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6 Study Tips For Passing Your Next Exam


Are you one of the many students that feels nervous about the thought of exams? Do you do so much revision and yet feel like you’re not retaining any information?

Below are 6 helpful tips to try the next time you have to revise for an important test.

1: Take regular breaks.

When revising, it can be very easy to feel like you need to spend all hours cramming in as much revision and knowledge as possible. This can actually be counterproductive.

The part of your brain that you use to recognise what you’ve read is called the Visual Cortex. This is responsible for being able to recognise something such as your notes. However to store information to memory and be able to recall it actually needs the help of a different part called the Frontal Lobe.

When you spend hours after hours reading over notes and taking in as much information as possible, your Visual Cortex is engaged.
This will make you feel like you know the information as your brain has seen it before but it won’t have stored it into your memory for recall when in the exam.
Taking the regular study breaks will allow your mind to process the information to memory without being overloaded with more data.

2: Eat brain food

WalnutsWe know that eating healthily is good for our bodies, but certain foods really do help us engage our brain.
Energy drinks and junk food are usually full of sugar which can lead to dips in energy and focus. Not what is needed for getting that revision cracked.
Oily fish is well known for its Omega 3 properties which are excellent sources for important nutrients for your brain health.

Broccoli is a fantastic source for vitamin K which is known to enhance cognitive function and regulate brain power which will have effects on your memory and concentration.

It’s also no coincidence that walnuts are in the shape of a human brain. They are a great source of Vitamin E which can help prevent cognitive decline.

3: Have a comfortable revision area.

Is your chair comfortable? Is there enough light coming into the room? Do you have enough space for your books and revision notes?
Get yourself sorted before you start. That way there wont be any distractions or interferences by having to tidy and organise yourself.

Seeing an organised area in front of you will also help you feel more organised within yourself. These positive thoughts will help when processing information.

4: Minimise distractions.

distractions Speaking of distractions, it’s time to turn off that phone, put away the i-Pad, turn off the TV.
You want to be fully focused on the task at hand so if you need to, pop your phone in another room so you aren’t tempted.

Immerse yourself in your notes and books. If you need to fact check something using the internet then write it down on a piece of paper and allow yourself designated time to use the internet to check.
You probably won’t find the answers to the exam question on Facebook so close that app!

5: Know the importance of sleep

You’ll want to be properly rested to revise but also for the actual exam as well.

Make sure your sleep environment is comfortable and as dark as possible.
Temperature also matters. Studies have found that keeping the room a cool temperature improves sleep.
Also try to keep your use of screen objects such as phones, laptops and TVs to a minimum before bed.  Even go without in the hour leading up to your bedtime.
Instead read a book, or take a warm bath to relax yourself and prepare your body for sleep.

6: Use hypnosis.

Often it’s not a lack of knowledge that causes you to do poorly on tests. It’s your subconscious that makes you perform poorly on your exams as you are so worried about failing that thats exactly what the brain does!

hypnosis audio free downloadThis Revision and Exam Success Hypnosis will help you to retain more information when you study and to recall it more readily during exams. It will also give you more natural motivation and focus when you are trying to study and retain that information. Hypnosis will also ready you with the techniques to remain calm and focused giving you the best chance for exam success.

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