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Boost Energy Levels in 7 Days

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Get ready to boost your energy

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Is it hard for you to wake up and get going in the morning? Do you feel like you’re on auto pilot simply going from task to task all day? We’ve all experienced that mid-afternoon slump once in a while. But if you feel fatigued all day every day, try following the 7 day plan as featured on mybody& Let me share with you their plan to boost your energy level in just one week.


Commit to eliminating caffeine and especially sugar out of your diet for the next 7 days. I know this sounds tough, but both cause your energy level to spike and then crash. What you want is a steady energy level. Sugar is truly your worst enemy in this battle.

Instead, trade sugary snacks for foods rich in protein. Have an egg for breakfast, munch on nuts for a snack and choose fish for dinner. These types of foods will keep your blood glucose levels steady throughout the day, along with your energy level.

Mondays energy level


Since increasing blood flow to the brain has an energizing effect, work 10 minutes of an “inverted posture” exercise into your days. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you probably know that this would take the form of a shoulder or headstand. As an alternative, place pillows under your hips and stretch your legs straight up against a wall.

There are different variations, but the goal is to position your head a bit lower than your heart to get your blood and oxygen circulating in the right direction.

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You might be lacking in the vitamin department, so if you’re not taking a multi-vitamin, now is the time to start taking one each day.

You may be suffering from a deficiency in vitamins B12, C or D3, which can also have an impact on your energy. According to the mymind&, there is a “secret supplement” called spirulina, which is chock full of iodine, magnesium and antioxidants. Spirulina, in addition to chlorella, have been shown to increase energy levels.

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If you’re still not feeling more energetic, it may be time for a check-up with your doctor.

A blood test can rule out the possibility of something more serious going on such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia or thyroid issues.

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Tune in to what your own body has been trying to tell you. Do you need more rest? Are you feeling depressed? Are your stress levels off the charts?

Slow down and really listen to the clues your body is trying to give you. The little hints have been there all along and maybe you just haven’t been paying attention.

Friday energy routine


A good walk is a simple but very effective way to increase your energy level. Walking is good for your mood, for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, gets the blood pumping and helps burn calories.

Even a 10 or 15 minute walk each day will make a big difference in increasing your energy.

Saturday energy levels


Watch your posture. Our moods tend to follow our bodies. If you slump and slouch all the time, your mood and yes, your energy level, is sure to follow. After a good stretch, stand straight and tall.  If you make it a habit to stand up tall and in a confident manner, it will surely help you feel more energized and positive.

If you’re always tired, take the next 7 days to figure out why. Try following this plan and see how much better you feel. How much more can you accomplish with all that extra energy?

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