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Which is better for sleep? Sleeping pills or natural remedies

When people come to see me at my practice a fair percentage of them are taking sleeping pills. Is this a good thing? Find out in the video below!

Are sleeping pills or natural remedies best for helping me to get a better night’s sleep?

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As when I talk with any of my clients about sleeping pills it comes with a big disclaimer. If you are thinking of going onto sleeping pills or coming off of them, this is a conversation that you need to have with your doctor. I would never say that you should go onto medication or that you should come off of any medication. This is a conversation that should always be had with your doctor.

Sleeping pills and their impact on REM sleep

The reason for this video and this article is to make you aware of what sleeping pills actually do. This article and video will be very similar to the one that I did about alcohol recently. When I talked about people who self medicated with alcohol to get them to sleep. The reason why the two videos are similar is simply because the effects of the two can be very similar.

Alcohol wipes out one of the most important parts of your sleeping cycle. Which is REM sleep, which resets your brain and prepares you for the next day. Sleeping pills do exactly the same. They make you feel like you are sleeping brilliantly. Totally out for the count without waking until then next day, which you would assume has prepared you brilliantly for living the day on top of your game. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

If you are taking sleeping pills I’m guessing you wake up the next day feeling tired and miserable. You’ll likely be finding it hard to concentrate the next day also.

This will be because the REM part of your sleep has been wiped out.

Tips and techniques to improve your sleep

So my suggestion would be that if this has put you off sleeping tablets that you have this discussion with your doctor. My personal preference is that you start to incorporate improvements into your sleeping habits. Improvements that can start conditioning you to sleep better naturally. Take a look at some of my other articles and videos which give advice on different techniques that you can incorporate into your life right now to assist you in sleeping better. Particularly this one on creating a great sleeping environment.

Should I take natural remedies to improve my sleep?

When it comes to natural sleeping remedies, I’m referring to things such as herbs and formulas that you can buy. My suggestion is that you use caution with these.  Although they might only use natural ingredients, be aware that natural ingredients can be very strong and can potentially have a major effect on you. Just because something is marked as having ‘all natural ingredients’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s entirely safe and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s effective.

Again, I would suggest having a discussion with your doctor before taking any kind of natural remedy to help you sleep better. If you use alcohol to help you to sleep check this link out to find out why this is a very bad idea!


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