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Self Hypnosis – (5 Steps to getting the most out of your audio session)

If you listen to my self hypnosis downloads or anyone else’s wouldn’t it be great to maximise all the goodness that you can get from the session?

Listening to self hypnosis is a wonderful way to get so much more from life, but what I’m going to give you today is 5 simple steps to do, before you start listening to the session. This will put your mind and your body in the perfect state for getting the most out of it.

If you listen without doing the following steps you will still get a great deal out of your hypnosis session. However, if you take these steps first you will get your mind, brain and body into the perfect state to maximise its positive impact.

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Positive Mental Attitude

Step One – Tame the primitive Brain.

When you first settle down to listen to your self hypnosis, this can be the most difficult time. If you haven’t had a good day or you’ve got things on your mind it can be difficult to get the most out of your session.


When you’ve had the stresses or the dramas of the day the primitive part of your brain can be engaged. This can present in a number of different ways. Some of these ways can include feeling irritable or you might have racing thoughts. You might be experiencing something else that is equally negative.image of someone looking to the future positives

When we are feeling stressed or anxious self hypnosis is a great way to get over this. However, if you can give yourself a kick start or a helping hand this will be even more effective from the very beginning.

What we need to do is to try engage the more productive part of the brain as much as possible from the very start of the hypnosis session. Even before you start listening to the audio session.

When you engage the intellectual brain from the very beginning of your self hypnosis session you start in a great place place and you’ll get a lot more benefit from it.

Indeed, when I work one to one with clients we have done some brilliant work before we get to the hypnosis part. My client is firmly in the intellectual part of the brain and feeling good.

Why is this good?:

Because they are primed and ready to take on and absorb the positive suggestions that are for their benefit.

The way that you can ensure that this happens when you are on your own is to simply focus your thoughts on positive things.

Of course you’re going to have days when you don’t feel good. Day’s where you’re not having the best of times. If this is how you are feeling, change your focus. Focus on something that you’re grateful for. Or focus on something that is going well in your life.

You haven’t got to spend a great deal of time doing this. Just allow your mind and your thought processes to become focused on this good thought to engage your intellectual brain.

It is something that only takes a few seconds to do but will leverage the positives from your self hypnosis session.

Step 2 – Trust in the self hypnosis process

Hypnosis is a researched and proven way to make wonderful improvements in your life. However, it isn’t mind control. Contrary to what entertainers would have you believe. You have to allow the process to happen.

If you go into anything and think ‘I doubt this will work’ or ‘this is bound to be pointless’, then you are priming yourself to put up barriers and resistance.

It would be like going on a training course and putting your headphones in as the instructor is teaching the class. Needless to say this approach to your self hypnosis is going to hinder you at best.

If you can allow yourself to believe and trust in the process you won’t be putting up barriers to the process.

I’m not asking you to believe in fairy dust:

Self hypnosis is not fluffy, their are countless studies that demonstrate it’s effectiveness. So it isn’t like you are asking yourself to belief in fairy dust.

So trust in hypnosis and and let it take you and your mind on a wonderfully relaxing journey. You’ll get even more out of it when you do.

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Step 3 – Think of a small improvement that you would like to make over the coming days or weeks.

This one is optional. If you’re listening to the session to simply relax then you can pass on this. However, if you’re listening to improve something. Maybe more confidence, improvement in a sport, to overcome anxiety. Then it is valuable to think of one thing that you would like to improve upon. You don’t need to have the answer of how you are going to do this. Simply have it in your mind just before you immerse yourself in the session.

Your amazing brain:

Your amazing brain is extremely resourceful and when you are in their wonderful state of hypnosis your brain can work on the seeds that you are planting without you even being consciously aware of it.

My personal favourite:

This is a personal favourite of mine. I like to always think of an improvement or something I would like assistance with before I begin my meditation. There is noting mystical about this. The power of the subconscious part of your brain is amazing and this can then help you to find solutions.

This subconscious part of your thinking will work in the background. It will be busily working away whilst you are simply listening to the self hypnosis session.picture of self hypnosis meditation

Have you ever had an idea that came out of nowhere? A spark of genius or a solution to a problem? This will be that amazing part of your brain and it’s great ability to find solutions and help you.

Step 4 – Immerse yourself in the self hypnosis

There are obvious things that you can do such as making sure that you are comfortable. Making sure that you aren’t going to be disturbed by friends, family or your mobile phone.

I don’t think I need to go into how to do these. Once these are all in place now you are ready to immerse yourself in the session.

Of course there are going to be times where your conscious mind drifts off or you fall asleep. However, at least at the beginning of the process really immerse yourself in the directions of the voice.

Even if you do fall asleep there is no problem with this and you will still be getting some wonderful and positive results from your self hypnosis session. See my article on will self hypnosis still be effective if you fall asleep?

Listen to what is being said and follow the voice for as long as you can. This will ensure that you are completely immersed in the session.

picture of someone listening to self hypnosis downloads

Step 5 – Don’t worry

Am I doing it right? Nothing seems to be happening. I fell asleep, will it still help? I can’t stop my mind from thinking about other things.

Even the mere fact that your sitting or lying comfortably with the meditation playing will be having a benefit. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect. When you are worrying about these things, you start letting in the primitive brain again (see step 1) and this will hinder you.

Once you put all of these steps in place just do your best to relax and immerse yourself. To begin with you might find this difficult. However, like with anything it takes practise to get better. You might also have had a particularly difficult day and be finding it hard to tame that primitive brain.  Just accept this and do your best as your best is the perfect way to listen. second guessing or worrying that you aren’t getting it right is only going to be a hinderance!

So get yourself comfortable. Follow these steps and start to make those positive changes!

Make self hypnosis a regular part of your daily routine!

If you are looking at performing self hypnosis without the guide of my voice here is a great guide from wikihow

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Self Hypnosis Downloads From Mark Bowden

Self Hypnosis Downloads to improve your life

Mark Bowden is one of the leading hypnotherapists in the field and his self hypnosis downloads have improved the lives of 1000’s of people across the world to improve their lives and live their life to the fullest. He is a best selling author and the producer of the first inflight Hypnotherapy channel. This was produced in partnership with British Airways and has seen his self hypnosis downloads reach up to 13 million people around the globe each year. Mark has helped many people personally including celebrities, CEO’s of large companies, professional athletes and premier league footballers. His practice is now on the prestigious Harley Street area of London.

As Mark often says to his client, this is not there to impress you, just to let you know that you are in good hands with his products and services. And as Mark Bowden also says “hypnosis and hypnotherapy are the best changer of human behaviour and circumstance that I have ever come across!”

