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How to attract wealth into your life

how to attract money

Mark’s thoughts on the desire to be wealthy

Before we get into this article I want to share a few personal thoughts about wealth and money. A lot of people have grown up with negative influences about building wealth and money. Much of what we learn as we grow up is there to show us that money and wealth isn’t everything. This is a good thing because of course it isn’t. However, this gets taken a bit too far when we hear things such as ‘money is the route of all evil‘. Rather than not focusing too heavily on the subject we are given adverse conditioning that almost makes us feel guilty for pursuing anything that will make us more money.

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However, it’s a natural part of how our brain operates to desire status, as well as the safety and comfort that being wealthy gives us. There is nothing wrong with developing a positive focus and mindset to bring wealth into your life. Is it everything? Of course it isn’t. However, we should see the desire to attract wealth and money into our lives as a positive thing. It helps us to desire success, it helps us to desire to move our lives forward and this creates motivation in many areas of our lives and this is a great thing.

Money and wealth are not everything, however when we prime our subconscious mind to attract wealth as a part of our overall desires in life we create a healthy and normal way of living. When you look at the best ways to attract wealth into your life you also prime your brain into a solution focused way of thinking and this is great as it helps us to succeed in every area of our lives. It is only an issue if it becomes an obsession, but don’t mistake a deep and motivated desire with an obsession. A deep and motivated desire to be wealthy can be a very good thing. When you get here you can enjoy some of the finer things in life, but you are also in a position to give back.

Many people in the world today who have become millionaire’s, even billionaire’s enjoy a wonderful way of living. Newspapers and magazine’s showing them at fancy restaurants, driving sports cars and staying at luxury hotels. However, what you don’t often see is what goes on behind the scenes. The charities they give to and often create. The ability to give more money to those in need than most other people on the planet.

So, when you succeed and do become wealthy and start living an abundant lifestyle, make sure that you make a positive impact on those who aren’t able to live such a lavish lifestyle. But should you start taking steps to become wealthy right now? Absolutely! I hope you enjoy the article!

How to bring wealth into your life?

Are you a person who would like to be wealthy? When you read this question, you immediately thought about financial wealth. This is because you associate wealth with having money. The meaning of wealth does typically mean having a large sum of money, although you can be wealthy in other ways. But, how can you be wealthy when your mindset doesn’t welcome wealth into your life?attract wealth and money

So many people are hoping and wishing to get “lucky” and somehow stumble upon wealth. If you are one of these people, you will never welcome wealth into your life. Wealth equals success. Your thoughts and habits must be aligned with success to produce successful behaviour.

The Law of Attraction teaches some great ways of attracting wealth into our lives, but if you think that you can sit in front of the television all day and will the universe to give you money you might be waiting a long time!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where so many people exhibit either mediocre or failing behaviour. It might sound harsh, but it’s better to hear the truth than believe in a lie. Living in a lie leads to constant frustration and stress because you don’t know why your life continues to produce bad results.

The reason your life exists as it does is because you deny success access to come into your life. You blame other people and the world for your circumstances, instead of being honest with who you are as a person. The truth of the matter is you are your own worst enemy. You make your life hell because you don’t possess a wealthy mindset.

The mind is a powerful thing. Whatever you put into your mind and focus on is the results you produce into fruition. You cannot say one thing and actually think another and hope that what you speak becomes your reality. What you’re doing is trying to trick yourself into believing a lie. You say that you want a life of prosperity, but in your head you doubt that a life of abundance is something you will never experience.

Just take a look at how the people around you demonstrate this type of behaviour. I’m sure you have friends on Facebook who make all these announcements about how they’re going to be so successful and they’re determined to be great. Their real life tells a different story. They sit around watching reality television all day, and browse social media for “inspiration:” that inspires their next announcement.

The problem is that people don’t have a real desire for success and wealth. They rather talk about these things because they’re too lazy to implement a successful routine that produces wealth. As their life remains below the grand vision they have for themselves, they become bitter and stressed as a result.

If you want to create a life full of success and wealth, you cannot continue to operate as the average person. You need to think and act like wealth to attract wealth. Your life is a result of what you put into the atmosphere, which is attracted back to you.

How to attract wealth

You must first understand that wealth in not only money. Wealth also pertains to your mind and health. You need a wealthy mindset in order to think positive and attract opportunities. When your mind operates with optimism, you only see things with a positive view, meaning you believe you can accomplish anything you pursue.attract wealth and money

When you operate without doubt, you eliminate your self-perceived limitations. No longer do you blame other people and things for your lack of success. No longer are you stressed because your life isn’t producing the results you envision for yourself. You start to hold yourself accountable, which means you understand that you are in control of what occurs in your life.

In order for your wealthy mindset to produce results, you will need to ensure that your behaviours align with your mindset. When this occurs, you can begin to truly reap the benefits of possessing a wealthy mindset.

