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How Can You Improve Your Memory Using Exercise?

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Imagine this, It’s a cold winters morning and you’re laying comfy in bed. The alarm has just gone off and your gym class starts in an hour. It’s so comfy in bed you’re tempted to skip the exercise. Sound familiar?

Well here’s another scenario for you.
You’ve just finished the workout. You’re blood is pumping around your body. You feel fantastic. You’re on a high. And you’re smiling. I bet this also sounds familiar?

We are all aware of the benefits of exercise and how it makes us feel but do you know why the benefits are so great?

How you can improve your memory using your brain

The part of our brain that is responsible for long term memory is called The Hippocampus.

It is a wonderful instrument we use in our brains however, it is limited. The limitations come from the number of neurones used. However, what if we could increase the number of neurones used? What if we could increase the size of the Hippocampus and therefore see beneficial advancements in our long term memory?image of brain exercising
Well, we can. Through exercise.

Scientists only relatively recently changed their views on this aspect about the brain. Previously neuroscientists believed that the brain cells that you were born with did not change after childhood. Up until then, their research indicated that our brains were hard wired and we couldn’t do very much to change them. However, since the 1980’s neuroscience has had to change their stance. Clear evidence now shows that not only are our brains capable of changing. In fact our brains are constantly changing!

As our brains are influenced everyday, neuropathways are strengthened and weakened. Cells are also lost if we don’t need them. You see, our brains want us to be extremely streamlined. If we aren’t using something then what’s the point of having them?

Exercise has been proven to have amazing benefits on our brains, and one of them is the increase in the amount of neurones in your brain, which in turn increases the size of your Hippocampus. Not only this but exercise also insures that the neurones are supple. By ensuring that they are supple you maximise their ability to create new neuropathways. In essence what this means is that you learn new things more effectively and quicker!

If you are interested in your brains function in life you might want to read another one of my articles after this. Here is a link to an article around whether are brains are actually equipped to cope with modern day life.

What a great reason to start your day with some exercise!

Increasing your long term memory isn’t the only benefit exercise has on your brain. Have you noticed how, after exercising you feel like your mood has lifted? You feel good about yourself?

Well that’s because one of your happy hormones was working really hard whilst you were working out. During exercise our bodies produce mood boosting chemicals called Endorphins. These work in your brain to trigger positive feelings. You also release serotonin in your brain which also gives you a natural feel good feeling.

What this really means is that your body and mind are giving you a reward for exercising. There are the benefits that we’ve just spoken about. However, unless you’ve been told about this you are unlikely to know that your brain is becoming more effective as a direct result of your exercise.

What you will certainly notice is the feel good feeling that you get as your reward. Your brain producing an abundance of the feel good neurotransmitters to make you want to exercise more.

Some people prefer a brisk walk outside. Others prefer a dance around the kitchen to some favourite songs. Maybe a high intensity workout? Whatever your preference is, just get moving. Get your heart pumping and your energy levels rising. You’re going to feel happier afterwards, guaranteed. You now know that you brain gives you an instant reward for exercising. You also know that the medium and long term benefits to your body and brain are huge. So what could possibly be holding you back?

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Another tip to get you exercising is to increase your happiness. Being happier is a proven way to increase your motivation for everything. Why not start your day with my 6 daily morning habits for a happier you!

Let’s give exercise and being active the importance that it deserves in your life! Here’s to a happier, more active and brainier you!

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