Mark is always looking to improve and update his list of available sessions and is dedicated to assisting people to lead fulfilling and happy lives that take their enjoyment of life to a whole new level.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Anxiety and Depression

Click here to see all of Mark’s self hypnosis downloads for anxiety and depression.

When it comes down to the issues that we suffer in life, there are very few that cannot be put down to anxiety and/or depression. Even those that you think have nothing to do with anxiety or depression are most certainly made worse with these issues.

The really great news is that both anxiety and depression, as well as other related issues such as stress can be vastly improved by utilising the listening of my self hypnosis downloads as part of your daily routine.

Just some of the sessions that Mark offers are listed below. Check back regularly as Mark is always adding new sessions to help take your life forward.

Overcome Depression
Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Overcome Social Anxiety
Overcome Postnatal Depression
Stress Relief
Overcome Anger Issues
Stress Relief Triple Impact (This is a premium version of the Stress Relief Session)
Anxiety Relief – This is a recently released session
Overcome Anxiety at work – This is also a recently released session.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Your Business and Your Career

This is an area that I will be adding to substantially as I move forward. Many entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals have approached me and asked me to produce different self hypnosis downloads to assist them. There are certainly titles in other categories that will assist, however I have taken this on board and will be producing more sessions in this self hypnosis range very soon.

When it comes to this area I would like you to remember that everything that I do is based upon science and evidence. People will no doubt question titles such as ‘More business opportunities’ and ‘more career opportunities’. However, there is nothing magical about this. The sessions are their to condition you to make opportunities happen, to identify solutions and a whole host of other things. All of my sessions are very solution focused and not reliant and just positive thinking (although positive thinking is an excellent thing to do). Remember Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!

The self hypnosis sessions ready for download now are:

More Business Opportunities
Revision and Exam Success
Become a Natural Leader
Be More Assertive
Overcome Exam Nerves

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Confidence and Self Esteem

Improving confidence and self esteem is a perfect fit for my self hypnosis downloads. One of the real big factors that the sessions help you with is to condition your thinking. By conditioning your thinking, you then condition your behaviour. Then when you’ve conditioned your thinking AND your behaviour you’ll start making long lasting changes and physiological differences to your amazing brain!

Since confidence and self esteem are so dependant on your thoughts and your behaviour my self hypnosis downloads in this particular category are extremely impactive! The self hypnosis sessions ready for down load under confidence and self esteem are:

Increase Self Confidence
Overcome Low Self Esteem
Stop Self Blame
Stop Thinking the Worst
Be More Charismatic
Overcome Insecurity
Overcome Fear of Being Judged
Feel Better About Yourself

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Fears and Phobias

Again, this area of my self hypnosis downloads could be a lot more substantial than it is. I am regularly being asked to produce all kinds of self hypnosis sessions for phobias. Spiders, heights and flying are perhaps the three most often requested audio sessions. I will be looking to add to these very soon also.

When listening to these sessions it is worth remembering (as with all of my self hypnosis audios) that it is important to listen often and regularly. sBy doing this you  condition your thinking. By conditioning your thinking, you then condition your behaviour and as this continues we can see some brilliant improvements.

Currently the list of self hypnosis downloads for fears and phobias is as follows:

Overcome Your Fear of Driving
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Groups

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Your Financial Life

Again, it is worth reiterating here that everything that I do is based upon science and evidence. I am very much aware of things like the law of attraction and cosmic ordering. I do, however believe that we can put much of this down to the science of how the brain works. When we focus positively on what we want, we condition ourselves to be motivated to go out and get it. We also are more likely to see opportunities as the occipital lobe (part of our brain at the rear of our head), focuses your attention on what you are looking to achieve. As I have said before, luck is where preparation meets opportunity. By conditioning ourselves to be prepared in the right ways and focus on the right thing we are optimising our potential for great things to happen.

Take a look at the following self hypnosis downloads in the category of Finance:

Help with Getting out of Debt
Millionaire Mindset

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Habits and Addictions

This is another of my self hypnosis categories that I am always being asked to produce more titles for. Do not worry, more will be on their way soon! It is also another area which lends itself brilliantly to the strengths of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis! Conditioning your thoughts and behaviours to a new and improved way of thinking!

Give up Alcohol
Stop Smoking

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Pain Management

Pain is often there for a reason. It is to warn us of something that we need to know about. To stop you from injuring it even more and to get you to address the problem. Because of this you should always check with your doctor that the pain is no longer required. What happens when we are experiencing pain long term is that the connections in the brain become so strong that they continue sending the pain message long after the usefulness of the pain has gone.

These self hypnosis downloads for pain management will provide relief initially from the pain but will also start to assist you in weakening the neuro-connections of pain that are no longer required.

The hypnosis downloads available to assist with pain management are:

Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Ease Period Pain
Relief from Arthritis
Relief From Lower Back Pain
Chronic Pain Relief
Improve Your Posture 

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Personal Development

My self hypnosis downloads for personal development are a personal favourite of mine. As many people know I practice exactly what I preach and I try to make time everyday to listen to one of my self hypnosis audio sessions. More often than not I chose one from the following list and I always notice the difference when I do! Just as many of my clients both on and off line are looking to develop themselves. I am too!

The self hypnosis sessions under the category of personal development are the following:

Achieve Your Goals
Be More Assertive
Believe in Yourself
Creative Thinking
End Procrastination
Improve Your Concentration
Improve Your Memory
Increase Your Energy
Increasing Your Productivity
Overcome Shyness
Positive Thinking

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are an area where our brains and our thinking can either help us or massively hinder us. If we can start to focus more on things such as your strengths, your confidence and your self esteem in these areas and at the same time reducing your anxieties and your hang ups we can have a huge impact on helping you to enjoy fantastic relationships. More audio sessions will be produced in this category soon. If you have any thought on sessions that you’d like to see here please do not hesitate in dropping me a message through the contacts page.

Take a look at the following self hypnosis sessions that I offer in the are of relationships:

Confident Dating
Moving on from a Past Relationship
Overcome Jealousy

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Relaxation

Ready for some serious relaxation for your mind? When we want to relax and unwind we often reach for the bottle of red wine. Sometimes we might treat ourselves to a spa break. maybe even a massage to untangle those muscular knots. A relaxing massage for your body is a wonderful experience to relax. What about a relaxing massage for your mind? This is how I like to refer to these sessions. It’s like a vacation for your mind, a mental massage that helps you recharge your batteries and get you back to being YOU again. These sessions are amongst my personal favourites. I often find myself returning to these as part of my daily routine.

The self hypnosis downloads in the relaxation category are:

Guided Relaxation
Beach Vacation Relaxation
Mindfulness Meditation
Beach vacation (short 10 min version) – This is a free session and I highly recommend that you try it out for yourself.

