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Dealing with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

For some people, the thoughtPositive Thinking of interacting at even the most casual of sociable event causes social anxiety and panic to overwhelm them. They feel like they don’t belong, and the fear of what ‘might be’ becomes too much.

What should be a nice evening becomes a source of intense emotion that ruins the event before it even begins.

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Easing Social Anxiety and Fears

If you struggle with panic or fear in the face of social situations, it will help to first identify the source of these fears and learn to overcome them. Based on the tips from Succeed Socially, I’ll be sharing some of the ways you can identify and work on your fears so you can become more comfortable with any type of social situation and beat your social anxiety.

Motivation for Change

If you know that socialSocial Anxietyising creates a deep feeling of fear and anxiety, you need to be able to move out of your comfort zone.

What is your motivation for wanting to feel better in social situations?  Are you willing to identify what is causing your paralysing fear?  You need to understand that there will be a lot of work to be done that will require you to feel vulnerable and awkward. Are you willing to accept this and do the work?

Discover your Inner-Talk

Before you can conquer your fears, a little soul-searching is in order.  Listen to the voice inside your head and what you believe about yourself.

Social AnxietyIf you are having negative conversations with yourself, it will play a big part in your self-confidence in social situations and compound your social anxiety. For example, if you believe that you are a “loser” or an unattractive person; those beliefs will have a dramatic impact on how you interact in and feel about any social situation.

Make a note of the comments you tell and believe about yourself. If these are negative comments, you’ll have to work on turning them around to be positive.

Also, just feeling anxious or nervous is enough to make you avoid social outings. These feelings are generally not viewed as positive so it’s easy to want to avoid them.  However, a little bit of nervousness or “butterflies in the stomach” feelings can be re-framed as excitement vs. complete social anxiety.

Once you can make the connection between your negative thoughts and how they relate to social situations, it will be easier to take action to make things less stressful.

Rehearsing Social Situations

Take some time to think about different social situations and how they make you anxious. Do you feel uncomfortable interacting in smaller groups, or do larger, crowded events make you nervous?  Go through a list of all the different social scenarios and how they make you feel and why.

Once you can identify the triggers for anxiety, you can rehearse or practice how you might behave differently. It image of self confidence hypnosismight help you to come up with a script and then rehearse your lines so you can feel more comfortable. How would you like to behave?

Now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to rehearse each and every social scenario; however, feeling more prepared will help curb those feelings of fear and anxiety, leaving you feeling better about getting out there and socialising.

Remember that it doesn’t have to send you into panic mode and, with practice, you will feel more at ease and able to relax.

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