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Why alcohol is bad for your sleep

People often self medicate with alcohol. However this is a bad thing to do.

I am sure that after you’ve watched this video you won’t be using alcohol to sleep better at night any longer.

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The article below is based on the video above. It is not verbatim but is similar, so that you can read the content when you are not able to watch and listen.

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So, why is alcohol bad for your sleeping?

A lot of people think that if they are not sleeping well than it’s a good idea to self medicate with alcohol. They’re struggling to sleep so they have a few drinks that get them on there way. Light’s out!

In many respects, that is exactly what happens. You will have a few drinks and as alcohol is a depressant it starts to make you feel more and more drowsy. Before you know it, it’s done exactly what you wanted and you are fast asleep!

It understandable why people people would then think that alcohol helps them to sleep better. However, it isn’t good. In fact it is terrible!

If you have every self medicated with alcohol to get to sleep then you’ll probably find the following to be quite familiar.

The next morning, after using alcohol to get to sleep you’re feeling:

  • Tired;
  • Irritable;
  • Having trouble concentrating.

These issues may sound familiar to you. They may also sound familiar to you went you don’t get a good nights sleep. They are the same issues that you would be experiencing as if you didn’t get to sleep in the first place… an there is a reason for this.

Alcohol stops REM sleep

Alcohol stops or inhibits the most important part of your sleep from happening. That is REM sleep. Rapid Eye Motion. This period of your sleep is vital for getting you ready for the next day. When you are in REM sleep your brain is performing a lot of functions, preparing you to start the following day afresh. It is performing functions such as filing away memories and separating emotions from factual memories and a whole lot more. REM sleep is vital for mentally healthy behaviour and to have us functioning at our very best.

So the problem with alcohol, just like having no sleep, is that we aren’t getting any REM sleep.

So next time you think about self medicating with alcohol to get yourself to sleep. Think again. There are far better things out there that you can incorporate into your life to sleep better. Take a look at my other videos to give you some more tips on sleeping better. Also my overcome Insomnia hypnosis download. This will start to naturally assist in conditioning you towards a better night’s sleep.

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