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sexual Issues

Whilst sexual issues can be to do with physical issues it is usually your mind that is holding you back. You should, however always check with your doctor that there is not a physical reason why you are experiencing an issue. Our most powerful sexual organ is our brain. It can be the reason why everything is brilliant or everything is terrible sexually. These sessions help you to condition your brain so it is working for you rather than against you. Improving your sex life rather than inhibiting your sex life.

Once we can start conditioning your thoughts and subsequently your natural responses in a positive way we can get you firing on all cylinders once again!

The self hypnosis downloads that I offer in the category for sexual issues are the following:

Increase Libido For Woman
Increase Libido For Men
Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety For Men
Stronger and Harder Erections
Awaken Female Sexual Energy
Overcome Premature Ejaculation
Female Sexual Enjoyment

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sleep

I currently only offer one self hypnosis download to assist with sleeping better. However this session has been one of my all time best sellers. It has helped many 1000’s of people across the world get a better night’s sleep. So if you are suffering from the effects of sleeping badly make sure that you check it out

Say Goodnight to Insomnia

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Sports and Exercise

This is an area that I have become more and more involved with. I have worked with professional athletes in a variety of areas and now spend the majority of my time working with professional footballers. I have also published a best selling book which you will be able to find if you search Amazon. the book is titled: Use Your Game, raise Your Game: The Professional Footballers Guide To Peak Performance.

The psychological aspect of sports and exercise is becoming more and more recognised and it is an area that I am particularly passionate about. I also have another website that is particularly focused on this area that you may wish to check out https://TopForm.Global

The self hypnosis downloads that I currently offer in this category are:

Exercise Motivation
Running Mindset
Better Golf
Improve Football (soccer) Skills
Intense Workout Motivation
Increase Muscle Growth

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Weight Loss

Weight loss is another area that my self hypnosis downloads are particularly suited to. Our brains are one of the most wonderful and powerful objects in the known universe. When we can condition ourselves to be healthier in our diets and be more physically active we can make great improvements to our waistline. Other factors such as feeling bad about your weight or the amount of fat that you are carrying can also cause you to actually reach for unhealthy options. Contrary to belief, feeling happier about your current weight but wanting to improve upon it is far more helpful than beating yourself up about your weight and trying to improve your fat loss.

Again, like with most things it is down to the way that our brains operate. When we feel down and unhappy we instantly want to feel better. Which is why the draw of high calorie foods or sitting around doing nothing becomes more and more powerful. These sessions will help you to feel better about yourself as you are now as well as incorporating improvements to help you towards your weight loss goals and objectives!

The self hypnosis downloads that I currently offer in the weight loss category are:

Effective Weight Loss
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Stop Sugar Cravings
Stop Binge Eating
Stop Chocolate Cravings
Mindful Eating

Self Hypnosis Downloads for Well Being

Another one of my personal favourite categories. Who doesn’t want a more positivity, happiness and wellbeing in their lives! These self hypnosis sessions are great for conditioning you to naturally feel better and have a great feeling about life in general!

Here are the sessions that I offer in this category:

Increase Your Happiness
Positive Mental Attitude

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Self Hypnosis for Anxiety – Find Out How It Can Help You

does hypnosis work for anxiety

If you want to skip down to the self hypnosis for anxiety techniques, these are towards the end of the article. However, I highly recommend that you read all of this article as I am sure that it will help you with your anxiety and assist you in overcoming your anxiety. It will also give you some valuable information about self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Also, click the following link if you would like to check out my guided self hypnosis.

Why you should listen to Mark Bowden when it comes to self hypnosis and anxiety.

Before I get into all the information you need to know about self hypnosis for anxiety, I want to tell you why you should listen to me. Not to boast, but because with all of the information on the mark bowden from mark bowden hypnotherapyinternet it is hard to know who is credible, who isn’t and who is – quite frankly – making things up!

I’m a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who practices in Plymouth, Uk and I will soon be taking my place at a new practice in Harley Street, London. I’m the producer of the first inflight hypnotherapy channel, which I produced in partnership with British Airways and I am soon to be a published author when my book hits the shelves next month. The book is around sporting performance and the brain. A lot of the book is around the anxiety response in athletes


that causes their performances to dip and includes a lot of hypnosis techniques to reduce anxiety and improve performance.

One of my main areas of expertise is hypnotherapy for anxiety and, thanks to the power of the internet, I see clients from all over the world, from celebrities and professional athletes to housewives and househusbands.

Now we’ve got past the formalities, I hope you will see that I know what I’m talking about. So let’s look at self hypnosis for anxiety and can hypnosis really cure anxiety?


Can hypnotherapy cure anxiety?

This is a question that I am often asked. Whilst anxiety and depression are often talked about as a mental illness, they aren’t the same as a conventional illness. If you had the flu or a disease you would want a cure. If you were bitten by a poisonous snake, you would want a cure (anti venom most likely!)

hypnosis to cure anxiety


The difference between the flu, poison and anxiety is that the first two are not needed by us to survive. In fact they cause issues in our survival process. Anxiety, on the other hand is not just required for our survival, it is the exact function that anxiety is there for… to help you survive.

It might not seem like it’s helping you but the one reason for the anxiety response is to keep you alive. The responses is getting you ready to fight or run away from danger. Elevated heart rate, tense muscles, faster breathing. Even if these feelings are intensely uncomfortable, they are there to help you. To assist in your survival.

So can hypnotherapy cure anxiety? No. Does hypnotherapy and any other form of therapy want to cure anxiety. I hope not and it could not even if it wanted to. The human drive and necessity for survival is only rivaled by the need to continue the species.

However. Let’s ask a different question. Can hypnosis help anxiety? Absolutely! Now let’s talk!

How effective is hypnotherapy for anxiety?

There are a number of reasons why I specialise my hypnotherapy practice around anxiety and related issues. Firstly, I know from personal experience just how debilitating anxiety can be on our lives. It’s uncomfortable, sometimes excruciating uncomfortable! It can literally ruin lives and stop people from getting any enjoyment out of life. Even on a minor scale anxiety will stop people from living the fulfilling and enjoyable lives that they should be living.

But just because anxiety is a big problem, that alone has not been the deciding reason for my focus upon helping people to overcome anxiety. The single biggest reason is that I have found that hypnotherapy is the very best tool that I have ever come across to helping people overcome problematic anxiety.

You can see that hypnosis is becoming even more accepted as a form of helping deal with anxiety. Here is a link to the NHS page where they talk about it’s benefits.


Why hypnosis for anxiety is so effective

What causes the anxiety response?

When it comes to why hypnosis for anxiety is so effective we first need to look at what anxiety is and what causes anxiety.

