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Why do you allow stress to run your life?

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What are you stressing about? It is just life. You will be fine. You have nothing to worry about. When you are worried about different situations in your life, people try to encourage you with positive words. Their positive commentary may work for a moment, but you soon find yourself thinking about your problems again.

Why do you allow the challenges in your life to grow into stress that controls our thoughts and actions? It is because you have not developed a mindset that is only focused on the positive. You allow negative thoughts to enter into your mind. These negative thoughts become stronger as you give them more attention. Before you realiseĀ it, your life has become immersed in negativity.

This leads to you being stressed 24/7. You go to sleep stressed. You wake up stressed. You are stressed all throughout the day. You are living a miserable life that makes you question what your existence in the world.

When your life is filled with nothing but stress, you have to make immediate changes with yourself if you want to improve how you live. You cannot continue to live a life that is filled with negative thoughts that stop positivity and success from entering your life.

You probably believe that you cannot turn your life around. You have allowed stress to beat you down so bad that you believe your life is meant to remain in a permanent state of misery. It is time for you to stop giving your stress the energy to remain strong.

Before you can make the necessary improvements in your life, you will need to understand why your stress exists. This will help you know why your problems exist, and how you can create solutions.

Why Does Your Stress Exist?

Stress is caused by thinking about the negative outcomes that occur due to problem you are dealing with. When an issue occurs, you immediately focus on what is the worst that can happen, instead of focusing on a positive resolution. Due to you feeding stress energy, it grows into a problem that you allowed to come into existence.why does stress exist

In reaction to your stress causing you frustrations, you will place the blame for your stress on other people and things. In reality you have nobody or anything else to blame but yourself. Avoiding responsibility for you giving your stress the energy to grow is why it remains a controlling factor in your life. You must become accountable for your stress if you want a change to occur.

For example, you are having some financial difficulties that need to addressed. The root of your problem is you spend too much money on frivolous things that are not needed. Instead of recognizing this fact, you stress about how you need more money. The problem is not that you need more money. The problem is that you do not know how to manage your money. If you took control of your bad financial habits, you would not be so stressed about why you always seem to have no money.

People have a tendency of being the cause of their stress. Sure, problems may very well exist in your life that you did not produce yourself. The issue is that you are responsible for allowing those problems to gain strength and become a part of your life.

For example, your brother has just been arrested for driving while intoxicated. He calls you from jail saying he needs to be bailed out. First, you are stressed about how high his bail amount is. Second, after you bail him out you are stressed about how you will get the money back you just spent. You are mad at your brother when you should be mad at yourself. You did not have to bail him out. You could have let him sit in jail for a couple of days to learn his lesson. You are the reason why you allowed another person’s problems to become your own.

Are you beginning to see how you allow stress to take residence in your life? You are allowing other people and things to control your peace of mind instead of you being the one who has ultimate control. Stress cannot occur without your permission.

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The Causes of Stress

There are many reasons why stress enters into your life. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the different reasons why stress exist in your life in order to reduce its control over your life.


You must work if you want to make money to live comfortably in the world. Unfortunately, every day at work will not be great. There will be times when you really hate your job. You may have a manager who does a poor job at performing their duties, which affects your work. You may work long hours for little pay. You cannot just quit your job due to problems you face because you need to earn money to eat and keep a roof over your head. So, you do your job under a tremendous amount of stress, which causes you to display misplaced anger in your personal life.causes of stress

Family and Friends

You love your family and friends but their problems tend to become your problems. When they come to you talking about the issues they are having, they are looking to you for some kind of support. The support needed is either emotional or financial support or both. No matter which type of support is needed, it causes stress in your own life. Despite the stress you under, you continue to support your loved ones. Now you are in need of some type of support yourself to help alleviate the stress you are under.

Fear and Uncertainty

You do not like being uncomfortable because it makes you feel like you have no control over your life. When you are dealing with fear and uncertainty, you stress yourself out because you have no clue about what is going to happen next. You think all negative thoughts, instead of having a positive mindset. Therefore, you intensify a situation that is not as nearly as bad as you have made it become in your mind.


It is said that money is the root of all evil. You make the mistake of giving money more power than it should have. Of course, money is needed to live in this world, but that does not mean it should control you. When money controls you, it stresses you out because you never have enough. Instead of earning money in great sums, you are stuck trying to figure out how you can make a small amount of money. If you knew how to control and expand your money, you would not be so stressed about money.


The days in your life are never constant. One day can be going great, and the next couple of weeks can seem like a nightmare. There seems to always be issues that appear out of nowhere blindsiding you. Each problem that occurs becomes bigger because you have not gained control over the previous problem. Your life seems to be spiraling out of control and you have no solutions for your problems. The only thing you can do is stress.

How to Handle Your Stress

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety is one way you could approach the problem, but what other things can you implement in your life? You need to get your stress under control if you want to improve your life. Stress can not only affect your mind, but it can also affect your heath. Stress can cause headaches, sleeping difficulties, irritability, and fatigue. You do not want your health to suffer due to you being stressed. You must get your stress under control in order to improve your life.

The best way to handle your stress is by taking control of your stress. This does not mean complaining about your problems. It also does not mean running away from your problems. It means you must create solutions for your problems. Determine what is causing you to feel stressed and deal with it head on. Look for

Analyze what occurs throughout your day. Record when you experience feelings of stress and anxiety. Determine what causes these feelings to occur. These are the issues that you must change. When you know why your stress occurs, you can start implementing solutions that eradicate your problems.stress free

For example, you are always short on money at the end of the month. In response, you start to keep track of your spending habits. You discover that you spend too much money eating out — over $100 every week. You eliminate the times you eat out to once per week and the money you have at the end of the month improves significantly.

Another example. You do not appreciate how your significant other always makes decisions without communicating with you first. Instead of reacting with anger, you have a talk with them about how their actions are having a negative effect on your relationship. Now they come to you to discuss the decisions they are going to make in order to hear your opinion and get your approval.

Once you understand that stress is nothing more than you letting your problems get out of control, you learn that you can eliminate the stress that occurs in your life. This does not meant that you will not have moments of anxiety — it means that you do not allow your anxiety to grow into stress that controls you.

You will discover that you feel much better when you let go of those things that cause you to become stressed. Stress is nothing but negativity you allow to live within your mind. When you have control over your mind, you have control over your stress. Learn how to live your life stress free.

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