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Can everyone be hypnotised?

can i be hypnotized

Another one of my most frequently asked questions is can everyone be hypnotised? Or the statement of: I don’t think I can be hypnotised!?

The simple answer to this is YES. Every person who is able to understand the hypnotherapist (i.e sound of mind), is able to be hypnotised in order to achieve a positive outcome.

The reason people ask this question and worry that they cannot be hypnotised usually has nothing to do with the way the way that they experience hypnosis. The question is usually because what people think hypnosis is.

What hypnosis isn’t

When I tell people that I’m a hypnotherapist people often will make a comment in jest such “don’t look into my eyes!”. or “I hope you aren’t going to get me barking like a dog!”.

The reason for this is that most people’s idea of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is from stage entertainer of TV shows.

What I do and what my hypnosis downloads do could not be any further away from hypnosis for entertainment purposes. I have no desire to put you in a zombie like state and I couldn’t take over you mind if I wanted to (which I don’t!).

Hypnosis to get you to make positive changes has to be done with your consent. Because if you didn’t consent to it, you would simply put barriers up and make little to no beneficial change.

What hypnosis is

Think about what you had for lunch yesterday.can i be hypnotised

Think about what movie you last watched in the cinema.

The chances are that you had to think. The chances are that what I said made your eyes focus on a certain part of the room. But were you looking at the part of the room or were you actually looking inwardly.

What you are experiencing here is a very light form of trance. It is when your conscious and subconscious mind come together and they are focused on the same thing.

As we enable you to relax deeper and deeper and suggest certain things that are a benefit to you, you are starting to strengthen neural pathways in the brain. You are staring to create positive changes in your automatic thinking and we know that thoughts influence behaviour and physiology.

So when we get to a deeply relaxed state our brains and bodies are ready for learning. The more that you trust the hypnotherapist and the more that you accept the hypnotherapists words that he is saying, the more that you will take on board the suggestions that lead to positive changes.

So from a point of view of making positive changes you merely need to be able to focus, to think and to relax. Forget stage hypnosis!

Another question you may wish to read the answer to is; how well does hypnosis work?

How people describe hypnosis and what is the best state to be in?

When I see clients at my practice in the UK it is always very interesting to hear them talk of their experience after the trance work. Different people will experience it differently and indeed, quite often, the same person can have different experiences each time that they go into the trance state.

Some people will tell me how they were aware the whole time and simply listened with their eyes closed.

Others tell me that they were so deep into hypnosis that they only thing they remember is the very start and the end when I asked them to wake up.

Clients will some times tell me that they experienced in great detail what I was saying and it was as if they were somewhere else entirely.

Some clients will tell me that they listened to begin with but their mind’s wondered into all kinds of other things.

All of the above are great states to be in. Ideally you will be focused on my words, but it really doesn’t matter if you aren’t as you will still be taking in the words and making positive changes. Even if you are asleep during hypnosis.

So, can I be hypnotised?

Remember, the key thing here is everyone who can listen and think can be hypnotised in order to make therapeutic changes. If you are simply listening in a relaxed state with your eyes closed this is deeply enough into the trance state. It’s all that you need to be making great and long lasting changes to your life!

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