Anxiety is a psychological in it’s origin but manifests itself physically. What I mean by this is that anxiety begins in your head but soon after you’ll start feeling the physical effects of it.will hypnotherapy help anxiety

What many people do not realise about the cause of anxiety is that it’s quite simple. Anxiety is caused by negative thinking. In general, people think anxiety is caused by certain situations. Whilst it might be true that you experience anxiety in certain situations it is not the event itself that causes anxiety.

If it was the event itself, then everyone who went to a meeting would have an anxiety attack. Everyone who drove a car would have an anxiety attack. Everyone who had to introduce themselves in a crowded room would have an anxiety attack. Whilst we know that these events can cause anxiety in some people, we also know that there are also people who do not experience anxiety in these situations. Therefore we know that it is our thinking around the event that causes the anxiety.

It is our own perception of the situation that causes this anxiety to take hold.

How we can start to overcome anxiety

The obvious solution to this is to think the opposite of negative thinking and to always think positively to overcome anxiety. However, prefer the term, solution focused thinking. Postice thinking is too hopeful. It enables wishful thinking that takes the onus off of the person suffering with anxiety.

We need to start looking at EVERYTHING that we do from a solution focused point of view. How can I improve? How do I best deal with this situation? By thinking in this way we start to reduce the impact of anxiety.

It is very simple.

However, do not mistake ‘very simple’, with ‘very easy’. Because it isn’t.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you are most likely an over thinker. You’re likely see the worst case scenario in many things that you do. I don’t want you beating yourself up over this, but this is making your anxiety worse and worse.

How self hypnosis helps with anxiety

So we need to change our thinking. The problem is that this negative way of seeing everything is engrained. It is a habit, and as a habit you do it effortlessly and without even thinking about it.

hypnotherapy for stress and anxietyWhat we need to do is condition your automatic thinking to be ones of solution focused thoughts, rather than negative thoughts.

This is where self hypnosis for anxiety and hypnotherapy for anxiety in general come into their own.

Forget what you’ve seen in stage hypnosis or hypnosis for entertainment purposes. Nothing could be further from mind control and being like a zombie. The best way I can describe hypnotherapy and self hypnosis is focused and relaxed thinking.

Although this does not sound particularly powerful, thinking is what has enabled humankind to be the most dominant species on the planet. To produce the most powerful computers, the size of your palm and to put a person in outer space. This is when thinking is excelling. It is also the reason why people suffer from panic attacks and acute anxiety. The two ends of the spectrum of the most powerful ability that we have.

The way that self hypnosis and hypnotherapy work is by helping to condition you to thinking better. To think more effectively. It is like driving a car. To begin with, as this is a new way of thinking, it is hard to do. However, the hardest part is always the beginning and it gets easier and easier as you acquire this new and helpful way of thinking. As you acquire it as a habit.

Self hypnosis brings the power of habit to overcome anxiety

As Aristotle once said. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

As you repeatedly use self hypnosis you repeatedly think in this solution focused way. Soon it comes naturally, it becomes a natural part of who you are. As you become conditioned to thinking in this way you become better and better at dealing with issues that once would cause you anxiety.

The other benefit with self hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that regularly being in this deeply relaxed state desensitises the part of your brain called the amygdala.

You can think of the amygdala as being the alarm system in your brain. If the alarm system (amygdala) is triggered, we enter into the fight or flight mode (the anxiety response). As this happens more and more often, the amygdala becomes more and more sensitive. As it becomes more sensitive the triggers that cause you to feel more anxiety and think more negatively increase. So relaxation and subsequently desensitising your amygdala will have a very positive influence on reducing your anxiety. Another great reason to use self hypnosis and hypnotherapy!

Self Hypnosis

When it comes to self hypnosis for anxiety you have two options. Firstly you can do the purist method. This takes a lot of practice and I have outlined the technique below to get you started. The other technique that I highly recommend is to use a guided self hypnosis for anxiety. That is when you listen to an audio in the comfort of your own home. You then allow the guiding voice to help you focus on what you need to focus on tho help with the anxiety.

My self hypnosis download for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks will help to guide you to overcoming anxiety. You can click this link to see my self hypnosis download for anxiety.


Self hypnosis techniques

So now you know about the benefits of self hypnosis for anxiety. What if you want to perform self hypnosis yourself? How do you do it? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered and here is a simple and effective way of performing self hypnosis on your own.

Step 1:

Ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and you aren’t too hot or too cold. You need to be able to relax!

Step 2:

Sit or lie down on a bed ore couch and make yourself comfortable. I prefer to sit as it’s very easy to fall asleep when you are hypnotising yourself. This isn’t such a problem when you listen to guided self hypnosis as the voice will still be playing. However in this situation, sleep means you aren’t going to be concentrating on overcoming the anxiety.

hypnosis for stress

Step 3:

Try to ensure you aren’t going to be disturbed for the next twenty or thirty minutes. So, turn off your phone and let people know you aren’t to be disturbed!

Step 4:

Decide what you are going to focus upon. For the purposes of overcoming anxiety you may wish to focus on what is going well in your life. Maybe focusing on what you are grateful for. You may even wish to focus on some of the things that cause you to experience anxiety and imagine yourself dealing brilliantly with the situation.

Remember, we want all of the experience to be positive. Always focusing on good things and solutions.

Step 5

Close your eyes and focus on thoughts of wellbeing. Maybe even focus on the feeling right now of a certain body part. This is a technique used in mindfulness and helps to reduce stress and anxiety, so that you can instantly start the process of relaxation.

You may also wish to count backwards in your mind. Focusing all of your attention on the numbers as you count slowly and rhythmically.

Step 6

Concentrate your attention on your breathing:. Slow, controlled and deep. As you inhale, imagine breathing in relaxation for your whole body, as you breathe out, imagine  you are breathing out any tension or anxiety.

Step 7

Spend some time doing these techniques to deeply relax you. When you are feeling nicely relaxed, I want you to concentrate on what you decided upon in Step Four. Spend as much time as you can in this state of mind.

Focusing on the  positives. Remember, just because your eyes are closed and you are sitting or lying down, it doesn’t mean that this process isn’t taxing. It’s a wonderful state to be in and great for making positive changes, but it can be mentally challenging.

Step 8

When you are ready, you can come out of this focused, and relaxed, state of light hypnosis, and open your eyes. Slowly gather your thoughts of your surroundings and when you feel ready you can carry on with your day.

The process might seem simple, and in many respects, it is. However, as I explained above, simple does not mean easy. Practice this and incorporate it regularly in your life as you get good at self hypnosis you’l find that you are able to start reducing your anxiety more and more.

Self Hypnosis for anxiety – Youtube

Make sure that you check out my channel on Youtube (Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy) and subscribe as I post regular videos on all kinds of self help topics as well as hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Below are just a couple of short videos that I’ve uploaded around anxiety.


