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How the Brain Learns – Another Reason for the Effectiveness of Hypnosis

how the brain learns

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the brain learns… and by knowing this information it can assist you in taking your development to the next level


The Effectiveness of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

We all know how difficult driving a car can be when you first step into one. Especially if it is a manual transmission.

Your brain has so many things to think about, the accelerator, the break pedal, the clutch, the indicators, and what is coming towards you. However, if you’ve driven any length of time you will know that it gets easier. In fact we get so attuned to all of these controls that we can often get from one place to another without consciously being aware of doing any of these things. Your unconscious mind takes on all of these tasks so that you can think of the more important things in life, like what you will have for dinner, or what you are missing on television!

hypnosis and hypnotherapyThe example of driving is the one that stands out, but I am sure there are literally 100’s, if not 1000’s of things that you do right now that were very difficult to do when you first did them. However, you are able to do them automatically now and without conscious thought. Think walking or riding a bike, or even finding your way to a certain location.

The way the brain learns complex new things is through a lot of effort and a lot of work initially, but once we continue doing the same thing, it becomes automatic and requires far, far less effort and energy.

Scientifically speaking what is happening when your brain learns something new is it starts to create new neural connections in the brain, devoted to this skill. It takes a lot of energy, in the form of glucose to create these connections, but once they become routine they are pushed down the subcortical areas, where the live as more automatic programs requiring less energy and becoming hardwired

Repetition is key

So repetition is key. Training your thoughts, and your movements until they become hardwired and a natural part of you. Inner thought and hypnosis can be a huge asset towards learning new skills, new behaviours and new good habits. Mark Bowden’s range of Hypnosis Downloads work on our knowledge and understanding of the brain. Providing you with the opportunity to relax and put this repetition into practice. Sit back, relax and regularly allow the hypnotic suggestions to start reshaping and changing your life for the better.

If we think about performing the new actions, whilst visualising or under hypnosis, research has shown that the same parts of the brain is activated as they would be if you were actually performing the action. Maybe, without even realising why they do it, it’s why athletes and sports people visualise running every step of a race before they do. Yes, it focuses them, but it also helps the high performance become natural and hard wired into their subconscious.

Adding hypnosis and visualisation into the act of learning can have very strong advantages and massively accelerate your learning and your performance. So do not underestimate the power that words have on your learning. Our brains are consistently changing and this change is always being influenced by what is going on around us. Why not influence these changes by incorporating learning, repetition and hypnosis to positively impact on your life.



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