doctor.

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