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Six ways to schedule ‘you’ time into your day


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We are all living busy lives. Lives that require us to be on the time all the time and constantly connected to the world through our smart devices.
Being busy can feel great, however, without adequate relaxation, you are headed for a burnout.
Our bodies and our brains need time to relax in order to carry on working the way you want them to.
Don’t forget the importance of scheduling that very much needed ‘you’ time.

To give you some inspiration for your next 20 minute break, check out the list below.

1: Hypnosis

By it’s very nature, hypnosis is a relaxing experience. The suggestions of my hypnosis downloads are designed to relax your body and mind and then get to work on making positive suggestions.
When in hypnosis it is common to fall asleep, an indicator on how relaxing the process is!
Most of my downloads are around 30 minutes long, giving you the real escape from reality your body and brain needs.
Have a look at the collection of downloads offered, or try Guided Relaxation to escape into pure relaxation, and if you wan to try my free 10 minute relaxation taster click here.

2: Read a book

We spend a lot of our free time watching TV, heads in our smart phones, or on our tablets. So much so, it is now possible that a large percentage of us are suffering from addictions.
Try to turn off the TV and put your phone away. Pick up a paperback book and get yourself lost in the story.
You want to switch off completely from reality and forget anything that is troubling you.

3: Get Creative

paintingLife is full of many different responsibilities, work, home, family commitments. Things that are very important to us and can take up most of our time.
Running around after our responsibilities can sometimes leave the creative part of our brain un stimulated.
Have you seen those adult colouring books? They’re great for focusing your mind on the task at hand whilst being creative at the same time. Or why not draw, paint, make something with your hands, bake. Allow yourself to get lost in the creative moment!

4: Get outside

Try to make sometime each day to be outside. I know this can be hard when the weather is pouring down with rain, but being exposed to the elements will really help to re focus your brain, engage the senses and be grateful of the world around us.
Gratitude is a fantastic way of improving our day to day positivity. Next time you find yourself thinking negatively about something, flip it around to focus on the positive element. It may take some time first to get used to doing this but you’ll soon be feeling the benefits of reframing your thoughts.

5: Exercise

We know how good exercise is for our bodies, but it also so good for our brains and learning how to switch off.
If the thought of going to the gym is daunting, why not join a walking or running club and make new friends along the way? Perhaps try a new class like Zumba to ‘shake off’ your worries from the day?
How about trying Yoga? The practise of Yoga is well known for it’s benefits in relaxation and stretching. The combined stretches and breathing practises help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

6: Play some music

Music really has a way of speaking to us. Music has been used throughout the ages as a way to express emotion and feelings. If you want to relax, put together a playlist of some of your favourite feel good songs. They can be upbeat songs that will get you dancing around your kitchen or relaxing tunes that will have you melting into your sofa and day dreaming away. There are no rules on which is best, so long as you feel relaxed and happy after your song session!

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How well does hypnosis work?

results hypnosis

In my experience hypnosis works better than anything else at positively changing thinking, behaviour and even physiology. It’s the reason why I became a hypnotherapist in the first place. Seeing first hand the difference that hypnosis has made, not only in my own life, but also the many 1000’s of people who I have seen personally as well as have used my hypnosis downloads.

The most important thing for me as a hypnotherapist is evidence. Seeing things work is great, but I need to know why things work. When you know why things work you can start making the positive impact on people’s lives more consistently. You can adapt your methods so that you know you are having a better and better impact on peoples lives (which is why I have developed the Triple Impact Series).

You also might wish to read the answer to can everyone be hypnotised?

How hypnosis persuaded Mark to become a hypnotherapist

When people ask me about how well does hypnosis work? Often I will tell them about my own experiences and why I became a hypnotherapist in the first well does hypnosis work

I worked for many years as a Senior investigator/Intelligence officer. I carried out this role in some of the most most elite crime fighting agencies here in the UK. The Serious Organised Crime Agency and the National Crime Agency were just two of these. As you can imagine myself and the teams that I worked with were often deployed in some very high pressure/stressful environments. Conducting covert surveillance, dealing with threats to life and going through doors when anything could be on the other side.

The stressful environments weren’t just because of the dangers to safety. It was also because one wrong move could end months and months of investigation if our cover was blown.

Living and working in a stressful environment like this made me look for ways of improving my performance and dealing with stress better. I started to read self development books as well as articles about NLP. Lots of this helped and made me motivated to read more.

As I progressed into a more management role, my teams looked to me for leadership. I was able to use some of this to not just help myself, but to help my teams also. During this time I began to read about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There was a lot of contradictory stuff out there and the stuff around street hypnosis and hypnosis for entertainment purposes didn’t interest me in the slightest.

I realised that hypnosis had a lot to do with communication. Persuading people in a way that would help them do things better and feel better. Then once the person was on board and could see the benefits it was about conditioning. By conditioning these thoughts it would start to become a habit in the way they thought and behaved. A natural part of the person that they were.

Using conversational hypnosis with my team

Although I now know that hypnosis is so much more effective in a relaxed setting with eyes closed there are other applications when it can be used. Think of hypnosis as being suggestions that are fully accepted by the person that you are speaking with. One of the things that was very important to me when leading a team is to have an environment that is supportive and encouraging.

I used a lot of phrases that would be considered hypnotic suggestions when I worked with my team. For example, imagine if someone said to you “you looked tired.” The chances are that you would start feeling tired. This is obviously not the best hypnotic suggestion to use to a team member who has just carried out 22 hours on an operation and now has to do something else that is highly important.

My techniques would be to praise but also with suggestions (which could be considered as conversational hypnosis). By saying to someone in my team “that work you did yesterday was excellent, you always do things to a high standard“. This had a two fold purpose. Firstly it praised the work that they did. It also suggested to them that they did work of a high standard AND they associated this as a positive thing. By praising good work and adding in suggestions like this it reinforces and empowers the person. This is very similar to the work that I now do in person with my clients and with my hypnosis downloads.hypnosis to achieve

We need to identify what is the positive and the preferred way of thinking, behaving and doing. We then need to empower you to see that it is not only possible but you are perfectly capable of achieving it. Then we condition you to make it happen! The wonderful outcome of hypnosis!

Taking my hypnosis to the next level

During my time in law enforcement I began to see just how effective hypnosis could be and explored it even further. I also did some formal training that was more theory based than practical. Great for finding out why it worked and how it worked but not so good for putting it into practice. I then enrolled on a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with the Clifton Practice. This course is up there with the most recognised hypnotherapy schools in the UK . Qualifying with this school allowed membership to the most credible and distinguished hypnotherapy bodies in the UK. This was a more stringent accreditation with a mixture of theory and practical. It was designed far more to the hypnotherapist ready for the real world.

