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Why Trendy Adult Coloring Books are so Good for your Mental Health

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Colouring to Reduce Anxiety

Watch the video above or read below on the benefits of adult coloring books for things such as stress and anxiety. If you do decide to use an adult coloring book for anxiety or stress, take a look at my hypnosis audio download to overcome Anxiety and Panic attacks. Clock the following link or the image below Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks Hypnosis Download

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Have you heard about how wildly popular the adult colouring book trend has become? Is it really possible to colour your way to better mental health? How can something so childish and simple help to reduce the stress and anxiety of your life as a grown-up?

Believe it or not, research on this trend continues and it’s ranking right up there as a tool to use in place of or in addition to yoga and meditation. Yes…it’s a thing.

According to the article, “Why Adult Colouring Books are Good for You,” as featured on, we’ll share the reasons why you should pick up the coloured pencils and colour your way to an improved mental state.

Enhanced focus

By focusing only on your job to colour the page in front of you, it helps other thoughts take a back seat. This helps you to laser focus on just one thing.

Reduction in anxiety

By concentrating on something other than what is causing stress in your life, anxiety levels go down.

reduction in anxiety

Restored mindfulness

By slowing down, you give your mind a chance to quiet itself. This allows more positive thoughts to come through.

Helps to live in the moment

By shutting out all other distractions, you can forget about the past and put off worry about the future.

Provides a creative release for those of us who aren’t artists

By turning plain pages into colourful pieces of art, it gives a sense of satisfaction by embracing your own creative expression.

Switches the brain from stress to relaxation

By giving your brain nothing more to deal with than the calming strokes of a coloured pencil, it provides an easy way to melt away the stress of the day.

relaxation for anxiety

Helps to move the mind away from problems (effective distraction) for a calming effect

By colouring for just a few minutes, it takes the mind to a simple, calming place you may not have visited since childhood.

Adult colouring is not to be confused with art therapy, which uses art expression during sessions with a mental health therapist.

However, colouring has been shown to be an effective way to deal with issues that prevent us from operating from more productive emotional states.

Even though these types of colouring books have been around since as early as 2012, they were only really used by a relatively small number of people as a hobby. Since then, research is showing us that it’s great for stress therapy, as well.

Although you can use a fresh box of crayons, the adult colouring books feature more intricate patterns and designs. Because of this, coloured pencils are the preferred tools to complete the pictures in a neat and precise manner.

There are a lot of colouring books to choose from, too. The books cover many subjects from animals to Zen gardens. You can choose to colour anything that just makes you feel good.

Can you let yourself go back in time and enjoy the simple act of colouring to better manage stress and anxiety?

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