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7 Important Lessons On Happiness We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Man’s best friend, the dog. They provide us with so much joy, from their distinctive individual personalities to their ability to love their owner unconditionally. Wonderful creatures to watch. We can see why so many of us would like to be as happy as our pampered pooch!

It’s true. Dogs are well known to exude happiness, so what life lessons that we can learn from our canine friends?

1: Always greet others with a warm and friendly smile.

Dogs greet people with excitable wagging tails and a happy expression. They make the effort to come and say hello to new people and make contact.
Even if you are feeling low, greeting someone with a big smile will not only make them feel better but it will also lift your own mood!
Try it today and pass on a smile to everyone you encounter, I guarantee those that smile back will give you an instant mood lift!

2: Rest, nap and rest again

Dogs know how important sleep is, they understand that in order to run around outside they must nap and sleep to conserve their energy. Sometimes we humans can try to do everything without proper rest and recuperation which often leads to a burn out or illness.
Take a leaf of out our furry friends book and take some time to properly relax today.
Try setting aside half an hour to read a book, listen to a 30 minute hypnosis recording, or simply draw your curtains and give your self a 20 minute power nap. Once you’ve rested, you’ll have much more energy to get back to your tasks on hand.

3: Company is so important

Dogs don’t want to play alone when there are others around, they love to be close to their masters and always find time for a cuddle.
Sometimes, as humans, we can make the mistake of wanting happiness from material objects or possessions. Whereas true happiness comes from those we love.
Make time for social interaction today.
Pick up the phone to that friend you’ve not talked to in a while. Pop in for a cup of tea with a family member. Take time away from your desk to eat lunch with a colleague. Give someone you love a great big cuddle and tell them how much they mean to you.

4: Exercise

We all know how important it is for a dogs health and well being to take them out for regular walks so they get the exercise they need, but guess what? Exercise is super important for humans too.
It doesn’t really matter how, but you need to get moving. Whether you take a short walk, jog or take the time for a good stretch, you need to get your heart pumping and allow more oxygen to circulate through your body.
When you exercise your body also releases it’s ‘happy’ hormone, endorphins. These work in your brain to trigger positive feelings. They place your body in a state of euphoria, making you feel fantastic.

5: Every day is a brand new day

Dogs don’t hold grudges, or berate themselves over things that happened yesterday.
They take each new day as just that, a new start.
We should try to wake up each morning with positive affirmations for the day ahead and try not to worry about the past that we can not change.
Find some examples of positive affirmations here

6: Don’t take yourself too seriously

Dogs are not self-conscious, they don’t worry about how the look when jumping into the river to get that stick. They aren’t worried about what other dogs think of them if they gain weight/ lose weight/ have a bad hair day/ make a fool of themselves or bark at the wrong tree.
Sometimes, as a human, it is very easy to get consumed in oneself and put unnecessary pressures on ourselves.
We think we should look and act in a certain way to be accepted and loved by everyone. In reality, what we must do for our own happiness, is to look and act in the way that makes ourselves happy. Be yourself, believe in yourself and watch your confidence grow.

If you are struggling to find your inner confidence, perhaps try my hypnosis recording- Believe In Yourself.
Believe In Yourself is a powerful download of hypnosis. It can help you stop self doubt and feel more confident.
The hypnosis works by eliminating the negative messages in your subconscious. These can really undermine your confidence. The hypnosis then provides confidence boosting messages to your subconscious that are uplifting and inspiring.

7: Dig and then keep digging!

Notice how dogs love to dig for treasure? Even if on the surface they can’t see what they’re looking for they will keep digging.

Sometimes we don’t dig enough. We know we want something from life but it can look like hard work, too strenuous or impossible, so we give up.
Don’t give up when the going gets tough, know what you want and be confident in your actions to go after it.


Use these 7 tips of happiness from our canine friends to increase your own happiness today!

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