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Does Hypnotherapy Work For Everyone?

does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

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The (potential) Power of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a proven method of positively changing thinking and behaviour that today is being used as a complementary or alternative intervention for an array of medical concerns, mental health issues and self improvement goals.

Many people who are curious about hypnosis wonder if it really works, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to verify that hypnotherapy does have real benefits hypnotherapyfor the body and the mind. The American and British Medical Associations have even endorsed it due to the research that backs up its benefits.

Although hypnotherapy is generally effective, it’s important to understand that not everyone will end up benefitting from hypnotherapy and there are three main reasons why this can occur:


  1. The Person Doesn’t Want to Be Hypnotised. A hypnotherapist cannot hypnotise a person against his or her will. If a person truly does not wish to be hypnotised, the therapy will be unsuccessful regardless of what techniques the hypnotherapist uses. This means that you can’t goad a loved one into trying hypnosis and expect it to work. For treatment to be successful, they have to have a true desire to be hypnotised.In my practice I have had people come to me to give up smoking when it is their partner who has insisted they come to see me. Whilst my stop smoking hypnosis has a very high success rate it is very reliant on the willingness and desire of the person wanting to stop smoking. In any of these cases, if there is a reluctance to give up I will always explain the hypnosis is unlikely to be a good fit for them right now.
  1. The Person Does Not Have the Ability to Concentrate. You cannot be hypnotised if you’re unable to concentrate on the words of the hypnotherapist. Children are the perfect subjects to benefit from hypnosis in many ways. They are at a time in their life when new neuro connections are occurring in the brain at a rate higher than at almost any time during their lives. However, one of the hurdles for the hypnotherapist to overcome in order to start making wonderful and positive changes is helping the child to concentrate. People with mental disabilities, attention deficit disorder, severe dementia, head injuries and other brain hypnosisproblems that interfere with concentration may not be able to benefit from hypnosis.
  1. The Person Has a Different Brain Makeup. This last category is something that is currently being investigated by research teams at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, so it is not yet fully understood. A research team led by physician David Speigel has uncovered evidence to suggest that a small percent of people in the world cannot be hypnotised due to differences in their brain that do not cause cognitive impairments or other symptoms.It used to be that people who fell into this category of those unable to be hypnotised were thought to be strong willed or to have stubborn personalities, but the work of the Stanford research team has disproved this theory as their study participants who lacked the ability to be hypnotised shared no universally common personality trait.What the people did have in common was features on MRI scans. Based on the scans, it seems that people who cannot be hypnotised or who are very difficult to hypnotise lack a strong connection between small regions in the fronts and backs of their brains. By contrast, people were very easy to hypnotise who had a very strong connection between these two regions. The Stanford team is still working to determine why this connection helps make hypnosis possible, but based on their work, it can be concluded that a small segment of the population lacks the neural wiring necessary to be hypnotised.

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