As I was doing this course I knew that this was what I wanted to do full time. I was taking on more clients and seeing the huge transformations that my hypnotherapy was having on my clients. As I started to produce my range of hypnosis downloads I was regularly receiving emails and letters from people who had used them to turn their lives around. I’ve even had people thanking me for changing their lives when they were close to committing suicide and ending it all!

I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have such a positive impact on so many peoples lives. I absolutely love what I do and if you ask me the question; how well does hypnosis work? Well, this has been the long answer. The short answer is that it works better than anything and everything else that I have come across.





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Can everyone be hypnotised?

can i be hypnotized

Another one of my most frequently asked questions is can everyone be hypnotised? Or the statement of: I don’t think I can be hypnotised!?

The simple answer to this is YES. Every person who is able to understand the hypnotherapist (i.e sound of mind), is able to be hypnotised in order to achieve a positive outcome.

The reason people ask this question and worry that they cannot be hypnotised usually has nothing to do with the way the way that they experience hypnosis. The question is usually because what people think hypnosis is.

What hypnosis isn’t

When I tell people that I’m a hypnotherapist people often will make a comment in jest such “don’t look into my eyes!”. or “I hope you aren’t going to get me barking like a dog!”.

The reason for this is that most people’s idea of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is from stage entertainer of TV shows.

What I do and what my hypnosis downloads do could not be any further away from hypnosis for entertainment purposes. I have no desire to put you in a zombie like state and I couldn’t take over you mind if I wanted to (which I don’t!).

Hypnosis to get you to make positive changes has to be done with your consent. Because if you didn’t consent to it, you would simply put barriers up and make little to no beneficial change.

What hypnosis is

Think about what you had for lunch yesterday.can i be hypnotised

Think about what movie you last watched in the cinema.

The chances are that you had to think. The chances are that what I said made your eyes focus on a certain part of the room. But were you looking at the part of the room or were you actually looking inwardly.

What you are experiencing here is a very light form of trance. It is when your conscious and subconscious mind come together and they are focused on the same thing.

As we enable you to relax deeper and deeper and suggest certain things that are a benefit to you, you are starting to strengthen neural pathways in the brain. You are staring to create positive changes in your automatic thinking and we know that thoughts influence behaviour and physiology.

So when we get to a deeply relaxed state our brains and bodies are ready for learning. The more that you trust the hypnotherapist and the more that you accept the hypnotherapists words that he is saying, the more that you will take on board the suggestions that lead to positive changes.

So from a point of view of making positive changes you merely need to be able to focus, to think and to relax. Forget stage hypnosis!

Another question you may wish to read the answer to is; how well does hypnosis work?

How people describe hypnosis and what is the best state to be in?

When I see clients at my practice in the UK it is always very interesting to hear them talk of their experience after the trance work. Different people will experience it differently and indeed, quite often, the same person can have different experiences each time that they go into the trance state.

Some people will tell me how they were aware the whole time and simply listened with their eyes closed.

Others tell me that they were so deep into hypnosis that they only thing they remember is the very start and the end when I asked them to wake up.

Clients will some times tell me that they experienced in great detail what I was saying and it was as if they were somewhere else entirely.

Some clients will tell me that they listened to begin with but their mind’s wondered into all kinds of other things.

All of the above are great states to be in. Ideally you will be focused on my words, but it really doesn’t matter if you aren’t as you will still be taking in the words and making positive changes. Even if you are asleep during hypnosis.

So, can I be hypnotised?

Remember, the key thing here is everyone who can listen and think can be hypnotised in order to make therapeutic changes. If you are simply listening in a relaxed state with your eyes closed this is deeply enough into the trance state. It’s all that you need to be making great and long lasting changes to your life!

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Does hypnosis work if you fall asleep?

does hypnosis work if you fall asleep


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Click the thumbnail above or scroll down to read the article.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s difficult to know what information to believe on the internet. What’s true and who do you trust? It’s the same with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Why should you believe what I’m about to tell you?

I am a qualified and practicing hypnotherapist. I’ve helped 1000’s of people around the globe, both with my audio sessions and on a 1-2-1 basis. I’ve helped celebrities and professional athletes and I produced the first inflight hypnotherapy channel in partnership with British Airways.

That’s not all…

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Perhaps more importantly than any of the above is that I continue to ensure that I am up-to-date with the latest and most cutting edge techniques and knowledge into the brain. The information here is not something that I read from another Hypnotherapists websites (of which they got it from someone else’s… and so on!).

The information here is from the latest journal articles, my latest supervision and continual personal development and a whole host of other reputable and respected areas.

In short. You’re in good hands.

Click to see a list of all of Mark’s Hypnosis Downloads.

As a Hypnotherapist I am always striving to give people more information about the subject. I’ve never come across anything else that is so effective at changing human thinking, behaviour and even physiology. The problem with Hypnosis is that it still has many outdated beliefs that are very unhelpful.

Neuroscience and the study into the brain has made rapid advances over the past decades and continue to do so. With these advances into our understanding of the brain, there has also been advances in our understanding of hypnosis and

hypnosis while sleeping
My EEG machine

hypnotherapy as well as what happens during sleep.

The problem:

The problem is that many people’s understanding of hypnosis are outdated and confused. Indeed, I had someone recently on Twitter say that what i did was like ‘lamp rubbing’! Although I’ve never heard of the term before ‘lamp rubber’, I can only assume that they were comparing Hypnotherapy with charlatan methods! Maybe they saw me as something like a witch doctor!?

Here’s the deal:

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Evidence has always been important for me, from my days as an operational officer with the National Crime Agency and now as someone who is committed to helping people live fulfilling lives.

When it comes to looking at hypnosis while sleeping and whether it is effective, I want evidence. I’m not content to look at other hypnotherapists websites and see what they think about falling asleep during hypnosis. Where are they getting their facts from? Other hypnotherapy websites? Outdates theories or beliefs? Maybe even personal opinion. Indeed when I’ve looked to see what others are saying some say ‘yes’ sleeping during hypnosis is still effective. Whilst others say hypnosis while sleeping simply does not work.


Self hypnosis while sleeping (dividing opinion)

So what is the answer? One hypnotherapist writes on his website that since research has been carried out on the topic that our hearing acts like a surveillance camera and is operating all of the time and whilst your eyes can close your ears cannot. As they remain open they are taking in information constantly, whether you are asleep during hypnosis or not.

A user of self hypnosis downloads seems to back this up with their review. I listened to Natural Self Confidence… while falling asleep every night for close to a year. It worked wonders for me.

Another Hypnotherapist suggests that sleeping during hypnosis is not a good thing and that you need to be awake when listening to their hypnosis downloads. Another looks to back this up with their claim that you don’t learn when you are asleep and that this is a myth to sell you self-help and language learning tapes.