Don’t be under any illusions that there are mystical powers at work. Having a mindset and a subconscious that is conditioned to attract wealth and money does not pull this in mystically from leprechauns dancing around pots of gold, just waiting for someone to think in line with the law of attraction! When you start thinking in a way that is congruent to attracting money, not only do your thoughts change, but your behaviours change also. You are more aware of opportunities and you your brain becomes primed to take advantage of them!

You are the company you keep

It doesn’t matter that you possess a wealthy mindset if the people around you don’t possess similar mindsets. You can try to think positive, but with when too many negative thoughts interact with your own it’s hard to remain focused. This is because toxic thoughts and behaviour have the ability to conquer your positivity due to how prevalent negativity is within your life.

Have you ever heard that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with? It is a true statement that validates the quality of your closest family and friends are a reflection of you. It will be hard for you to produce a lifestyle of abundance and wealth when the people you spend the most time with accept mediocrity.

For example, when you hang out with your friends all they talk about is gossip and things that add no value to anyone’s life. Although you want to talk about making money and wealth building strategies, you engage in their conversation to not be left out. Therefore, you are conforming to the peer pressure of your surrounding group.

It would be much better if the peer pressure surrounding you was from people who are also focused on wealth. When you see people working hard and accomplishing their goals, they motivate you to want to do the same. If you are the only person who is constantly coming up with excuses as to why you aren’t achieving success, it makes you look weak and like a failure. You’ll begin to hate this feeling, which ignites the fire in you to work harder.

You need to start analysing the people you spend the most time with — evaluating the value they bring to your life. If people are not making you better, you need to start spending less time with them. This is not because you believe you are better than them, it is because you want better for your life. Don’t allow anyone’s attempt at trying to make you feel bad for wanting a better life hold you back from being successful. The stress and resentment that you will endure from allowing this to happen will be tremendous.  

Turn your thoughts into actions

Thoughts without actions are merely dreams that never come into fruition. Everybody has dreams, but only a very small percentage of people turn their dreams into their reality. It is easy to think about great things that you would like to accomplish. The hard part is putting together the right set of actions that accomplish your vision.

The thing about developing a wealthy mindset is that your thoughts are supposed to compel you into taking action. This is due to your desire for success being so strong that you feel you’re delaying your dreams by not taking immediate action. Once your mind is dedicated to success, you don’t allow anything or anyone to delay your progression towards wealth.millionaire mindset wealth

What you have to be careful of  is pursuing actions that don’t align with your vision. Your actions need to be supported by a strong strategy that is designed to lead you towards producing the right results. So many people do a lot of “stuff” that leads to them coming no closer to their goals from when they first started pursuing them. This is because they act without knowing why they’ re pursuing that specific course of action. There are already too many people doing a lot of “nothing”, which leads them to producing nothing.

Take a moment to think about your own pursuit towards wealth. Have you put together a strategy that has goals and deadlines? You need to put the pressure on yourself to accomplish your goals instead of constantly putting them off until tomorrow. The successful people that you admire produced their current life because they pursued their desires for wealth every single day. There is no waiting until tomorrow. You need to maximise the 24 hours available to you every single day.

Never become complacent

There are so many people who have gained a little bit of success and have became satisfied with those past accomplishments. This is complacency and it is one of the worst mindsets you can have when pursuing wealth. People have lost everything they have earned due to becoming complacent.

You have absolutely no reason to become complacent. Even if your goal is to attain a certain amount of money in your bank account, you cannot stop working hard once that goal is attained. You still need to sustain your work ethic that produced that success for you if you want to keep you newfound wealth.

This is the same for your health. You cannot work hard to lose weight and get great abs, and then stop your workout routine because you’re satisfied with your results. You will immediately put back on all the weight you lose because you went back to doing your bad habits.

Wealth, no matter which form of wealth you’re pursuing, requires you to stick to your wealthy habits in order to remain wealthy. Why do you think wealthy people are so competitive and never seem to be satisfied? For most of them, earning more money is not what they are pursuing. They enjoy the thrill of pursuing an opportunity and succeeding in their pursuit. You must possess the same hunger if you want to become wealthy and remain wealthy.


Are you currently stressed out because you want wealth, but you have no clue as to how you can create wealth in your life? The problem is that you need to develop a wealthy mindset and create an environment where success can thrive. Wealth requires that you eliminate your average limitations, so that you can produce a wealthy lifestyle. You can no longer think and act like your average family and friends. If you want your life to change, you’ll need to change yourself and the things around you that hold you back.

Now is the time for you to take control of your thoughts and actions, so that you can control your life. Wealth won’t just be handed to you. If you want to become wealthy, you’ll need think and act wealthy before you even gain the wealth you desire.

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