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How Your Amazing Brain Plays Tricks on You

how the brain learns
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Your Amazing Brain

Your brain is amazing, and I’ve got an incredible illusion coming up in a moment that you have to see! (watch the video above)… But right now back to the brain… it takes in so much data every second of every day and makes sense of it. Take your vision for example. Your eyes, take in so much more that you are actually seeing… it just decides what it wants you to be aware of, based on what it thinks is most relevant.

What it see’s as most relevant depends on your previous experiences and your outlook on life. So if you are a person who is always seeing life from the worst possible perspective, don’t be surprised when you see the rain clouds approaching rather the blue sky behind it… or you see the trash building up in the street, rather than the old lady being helped across the road by the kind, friendly boy. So what a great reason to start being more upbeat and developing a more positive outlook on life. As you do so, you will start seeing great things that have always been there, but you were blind to before.

Now, Your eyes also see, what it expects to see.

Take for example this photo… what is it? Well, from the shape and the colours… where about it is, your brain makes an assessment and the likelihood is that it will tell you… and show you that it’s a parrot.

But is it really? Look closer….

it’s a woman painted to look like a parrot… and it’s very convincing, because it’s what your brain expects to see. But after of a few moments of seeing the women, it gets kind of difficult to see the parrot again.

It’s this what magicians illusions are based on. Their tricks rely on what you are expecting to see.

And what about late at night, when we are far more likely to be spooked by our imagination playing tricks on us. Our brains our socially configured to recognising faces, which is the reason why out of all of this rubble, you are probably drawn to what you see as a face… even though you don’t know, and have probably never see anyone who looks even remotely like this! At night time, when less light is coming into our eyes our brains are making assessments with even less information to go on, which is why your mind is far more likely to see a spooky face… but don’t worry, it’s just your amazing brain!

So, you can see that this is just another reason to develop a more positive mental attitude! Have your eyes and your brain showing you the good stuff in life! Click the following link or the image below to take a look at my my Hypnosis download for developing a Positive Mental Attitude

positive mental attitude

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