An interesting point:

Another hypnotherapist makes another interesting point and asks whether you are actually asleep or ‘under hypnosis’? Are you thinking that you are asleep during hypnosis but then you awaken at the end, when told to come out of your trance? This, he says would suggest that you are taking instructions from the hypnotist and rather than being asleep you are under hypnosis the whole time.

So, as you can see, there is much divided opinion out there. If you ask one person then you’d be thinking that hypnosis is effective wile sleeping, yet if you ask another person they will tell you that hypnosis is ineffective while sleeping. But, like I said, I’m only interested in evidence. Imagine, if when I worked for the NCA we relied on opinion to prosecute criminals rather than evidence?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy into the modern day

If we are going to make the most out of advances into brain and get the very best out of hypnotherapy we have to stop doing 2 things. Firstly, relying on opinion, and secondly living in the past. If the latest advancements in our understanding of the brain is to be translated into the most effective hypnotherapy, then all Hypnotherapists have a duty to stay up-to-date with the latest advancement. My own Triple Impact Hypnosis Downloads is my commitment to staying at the cutting edge of science and providing the best tools available.

Self hypnosis while sleeping (the evidence)

1998 Study about subconscious learning while sleeping

Studies into the brain are advancing all of the time. This study was approximately 20 years ago and we have made even more advances since this time. It is still very relevant, however, as most opinions about hypnotherapy have not changed in 50 years. Not only this but the devices used are still the same devices that are used in modern hospitals today (MRI and CT scans). In this study at Johns Hopkins University, electrodes were implanted directly onto the human cortex.

She played various tone patterns while the patients were awake,during light sleep and during deep sleep. The electrodes detected which portions of the brain were activated and could see that the same parts of the brain that were engaged when audio was played when the subjects were awake were also engaged when the subjects were in light and deep sleep.subconscious learning while sleeping

This is an interesting study and shows that the brain is aware of acoustics during sleep, but it doesn’t prove or disprove whether the brain is able to respond by having an awareness of the specific information. In order to find this out we can look at a much more recent study.


2015 study regarding subconscious learning while sleeping

One of the most recent studies into the sleeping hypnosis question, was by scientist Megan Scudellari. This article, in New Scientist looked into how the brain functions during sleep when audio information is being heard. They used an electroencephalography (EEG) machine when doing this. This is a scientific device with small sensors that are attached to the scalp. These sensors then pick up the electrical signals produced when brain cells send messages to each other. This is a recognised devise and one that is used as standard in many hospitals. As you can see in the above image. I use one myself with my hypnotherapy clients to show them in real time how their brain is operating. Although mine (despite the cost!) is far less sophisticated than the ones that you will see in hospitals!

The research by Scudellari showed that during sleep the brain does not switch off. It reviews and stores memories. Not only this but the part of the brain that processes auditory information is active during sleep and responds preferentially to meaningful information. And even more, the brain continues to engage with verbal information even after you have fallen asleep.

This is one of the most up-to-date studies on the subject and uses scientifically recognised ways of recording brain activity. The study also goes on to say that the brain cannot only extract meaning from acoustically presented information but can also prepare a response and come to a decision. The brain processes new information therefore even when asleep, the brain is active and ready to learn.


Summing up whether sleeping during hypnosis is effective.

Opinion = divided.
Scientific studies = Sleeping during hypnosis is still effective.

I’m sure I will add to this blog post in the future as I find more relevant information on the subject. When we look at opinion on whether self hypnosis will work when you are asleep it is very much divided. However, when we look at scientific studies it suggests that being asleep during hypnosis is still effective. Opinions are often outdated, but scientific studies are much better indicators.

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Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

Does Hypnosis Work For Anxiety

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for overcoming stress and anxiety and as you are about to find out, it’s:

  1. natural
  2. side effect free
  3. can be incredibly effective.

Once you’ve finished reading don’t forget to look at Mark’s range of products that focus on hypnosis for stress and anxiety.

Self hypnosis for anxiety, does it work?

The true potential of hypnosis, self hypnosis and hypnotherapy is still a bit of a mystery to most people. However, over the past 10 years it has been making ground to becoming more recognised for it’s beneficial uses.hypnosis for stress and anxiety

It wasn’t long ago that any use of the word hypnosis would bring up nothing but images of people being asked to cluck like chickens and bark like dogs for entertainment purposes. Whilst this image is still quite difficult to shake off the potential benefits that hypnosis can offer in a therapeutic sense has really started to gather pace. For example, whilst pills were often the norm for just about any issue when you saw your doctor, we are now seeing Hypnotherapy being offered alongside other holistic interventions such as CBT.

When it comes to hypnosis for stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy comes into its own. In a clinical setting it is anxiety and stress that I have seen most people for, and it is this where I have seen some remarkable improvements.

Anxiety causes more than worry

With anxiety there are often many other issues that can come with it such as

  1. Low self confidence;
  2. Low Self Esteem;
  3. Panic Attacks;
  4. Phobias;
  5. Negative Self Talk;
  6. Relationship problems;
  7. Low Energy;
  8. Sleep problems… and much more!

Anxiety tends to be the root cause of pretty much most of the issues that we suffer with in life. Although anxiety starts in the brain and is a psychological issue, it manifests itself in a physiological way which causes many of the problems. The adrenaline spikes, the raised heart beat, tightening in the chest. There is, of course, also the psychological side of anxiety such as negative self talk and catastrophic thinking. Anxiety on the whole is pretty unpleasant.

As the root cause of anxiety is psychological, the impact of hypnosis can be a brilliant intervention and I have worked with many clients over the years that have transformed their lives in the consulting room when they had suffered with anxiety. I have also had hundreds of people emailing me and leaving testimonials about my self hypnosis downloads for anxiety to say how these have changed their lives.

However, it’s all very well knowing that it does work, but how do you do it?

Self hypnosis techniques for anxiety

When it comes to using self hypnosis techniques for anxiety you really have two options. Both of which can be brilliantly effective.

The first option is that you practice traditional self hypnosis techniques without any guidance. For example. You get yourself into a nice, comfortable self hypnosis techniques anxiety.position and you allow yourself to start relaxing. This could be by counting backwards in your head. You might also concentrate on something to empty your mind. I’ve known people to use candles, watches or just about anything. The idea here is to clear your head of thoughts.

Once in this relaxed state, you can then use various techniques, such as visualising those parts of your life that cause anxiety going well. You can also choose to simply empty your thoughts and stay in this relaxed, meditative state.

The other option for self hypnosis is to allow yourself to be guided. Using self hypnosis downloads is a great way to do this. One of the first advantages of this is that you are less likely to let your mind wander as you simply need to let your thoughts concentrate on the words. The other important point is that the hypnotherapist has experience and has designed the contents of the program specifically for what you are looking to achieve.

In this day and age, when time is very precious, it is great to know that you self hypnosis time is being effectively used. I have designed many hypnosis programs based on the cutting edge of neuroscience to bring to you the some of the most effective hypnosis downloads available today.

If you have any questions about my hypnosis programs, anxiety or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Self Hypnosis Free Download

Free Hypnosis Downlaods

Free Self Hypnosis Download

Ready to find out what all the fuss is about? Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy’s Hypnosis Downloads are taking the world by storm.

Get his free self hypnosis download.

Mark is the producer of the first inflight Hypnotherapy Channel, which he produced in partnership with British Airways. This has seen his hypnosis downloads reach over 13 Million British Airways passengers hypnosis audio free downloadeach year across the globe. He is constantly striving to bring you the very best hypnosis downloads. Ensuring that they are at the cutting edge of science’s most up-to-date knowledge about the brain.

You can sample his self hypnosis free download for yourself right this moment and experience the wonderful world of relaxation with his 10 minute Beach Vacation Relaxation Hypnosis free hypnosis download.

This recording is a great way to introduce yourself to self hypnosis and experience just how blissfully relaxing it can be.

Although this is a simple 10 minute relaxation session, do not underestimate just how beneficial this self hypnosis session can be. Although Mark offers many paid Hypnosis downloads for all kinds of issues from anxiety and confidence to weight loss and phobias, if you only listen to this free self hypnosis downloads you can still achieve far reaching and long lasting changes.

The hypnosis used in this free download is the same high quality, professional recording used in his paid for, premium self hypnosis and the benefits of relaxation that this download can have on your life are far reaching.

Benefits of This Free Self Hypnosis Download

The word ‘free’ often has negative associations. When people give something away free it’s usually low value. It might be something where you have to buy the paid version to get real benefits from it. ‘Free’ is usually not worth your time and effort.

hypnosis massage for your mind
‘Like a Massage for your mind!’

Please don’t let ‘free’ make you miss out on this

Just because this self hypnosis download is offered free, please do not let this cloud your judgement. The potential benefits to you are absolutely huge. It’s a 10 Minute Beach Vacation Relaxation Hypnosis download designed to give you a moment of blissful relaxation where you can de-stress and feel good, whilst letting your mind drift off to a beautiful tropical paradise.

The recording, despite being free can be highly effective in not just making you feel good but also reducing stress level and anxiety. Use it regularly and this free hypnosis download can help you to:

  1. Improve your immune function
  2. Give you more energy
  3. Help you to start feeling more relaxed on a regular basis
  4. Assist you in sleeping better
  5. Improve your ability to more effectively digest food
  6. Put you into a calmer mood
  7. Help you to achieve better focus
  8. Assist in making you more positive

So as you can see, despite this being a free self hypnosis download. It is the same quality that you would expect from a Hypnotherapist who has partnered with British Airways. The same quality that hypnosis mp3 free downloadsyou would expect from Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy who is committed to changing the lives of as many people as he possibly can for the better

Free does not always mean that it won’t change your life. So download Mark Bowden’s Free Self hypnosis MP3 right now

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The Power of Hypnosis

the power of hypnosis

Hypnosis and it’s Wonderful Power!

Hypnosis is a wonderful state for making wonderful changes and positively effecting your life. We go in and out of hypnosis many times a day, when we are reading a book, driving a car, out for a run etc… it, is when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind come together and are focused on the same thing. When this happens, we are in a highly suggestible state where changes can be made… and if when we are in this state, we feed the brain with positive suggestions, metaphors and stories we can get some wonderful results on specific issues that you wish to improve.brain hypnosis power

We do not need to be in a deep, zombie like state to benefit theoretically from hypnosis. We can be in a very light form of hypnosis to still get amazing benefits. I’ll give you an example of the lightest form of trance… or hypnosis. Right now I want you to think about the last movie that you watched, or the last walk that you went on. When you think about this… you’re most likely looking off into space… but you’re not actually looking at what you are looking at! What you are doing is bringing together your conscious mind and your subconscious mind… coming into a trance or hypnotic state.

Now I’m sure that was quite interesting, but it probably didn’t help you with anything. But right now we are going to do that again… but this time I want you to think about the last time you felt good… now if you are conscious about where you are looking now, you can close your eyes… but you don’t have to.

Now, as I said think about the last time that you felt good, or great or amazing, or wonderfully confident. Just think of something excellent… we don’t need to be too prescriptive for this.

Now as you think about this, I want you to Really think about it… focus on it in as much detail as you possibly can. My words are not just words, my words create thoughts and your thoughts create feelings. Notice not just your thoughts as you take yourself back to this time, but also notice your FEELINGS… how good… how great does it feel. Now, as you do this, you aren’t simply recalling something, you are to many extents reliving it, making it more prominent in your brain, strengthening neuro-pathways). Now there is so much more that we can do with this do increase your happiness, confidence, reduce anxiety etc.

But just your thinking, when you really allow yourself to be immersed into it can not just change your thoughts, but it can also change your emotions even your physiology… and I’m going to demonstraight this right now

brain power hypnosisThink about this for a moment… and in fact… make sure your eyes are closed for this… so you can really immerse yourself. You are in the kitchen and you have in front of you a ripe, bright yellow lemon. It’s healthy, vibrant and swollen.

Now reach out and imagine that you pick up the lemon, feel the weight of it, slide your fingers over the waxy skin, feel the dimples, textures and contours. Now, lift the lemon towards you and smell the lemony aroma…

and now I’d like you tho put the lemon down on a chopping board, you pick up a knife sharp enough to cut the lemon but very safe for you. And I would like you to cut the juicy lemon into quarters… and as you do so, notice the juices from the lemon oozing out on to the knife and onto the surface. Now put the knife down and pick up one of the pieces of lemon, notice that it’s wet against your fingers and could quite possibly be one of the juiciest lemons that you have ever come across.

Now lift the piece of lemon towards your mouth so the juiciest part is aimed towards your lips. and when you are ready, take a bite into the juicy, bitter lemon and feel the juices running over your tongue as your mouth fills with the taste of lemon.

Now, I love this example, as it perfectly illustrates just how powerful thought is. I mean, how many of you were able to completely immerse yourself in thinking about the lemon? How many of you could almost feel the lemon in your hands… and how many of you actually salivated and could feel a physical reaction to the sharp, bitter taste of the lemon, like you were really biting into it.

Our thoughts are so powerful, and when we are in this trance state we can make so many positive changes to our lives. If you haven’t already done so, isn’t it time that you gave it a try!

Click the link below to see al of the Hypnosis Downloads that could start making an impact on your life… Right now!

Hypnosis Downloads